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  1. Razvan S.

    vând Chitara Gibson Les Paul Custom USA

    Cum bo$$, nu vezi ce nut castam are?
  2. Se poate face orice proiect atata timp cat e verified, pe https://tagboardeffects.blogspot.com/ Linkuri mai jos Type Acoustic (2) Amp (7) Amp Emulation (41) Autowah (9) Bass (47) Blend (7) Booster (143) Buffer (20) Charge pump (22) Chorus (11) Components (3) Compressor (30) Delay (22) Distortion (247) EQ (17) Filter (36) Fuzz (361) Gate (4) Guide (7) Looper (1) Misc (5) Mixer (7) Modification (1) Modulation (8) Noise (27) Notification (11) Octave (40) Other (4) Overdrive (374) Phaser (18) Pitch (4) Pre-amp (26) Reverb (11) Robot (1) Splitter (6) Swell (2) Tremolo (25) Utility (24) Vibe (8) Vibrato (6) Wah (28) Popular Brands Ampeg (2) Arion (2) Barber (7) BBE (6) BJF/MP (28) Black Arts (11) Blackout Effectors (3) Boss (15) Buzztone (2) BYOC (6) Carl Martin (4) Catalinbread (18) Colorsound (13) Cornish (3) DAM (22) Dan Armstrong (6) Danelectro (7) Death By Audio (12) Demeter (4) Devi Ever (12) DOD (19) Dunlop (10) Durham (2) EarthQuaker Devices (19) Electro Harmonix (40) Emma (2) Fender (3) Frantone (4) Fulltone (10) Fuzzhugger (5) Gretsch (2) Guild (1) Guyatone (2) HAO (5) HBE (2) Ibanez (32) Idiotbox (1) Jen (5) JHS (6) Keeley (8) Kent (1) Klon (8) Landgraff (5) Lovepedal (22) Madbean (32) Maestro (7) Marshall (13) Maxon (8) Menatone (7) MI Audio (6) Mid-Fi Electronics (4) Morley (2) Mosrite (1) Musitronics (3) MXR (21) Nobels (2) OKKO (2) Palmer (1) Peavey (1) PJP (6) ProCo (3) Red Witch (1) Rocktek (1) Roger Mayer (10) Rothwell (2) Runoffgroove (25) Schaller (3) Selmer (1) Skreddy (11) SubDecay (2) Tech21 (1) Univox (5) Voodoo Lab (3) Vox (11) Walco (1) Wampler (12) Way Huge (9) Xotic (5) Yerasov (3) ZVex (22)
  3. * Some repairs in a Trace Elliot AH250 (had some capacitors way out of spec on the preamp side and I also checked other stuff). Also reapplied thermal paste on the power section. Will see if it comes back at some point or not * A Crown XLS 5000 came in because one channel was not working. At the end it just required some dust removal and contact cleaner. Solid built stuff ( I think it was featured at the NAMM 2008 show) * A Fender M-80 combo came in for a checkup and cleanup. Surprisingly decent distortion on this SS amp. * An Ibanez RG450 came in for some general maintenance (belongs to @apocapsile) -painted some screws -rewired with different DiMarzios and a Superswitch -setup -removed that fretwire grindy feel + polished them -refitted the inserts (came out easily) + new studs -resharpened the trem knives and painted them * Another EP Booster Modded clone (120th pedal built) This time I used a custom finish on the enclosure(had it for myself but the customer liked it and I used it on his project). Volume Boost, Tone Cut, 3 way bass switch, 9V->18V internal * An Ibanez RG721 came in for some tinkering (belongs to @Crisan Darius_28146) -made a general rewiring, cleaning all the parts prior to this -the bridge humbucker had one dead coil unfortunately -> mounted a Seymour Duncan TB-6 Distortion -setup + fretboard and fretwire cleaning * An Epiphone SG Special came if for some general work: -swapped the bridge humbucker (which I had to modify with longer wires as they were previously cut short and also custom fabricate some new ears, because the screw holes were stripped) -also mounted a new input jack because the old one was faulty -setup with some nut adjustments -fretwire made shiny and the grindy feeling is now gone * A Hughes & Kettner Coreblade head came in for a problem regarding the fact that the filaments weren't lighting up on the tubes. (belongs to @LumpY) I explored everything and found some cold/cracked solder points. Works great now * A Romanian Madrigal strat came back for a rewiring. (belongs to @bogdan) I also mounted a split switch for both the DiMarzio DP151 Paf Pro in the bridge and the neck DiMarzio DP217 HS4 (Malmsteen model one). I actually like the HS4 in the true single coil mode much more. * A Squier Bass came in for a setup + some fretwire cleaning and I also fixed a strap button which was coming out. This Bass was in my hands before but it only required a very fast intonation, setup was ok. In the meantime the customer installed much thicker strings without a proper setup, and went back to another set, so it had to be redone.
  4. Razvan S.

    Probleme la doza din bridge

    A fost dead un coil din bridge. Bagat SD TB-6, si curatat/rewired/completat si cu foil ce aveam, desi avea paint si puteam sa iau shield-ul existent jos, in zona poturilor era luat jos din paint, asa ca am preferat sa las shield-ul si sa completez mai mult ; am facut si setup si altele, fretwire clean etc) Chitara e chiar acum inapoi spre el. O chitara very cool (Ibanez Premium series Indonezia), chiar am fost surprins de model . E light, iar fretwire end-urile sunt dementiale <<note to self...must buy tons of copper shielding >>
  5. Razvan S.

    Probleme cu un amp pe lampi

    Desfacut, cautat/masurat -> retarded solder joints Works great
  6. As avea o cutie in care mi-a venit un tube amp kit, so...Un amp il pot trimite si ''la distanta'', cu plata suportata de cumparator Up!
  7. Razvan S.

    Poze cu chitarele noastre

    Inca un Charvel cu Kahler (in curand il primesc) 1986 Model 5, Japan, doze Jackson USA (J80, ceramic de data asta, pe Model 4 am J50B alnico) Gotta love these guitars , mai ales cand starea e chiar bunicica pentru varsta
  8. * Repaired a Dunlop Crybaby Wah. Owner wanted everything stock, so just plain maintenance: - changed the original Carling switch with an identical one (it was very crackly even if I tried to clean it), and I also adjusted the action of the pedal on the switch, so that it is more easily engaged; - fixed some cracked solder joints; Works great again. * A Fender Precision Bass came in for a setup. It had a dead straight neck and horrible rattle/buzzing at the first frets. Now it plays great, and I also cleaned the fretboard + fretwire is cleaned/re-shined. As you can see, this bass is actually brand new, even having the protective foil on the pickguard and also the tuners haha. * Two Boss BE5 Multieffects came in for some general fixing: - both had the pots cleaned and the jacks as well - on one I had to redo a pad on the DC in jack, and redo all the solder joints of all the jacks on the pcb (a lot of cracks) - on the other in addition to redoing all the solder joints on all the jacks, I also had to change all the micro tact switches and also redo the previously lifted or completely destroyed pads, using thin resistor wire; maybe not the most perfect way to redo a pad, but I regularly do it like this with good results, if it is really needed and the pads are totally missing. They work great now First one: Second one:
  9. Ban - clona gica.gogu=gica.contra
  10. Acelasi individ, inca doua conturi. Imi pare rau ca unii au frustrari ciudate si isi imagineaza situatii sau mai stiu eu ce, in loc sa fie seriosi, dar asta e Can't argue with crazy, never could Curulubaburu si sarbra1
  11. Multumesc Adin! ****************************************************************************************** Updates: *This Reghin 1976 3/4 violin belonged to my gfnd's late grandfather, and is in need of some general maintenance, which I will do in the future: - so far, I gave it a thorough cleaning (very hard crusted dust from sitting over the years) - will need a new bow - new nut / new bridge / possibly new tuners - some black staining on the fingerboard - the case needs some work (derust, latch fixing) *Blade California in for some tinkering. Sounds great now! This guitar came through a courier from a different city. - redid almost all the wiring; had to clean an older(but good) Alpha pot. Had 250K before, but sounds much better with 500K now. The battery snap was missing, so I added a new one. Bridge pup changed to Duncan Custom Custom, and I needed a lot of autoadhesive foam to get it at normal level haha. - fretboard cleaning + fretwire mildly cleaned a bit, setup and some nut adjustments. The customer wanted the trem just a little bit above the body, and also to make the saddles parallel (they tend to be hard to stay in place neat, but I got that sorted out). Also made the springs noiseless * Setup on the same US Fender Stratocaster 40th Anniversary that was in last time. This time, the gauge is much lighter and the trem has much more float in it *PRS Mike Mushok Signature Baritone Setup + Fretwire polish (had a grindy feel to it before), now it's smooth and nice. Adjusted the nut slightly (the thick strings were snagging, and the thinner ones were too high). I also cleaned the electro parts. You can go crazy with low action on this, since the gauge is 14-68 (with minimal fret rattle with 1 mm to 1.2 at the last fret!) , but I settled for an almost dead straight neck with 1.25 to 1.5 mm at the last fret. The intonation was nowhere near where it should of been before, but now it's good.
  12. H&K-ul dat in oras. Restul Marshall, Peavey si Laney raman. Scule bune people, get em
  13. Vand headurile din titlu, preturile sunt negociabile. Mentionez ca NU trimit prin curier/whatever. Pur si simplu nu gasesc asa cutii , sau suficient de bune sa reziste. Recomand sa veniti personal dupa ele in Timisoara.Le si puteti testa pe un cab 2 x 12 cu G12-K100 Celestion, 200w. Sunt dispus evident sa mai scad din pret, pentru benzina consumata pana aici Totul functioneaza cum trebuie la toate, nu sunt probleme de nici un fel. Pentru detalii aditionale cu privire la scule, pt cine e interesat, PM pls. 600 EUR - Marshall JCM2000 Made in UK - 100W EL34 - finali slightly used EH, preul are JJ ECC83S noi; am si footswitch , tank reverb intern original accutronics; 600 EUR - Laney GH100L Made in UK - 100W EL34 - finalii used, preul are JJ ECC83S noi; single channel, cu extra tube stage boost footswitchable, nu am footswitch; 750 EUR - Peavey 6534+ Made in USA - 120W EL34 - finalii TAD EL34-BSTR noi, preul are JJ ECC83S noi; FSW original + Step Down Transformer (220-120, ampul fiind la 120V, US) SOLD 680 EUR - Hughes and Kettner Triamp MK I Made in Germany - 150W 6L6 - preurile TAD noi, finalii 3 din ei TAD noi, unul e altceva. Am si footswitchul original, dar ii lipseste un capacel metalic la un switch; are reverb original intern accutronics Bag o poza ''de grup''
  14. * Fixed a cracked neck(did not refinish) and did a setup on an entry level Flame guitar(nut and saddle adjusted). It really plays decent now * Did some tinkering on a Kramer Baretta , but unfortunately due to some aftermarket modifications to this guitar I could not do the setup correctly, as the jackson floyd on it is different that the stock ofr floyd,and does not give enough saddle travel to intonate the E and B strings finely on the upper register. This will come back at some point for a total rewiring(has some issues and the solder spots are really cold), and a new trem. Would need the fretwire sides sanded and smoothed out also. The neck pickup ring is also broken and needs replacing, and there are several strange scratched on the fretboard and back of the neck. Cool guitar nonetheless! Also waxed the neck back and made the springs noiseless And the issues I mentioned which should be fixed in the future (the owner needed the guitar urgently and the next operations will take place in the future to fix them): And a comparison with the additional saddle travel which would of been needed to properly intonate some strings, if the original tremolo had still been on the guitar (the other trem is an OFR from another guitar):