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  1. Vand aceasta pedala de la DigiTech, se prezinta "ca noua". Folosita de cateva ori doar in casa, vine in cutia originala. Descrierea producatorului: Overdrive morphing Spectral-contouring EQ Normal & CIT™ Cabinet Modeling outputs Why settle for one overdrive sound when you can have three overdrive pedals built into one stomp box! Each overdrive pedal utilizes DigiTech's exclusive multi-distortion technology which gives you a near endless supply of overdrive types compared to single overdrive pedals by other companies. We have incorporated a full spectrum of overdrives allowing you to go from an edgy mid boost overdrive, to a smooth warm overdrive, all the way to a classic overdrive sound with extra gain for when you need it. By using the Morph knob, you can now find just the perfect mix of these overdrives to fit your sound. After all you want your tone to be as unique as you are and DigiTech wants to give you the power to create that tone. DigiTech delivers these options along with our innovative spectral-contouring EQ, dual amp and mixer outputs, and incredible cabinet modeling that will allow you to plug the pedal direct into a mixer and play/record.
  2. Vand aceasta pedala chorus. Functioneaza perfect. Ii lipseste capacelul de la baterie (in spate). Am trecut pe multiefect si nu mai are sens sa o tin in pedalier. Controls: Rate, Width True bypass Dimensions (H x W x D): 38 x 87 x 118 mm
  3. Vand pedala compresie MXR Custom Comp CSP202. Cumparata din US, arata si functioneaza impecabil. A fost folosita foarte putin - am atasat cateva poze. Demo:
  4. Vand pedala DigiTech Metal Master Heavy Metal Distortion, stare foarte buna. Pret 180 RON. Multumesc
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