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Found 10653 results

  1. Vand BOSS GT100, stare impecabila. Vine cu adaptor si geanta origina pentru Boss GT100. INcerc sa fac poze diseara.
  2. Vand Keeley limiting Amplifier - GC2, stare impecabila, cutie, manual.
  3. hicago, IL (May 16, 2016) -- Chicago-based boutique builder Daredevil Pedals has introduced the new Fearless Distortion pedal. Designed to be much more versatile than the usual all-or-nothing tones, this features HI and LOW gain settings and a unique clipping section giving it a warm, vintage feel but with modern high output and cut. The Fearless sounds open and responsive like a cranked tube amp. This can deliver gain levels like a Marshall on 11, bluesy tweed combos, or saturated low end doom growl. Great for solo boosts or warming up a clean amp as well. Harmonic and full of big round tone response, this is a distortion pedal for every guitar player out there. Features: No buffers, so it plays nice with other fuzzes and boosts Two different gain settings to dial in any style of distortion Natural tube amp feel, harmonic and aggressive Lifetime warranty Runs on 9V DC jack or Battery True Bypass, Handwired in Chicago
  4. JAM Pedals Unveil LucyDreamer Supreme 500 Lei https://www.guitarworld.com/gear/jam-pedals-unveil-lucydreamer-supreme Silver Solo Boost 430 Lei https://daredevilpedals.com/pedal/silver-solo-boost/ Thermion Uprising 470 Lei https://pedals.thedelimagazine.com/new-at-namm-2019-thermion-breakthru-and-uprising/ Bearfoot Honey Bee overdrive 430 Lei https://reverb.com/news/gear-tribute-the-bjfe-slash-bearfoot-fx-honey-bee-a-golden-overdrive DOD Looking Glas 388 Lei https://www.thomann.de/ro/digitech_dod_looking_glas.htm Monolith Distortion 370 Lei https://www.thomann.de/ro/laney_monolith_distortion.htm Daredevil Pedals Fearless Distortion 370 Lei https://reverb.com/p/daredevil-fearless-distortion/used Orange Getaway Driver 370 Lei https://www.thomann.de/ro/orange_getaway_driver.htm?ref=intl&shp=eyJjb3VudHJ5Ijoicm8iLCJjdXJyZW5jeSI6IjIiLCJsYW5ndWFnZSI6InJvIn0%3D SUHR KOKO BOOST PEDAL 850 Lei https://www.thomann.de/ro/suhr_koko_pedal.htm?sid=556782510a435353cc831531b7f4078b
  5. Morgan Amplification Morgan OD Overdrive - 370 LEI https://www.thomann.de/ro/morgan_amplification_morgan_od_overdrive.htm Bogner Burnley - 470 LEI https://www.muziker.ro/bogner-burnley?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrM_UudLW5wIVFomyCh0pyQLgEAYYASABEgKa-_D_BwE CMATMods Signa Drive - 400 LEI https://reverb.com/p/cmatmods-signa Finhol® Tube Booster - 300 LEI Death by Audio Interstellar Overdriver - 400 LEI https://www.thomann.de/ro/death_by_audio_interstellar_overdriver.htm Orange Amps Two Stroke - 450 LEI KMA Audio Machines Wurm Distortion - 450 LEI https://www.thomann.de/ro/kma_audio_machines_wurm_distortion.htm Dawner Prince Red Rox Distortion - 450 LEI https://www.thomann.de/ro/dawner_prince_red_box_distortion.htm Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster - 250 LEI https://www.thomann.de/ro/seymour_duncan_pickup_booster.htm Mad Professor Simble - 385 LEI https://www.thomann.de/ro/mad_professor_simble.htm PEDALELE CU EXCEPTIA ORANGE NU AU CUTII, MAD PROFESSOR USOARE URME DE FOLOSIRE.
  6. Plug into the Orange Getaway Driver, and you'll experience singing tone with smooth compression and responsive touch. This amp-in-a-box-style overdrive pedal boasts a Class A, single-ended gain structure, delivering a unique sonic signature that's rich in even-order harmonics. You can sculpt your distortion with Volume, Gain, and Bite controls, along with an internal button that rolls off frequencies above 20kHz. A CabSim output ensures that headphone listening and direct connection to a computer or PA sounds great. The Getaway Driver employs high-quality, ultra-transparent buffered bypass switching and an internal charge pump for increased headroom. Guitarists love overdrive, and the Getaway Driver is no exception. Overdrive pedals mimic a tube amplifier at its breakup point, where softer playing sounds clean and harder playing sounds crunchy. You can use an overdrive pedal as a volume or boost control to drive your amp harder, or dial in more gain to thicken up your leads and aggressive rhythms. Combining an overdrive pedal with your amp's natural overdriven character can result in monster tone. At Sweetwater, we've found that a subtle overdrive that doesn't add volume can add expressive depth to your sound without going too far.
  7. An out 'n' out overdrive, with three modes, that the firm says will offer sounds ranging from jangle to big, classic rock tones. The pedal is designed to be responsive, even at lower gain levels.
  8. La alegere oricare pedala la 250 lei, fara cutie si fara transport. Le ambalez corespunzator.
  9. Vand pedala din titlu, stare impecabila. Are Velcro pe spate. Trimit si in tara.
  10. Vand Mesa V Twin , mk2, stare foarte buna. Tuburile sunt JJ si Mesa. Mai dau si doua tuburi Egnater. Alimentatorul nu este cel original, ci un electro Harmonix de 12, i-si face bine de tot treaba. Trimit si in tara.
  11. Vand procesor de chitara - Nux Cerberus - 900 de lei - cu alimentatorul din imagini inclus (procesorul nu vine cu alimentator). - Efectele de Drive si Distorsion sunt analoage; - Efectele de modulatie sunt digitale; - Suporta preset-uri; - 4 cable method; - Firmware actualizat recent Il am de aproximativ 1 an, folosit doar in sala de repetitii. Predare personala Bucuresti. https://www.thomann.de/ro/nux_cerberus.htm https://www.thomann.de/ro/mooer_pdnw_9v_2a_eu.htm
  12. https://www.thomann.de/ro/tchelicon_voicelive_play.htm Mici urme de uzura, stare perfecta de functionare.
  13. Vand pedala aproape noua Boss DC-2w Dimension Chorus. Are lipit velcro pe spate dar acesta se poate dezlipi foarte usor si pedala revine la starea initiala. Chorus analog, made in Japan, seria Waza Craft. Pret de noua 960 RON + transport spre Romania inca ~40-100 RON in functie de magazin/tara de unde se comanda. Eu o vand cu cat am luat-o din topicul de mai jos, adica cu 500 RON, exact cum se vede in poze. Predare personala in Bucuresti sau pot trimite prin curier in tara, pe cheltuiala cumparatorului.
  14. The Roger Linn AdrenaLinn III is a more of a workstation than a traditional guitar pedal, with filter sequences, random filter patterns and beat-synced modulation tied to a MIDI clock or internal drumbeat. Listen to the intro of John Mayer's "Heartbreak Warfare" for an example of what this unit can do. AdrenaLinn III's unique filter sequences, random filter patterns and synced modulation effects, even simple musical ideas are transformed into rhythmic masterpieces, all locked to the internal drumbeats or MIDI clock. Add 40 superb amp models, note-triggered filter effects, reverb, compression and extensive MIDI pedalboard control, and you'll see why AdrenaLinn III stands alone in a sea of commodity guitar effects.
  15. https://www.roland.com/us/products/gr-d/ Features and Specifications: 4 Modes of Operation: VG Distortion1, VG Distortion 2, Poly Distortion (Hex Fuzz) and Analog Synth 5 Top Panel Controls: Select Mode of operation, plus Gain control, Color control, Tone control, and output Level. 4 User Programmable Memory Locations: Save up to four user presets, and recall presets using either GK S1/S2 switches on the guitar, or the top panel "SELECT" button. Standard Guitar Input: Works as conventional programmable distortion pedal with 1/4" guitar input. Ambience Effect: Each mode also features an ambient effect to add a stereo space to the output. Ambient effect can be globally disabled as well. Dimensions: 173 mm (W) 57 mm (H) 158 mm (D) Weight: 1.1 kg 2 lbs. 7 oz.
  16. Vând procesor Line6 pod hd500x împreună cu husa thomann și alimentator. Procesorul are garanție thomann pana în luna noiembrie 2020. Îl vând deoarece nu îl mai folosesc. Predare personala în Cluj Napoca sau trimit în țară prin curier cu plata la cumpărător.
  17. Salut, Ofer spre vanzare urmatoarele pedale: Digitech Whammy ——600 lei Boss RC-30 Loop —— 650 lei Boss GE-7 —— 300 lei Marshall Bluesbreaker —— 150 lei Behringer Ultra DI box —— 50 lei Tin sa precizez ca preturile sunt negociabile. Pot sa le livrez personal in Bucuresti in functie de drumurile pe care le am. Multumesc.
  18. The ZenMan is one of those unique boxes meant to complement a good amp, rather than smother it in distortion. The pedal’s layout is simple: Tone, Boost, Gain, and Level, along with a heavy-duty Boost footswitch and a Bypass switch. In this case, the latter is another name for “overdrive on/off,” as it activates the pedal; in this mode, the ZenMan’s desired settings are dialed in. The Tone knob is pleasantly nuanced – not shrill or harsh, as is the case with some pedals. The Vintage/Phat switch is another cool feature, providing some beef in Phat mode while easing off the middle for a more natural, old-school sound in Vintage mode. As if that’s not enough, the ZenMan’s gain can be dialed down and the Boost used as a clean-booster for solos. Jamming on a ’63 Fender Jaguar through a classic 1×12 tube combo, the ZenMan performed superbly, allowing the Jag’s natural voice to shine through. To play the blues all night long with just a bit of tube-amp bite, set the ZenMan for light gain. Turn up the gain to reach into Keith Richards territory and keep going for some deep Bad Company riffery. Turning the mini switch to Phat gives a more contemporary sound with some nice low-end chunks. In fact, the ZenMan delivers impressive bottom in this mode – suddenly the 1×12 cabinet had the beef of a 2×12 and, at times, even a half-stack. Add in the Boost feature and the sky’s the limit, with the clean booster settings providing killer country or blues workouts without the dirt. Step on the Bypass switch and you’re back to your amp’s unfiltered tone. Used as a go-to box for soloing, the ZenMan could be quite deadly with the amp set for a decent overdrive sound and the pedal set up as a solo boost – it’s easy to imagine tone going through the roof. Cool pedal, indeed.
  19. Salut! Doresc sa vand procesorul mai sus mentionat. Este in stare buna, cine e familiar cu modelul sau il vede, constructia e de tanc :). Nu am husa la el. Doar alimentator. Doresc sa il vand sau la schimb, cu urmatoarele, in ordinea preferintelor: 0.1 - bani xD 1. BOSS GT-1 2. LINE 6 FBV (am un Spider IV si m-ar ajuta) 3. BOSS GT 001 sau ceva de la ZOOM, cu USB pentru a putea inregistra direct in PC 3.1 Clapa MIDI 4. Chitara electro acustica 5. Telecaster... ???? 5. Microfon (aici... putin probabil :)) ). Predarea se face in sectorul 2 sau 3. Negociabil. Daca nu raspund la telefon, va rog lasati un mesaj. Trimit si poze la cerere, sau le adaug in curand direct aici.
  20. Vand o Pedala efect chitara Bogner Uberschall overdrive boost distortion High Gain o pedala true bypass foarte versatil de la clean boost overdrive pana la High Gain distortion. Se da un alimentator la el cadou ! Discreet Class A gain stages, no op-amps and diodes like other pedals Premium components include: Double sided gold plated circuit boards, German WIMA capacitors, Japanese Nichicon capacitors and gold plated relays, Carling switches and more Master Controls: volume, treble, middle, bass and gain Boost function with independently lit volume control Jacks: input, output and remote. Remote jack allows control of the On/Off and boost functions via a remote switching unit Low Battery Indicators: LEDs blink when battery voltage drops below critical threshold. Class A design gives amazing response and sound The Bogner Uberschall pedal features five discrete Class A gain stages with no op-amps or diode clipping - just like the actual circuitry of the Uberschall amp. This revolutionary approach delivers amp-like touch sensitivity, note separation, and clarity. While the Uberschall pedal offers classic lower and medium gains, it's true nature lies in aggressive, tight, in-your-face high-gain tones Pentru oferte si intrebari folosit PM nu poluati topicul Se poate trimite cu posta (12 ron) sau courier (23 ron) transportul PREZENTARE video oficial pe Youtube in link-ul de mai jos: https://youtu.be/wtjOTmG6Peo
  21. Vand pedalele din poze. Foarte versatile. In stare perfecta de functionare. Las mai jos link-uri de unde puteti afla mai multe despre ele. Pretul este de 400 lei/bucata sau 1000 toate trei. Sunt deschis la schimburi. http://www.gig-fx.com/products/
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