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    Roland BK7m, Yamaha stage piano, Roland A37, EV SX 300, Dynacord, Edirol MIDI Keys, Mics: Shure Beta58,Shure SM58,Beta58, EV d657, Yamaha keyboards

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  1. Compatibil cu Yamaha P140, PSR-420, PSR-620, P 60, RM1X,NP-V80 NP-V60, NP-31/32 DGX-650/660, PSR-500, MDF2, MOX 6, PSR 420, PSR-E453, etc.Output: 12 V DC / 1.5 A , polaritatea + inauntru
  2. 2 buc. boxe Electrovoice ( EV) SX300E in stare foarte buna,folosite rar.Pret: 570 € perechea
  3. alias1

    vând TC Electronic C400 XL

    PRET REDUS: 1500 LEI
  4. alias1

    vând [EXPIRAT] 2 carti cu partituri pt chitara

    se poate sterge,merci.
  5. Salut;mai e valabil? Salut;mai e valabil?
  6. Manual metoda de vioara Geanta-Manoliu incepatori clasa 1 -a
  7. TC Electronic C400 XL Dual Stereo Gate & Compressor stare perfecta.
  8. Behringer Feedback Destroyer FBQ2496 stare perfecta.
  9. 1 bucata DI Box LEEM FDR-60 filter directing box.Direct Box cu intrare 1/4" , balanced XLR outputs. Include input attenuator si ground lift.
  10. manual de vioara (Geanta-Manoliu ) pentru incepatori,clasa I-a ,Volumul 2 in stare buna.
  11. 2 carti cu partituri pt chitara.Stare perfecta,se vand impreuna, iar pretul afisat este pt ambele.

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