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      RGC.ro ruleaza acum cea mai noua versiune a Invision Power Board. Versiunea anterioara a Invision Power Board nu mai primeste actualizari de scuritate, acesta fiind motivul principal pentru care am facut upgrade-ul. Functionalitatile cu care sunteti obisnuit ( chatul, sistemul de feedback/rating pentru tranzactii) sunt in continuare functionale dar e posibil ca modul prin care pot fi accesate sa fie usor diferit.   O parte din datele stocate in baza de date trebuie reprocesate si este posbil ca unele informatii sa nu fie imediat disponibile (ratinguri, mesaje private, semnaturi). Reprocesarea va dura aproximativ o zi.   Va rugam sa ne semnalati daca intampinati probleme in a utiliza siteul aici: Cateva modificari/noutati La adaugarea de feedback pentru o tranzactie este necesar sa mentionati un topic. Topicul introduce tastand in casuta aferenta titlul si apo selectand topicul respectiv. In postari se poate folosi caracterul @ urmat de numele unui utilizator pentru a atrage atentia utilizatorului respectiv. In functie de setari, utilizatorul va primi o notificare sau un email. Functia Activity Stream (https://forums.rgc.ro/discover/?do=create) permite crearea de cautari personalizate (topicuri create, postari recente etc).   Va multumim pentru intelegere!   RGC.ro  


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  1. Cum spune si titlul, caut looper un EHX 360.
  2. De vanzare recorder audio/video Sony HDR-MV1, folosit de 2-3 ori. Vine impreuna cu incarcator de priza si card 32 Gb. Are doua microfoane incorporate (x/y) si are posibilitatea de a adauga unul extern. Audio PCM (16-bit, 48 khz) sau ACE 256 kbps. Video 720p sau 1080p. Are WiFi si poate fi conectat la orice smartphone sau tableta. Pretul la f64 este undeva la 1400 RON. Mai multe detalii se gasesc usor pe net.
  3. Donez alimentator EHX 18V 500 mA. Predare personala in Bucuresti, zona Victoriei/Kiseleff. Atentie, este pe 120V, US!
  4. Pret: 450 RON Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: ic_andrei@yahoo.com Link producator: https://www.thomann.de/ro/tc_electronic_flashback.htm Stare: Foarte buna/Ca nou Accept schimburi: Accept schimburi La schimb ma intereseaza un phaser/reverb/delay analog/wah de dimensiuni mici, de preferat EHX sau un looper TC. Electric Guitar EffectThe new generation of TC Electronics' effects, of course, use digital technology; especially with delay/ echo that thomann has been the common method for decades. 10 Presets range from analogue sounds (tape, analogue delay) and slap and ping pong settings (stereo operation) to loop mode. A huge selection for such a small pedal - and in the best quality as well! Another new TC Electronics feature: thomann Via USB connection "toneprint sounds" and software updates can be loaded from the internet.
  5. Pret: 500 RON Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: ic_andrei@yahoo.com Link producator: http://www.ehx.com/products/stereo-polyphase Stare: Foarte buna/Ca nou Accept schimburi: Accept schimburi La schimb ma intereseaza un phaser/reverb/delay analog/wah de dimensiuni mici, de preferat EHX. --- The Electro-Harmonix Stereo Polyphase Effects Pedal resurrects the popular Polyphase pedal as part of the Electro-Harmonix XO die-cast series. Now in stereo and an improved housing, the Stereo Polyphase Effects Pedal features the same features and controls that so many guitarists loved and relied on to crank out lush, otherworldly tones from the original. Featuring envelope/sweep switch, feedback level, rate, envelope sensitivity, envelope modulation, and modulation rate. http://www.ehx.com/products/stereo-polyphase
  6. Pret: 600 RON Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: ic_andrei@yahoo.com Link producator: http://www.johnsongtr.com/jabll50r.html# Stare: Uzura normala Accept schimburi: Accept schimburi Ampul este in stare foarte buna si poate fi vazut/testat in Bucuresti. - 50 watts RMS - 12" Alphatone speaker - Clean & overdrive channels - 3 band EQ/per channel - Volume & gain controls/per channel - Effects Loop send & return - Spring Reverb Tank - Hi/Lo inputs - Footswitch jack
  7. Se poate inchide. Multumesc RGC!
  8. Pret: 500 RON Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: ic_andrei@yahoo.com Link producator: http://www.ehx.com/products/stereo-memory-man-with-hazarai Stare: Foarte buna/Ca nou Accept schimburi: Accept schimburi Pentru schimb m-ar interesa delay analog (EHX sau MXR), looper de dimensiuni mici (EHX sau TC) sau un wah. --- Up to 3 seconds of delay time. Up to 30 seconds of loop time. Tap Tempo Footswitch allows you to set the delay time with your foot. Multi-Tap delay allows you to set the exact number of echo repeats. A full-featured looper gives you the ability to record a loop of exactly what you are hearing at anytime, set to any length up to 30 seconds. Record overdubs over your loop at anytime. Loop mode allows you to reverse the loop, change just the tempo or change both pitch and tempo. Reverse Echo is an intelligent reverse delay that monitors your picking to create optimal reverse delays of the notes you play. Multi-Tap plus Reverse allows you to use a straight echo and also have a Footswitch controlled reverse effect. Echo + Mod gives you delay modulation where the user controls the total amount of modulation. A Low Pass or High Pass filter is always available to process the delayed or looped signals. Save and load up to 8 presets: 1 preset for each different mode. Mono In to Stereo Out creates a ping-pong effect where the echoes bounce between the two outputs.