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  1. * Dunlop GCB95 fix * SMD IC to DIP IC adapter * HGE Contraptions Custom 6in1 Pedal (134th effect built) * Marshall Valvestate 8080 repair * Measured 57 tubes with my Sencore TC136 Mighty Mite IV Tube Tester * Harley Benton LP Tuners Replaced * RAN Custom Guitar Rewiring * Digitech GSP 2101 Repair * HGE Contraptions attenuator build (Ken based) * Yamaha F310 TBS acoustic guitar general clean and setup
  2. Razvan S.

    Gibson Bankruptcy

    N-ai cum.... No words.
  3. Razvan S.

    Caut Yamaha DX7

    Germania https://reverb.com/item/24325486-yamaha-dx-7ii-fd-from-1987-one-owner-keyboard-documents-cartrige-and-sale-invoice-fx-synthesizer
  4. * Refret started on a Charvel 275 Deluxe Japan * Harley Benton GA-120H Solid State head cleanup * Had a Stagg Acoustic in, that had multiple issues and now are solved * Dunlop 535Q wah in for some connectivity issues * Squier Bullet Strat Indo setup and nut changed to left handed * Had an early 80's US Fender Lead I in for a setup For Fun: https://hgecontraptions.blogspot.com/2019/07/scalloped-necks-done-some-years-ago.html
  5. Razvan S.

    Schimbare lampi amplificator Cluj-Napoca

    Iei altu, da-le dreacu O mentiune, daca observi dupa ce ai montat finalii ca fac cumva asta(oricare din ei), stinge-l imediat. Normally ar trebui sa fie OK, si sa nu ai probleme.
  6. Razvan S.

    Schimbare lampi amplificator Cluj-Napoca

    Eu as sugera ca e foarte simplu sa faci chiar TU asta, fara ajutorul nimanui. Doar trebuie sa desfaci niste suruburi pentru a indeparta sasiul din cab, si o minima atentie la scoaterea lampilor din socluri, si reintroducerea celor noi. Fiind Ironball, are doua finale EL84, si most likely e cathode biased sau are autobias. Poti direct schimba finalii cu un matched set/dual set de EL84 . In preamp, V1 V2 si V3 sunt ECC83 normale , iar V4 necesita un ECC83 balanced pentru Phase Inverter. Lampile le poti lua de aici: Doua https://www.banzaimusic.com/EL84-EH-Platinum-Matched.html Trei https://www.banzaimusic.com/12AX7-EH.html Si una pentru PI (V4, balanced sa fie) https://www.banzaimusic.com/12AX7-EH-Matched-and-Balanced.html (ti-am dat oarecum decente + aleator luate, poti lua si JJ ca varianta de brand, ca sunt mai ieftine/sau altceva, atata timp cat respecti sa fie cele doua finale matched, trei de pre, si inca una pt PI <phase inverter>, balanced sa fie) SAU te duci pe setul asta ''premium'' https://www.tubeampdoctor.com/en/shop_TAD_Premium_Tube_Sets_Engl_Tube_Sets/Tubeset_for_Engl_Ironball_E606_4690 Bafta.
  7. Misto chitara! Ia-o ca de up Asta e sistemul ce il are, care e absolut genial , cu round joined surface pe ''cutite''. https://ibanez.fandom.com/wiki/Hard_Rocker
  8. Razvan S.

    vând [EXPIRAT] Vand set doze HSS Dimarzio/IBZ Made in USA

    Da. Da-mi mesaj privat si discutam acolo. Mersi
  9. Ma bucur ca pot reposta aici. Am cumparat 2 seturi (s-au facut doar 100 initiale, semnate), si urmeaza sa fac some reviews. sunt super curios! (gauge-ul este de 9-42, asa au fost facute toate 100) Poze jos si mai multe detalii aici: http://www.kempacoustics.com. Dr. Jonathan A. Kemp is a physicist and musician working at the University of St Andrews. His recent work involves the pitch sensitivity of guitar strings to player control and has resulted in a sets of guitar strings that bend in tune on four strings with tremolo arm use and is the subject of a PLOS One journal paper (articolul postat mai sus de Ciocanel) and an international patent application through the University of St Andrews, UK (International Patent Application No: PCT/GB2018/050296).
  10. Vand un set de doze HSS Dimarzio/IBZ , made in USA, luate de pe un Ibanez Prestige RG2560Z J. Craft Japan Au ceva uzura pentru ca au fost cantate, dar nu afecteaza cu nimic soundul. Contact PM, pret negociabil.
  11. * Repaired a C.Giant classical guitar. The neck wasn't glued on anymore, I polished the fretwire and also adjusted the string height at a nut. * Orange AD140TC repair/retube/rebias
  12. Am decis sa postez direct linkurile catre blog de acum inainte: * Repaired a Solton A.P. bass amp. * An Epiphone AJ220 came in with a severe E kinked neck in the 12th to the 16th+ fret region. * A Vision by MSA strat came in for a general setup. * Yamaha BB234 setup, fretwire polished, and totally rewired with new SD pickups + foil shielding.
  13. Razvan S.

    vând DOD FX 55C Supradistortion

    Recomand cu multa caldura pedala asta. M-a impresionat foarte tare! https://hgecontraptions.blogspot.com/2016/03/fixed-dod-fx-55c-and-also-modded-it.html

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