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  1. Gibson Bankruptcy

    Eu vreau un Gibson facut de Fender (si unul old dar cu Kahler) N-as zice nu la astea:
  2. polish taste

    Da, toata lumea o face diferit. (no offense, dar eu consider ca daca esti platit pt asemenea operatiuni de catre alti oameni, esti indreptatit sa tii metodele specifice descoperite de tine, doar pentru tine; dar asta e doar opinia mea, si mi-o tin) Regula generala e, aproape sa se oglindeasca totul in fretwire / sau la o poza cu blitz facuta din lateral, reflexia sa se vada cat mai aproape de ''o gaura neagra'' , pe cat posibil fara urme vizibile de orice mini scraping/zigzag stuff (inclusiv in ''laterale'') -> Buttery smooth feel achieved Spor la frecat Exemple partiale de la mine pe chitara cuiva: Red -> No Blue-> Yes Sau indepartare de tarnish extrem pe fretwire ce nu a fost vreodata intretinut(bass Warwick cu fretwire de alama) , cu substante chimice (nu ce se gaseste guitar related):
  3. Optima 24k Gold Strings

    Am fost si eu tentat cand aveam Steinberger. Probabil merita incercat, why not
  4. Buaha, asta a fost a meu de muuult(asa l-am primit si eu in cutia aia ) Blana phaserul, bafta! (ia-o ca de up)
  5. Vemuram Jan Ray Clone - 118th pedal built Setup + fretwire sanding/polish + fretboardclean, on a Cort hollowbody guitar (the nut did not need any intervention to the slots, which rarely happens ) Squier Bullet Strat Setup
  6. Nut Graphtech PRS

    Oricum nu o sa fie 1:1 fit, si va trebui sa mergi la un lutier sau ceva, sa ti-l ajusteze si sa refaca radiusul la slots.
  7. * Restrung and solved some stuff on a Fender Jimmy Dale acoustic guitar: - the input jack fell in the body and there was no way to reinsert it back by hand as the body is very slim and you can't reach the hole; I had to be creative and take it out using a jack and some wire and add light in the guitar body hah! but I solved it; - the owner wanted to add a locking strap pin, and I did that too, right next to the old one (that is on the input jack); - restrung the guitar (no setup was needed, as he didn't request it, but the guitar was OK nevertheless as it was previously setup at some point, and I used the same gauge) * Ibanez S420 Setup + Pickups Swapped + Fretboard Cleaned - I also redid some solder points, and took out some wires that were unnecessary and long * Ibanez RG3XXV (setup+fretboard cleaning) * Ibanez RG350DX (setup+pup swap&rewiring+fretboard clean) - also had to sand down and refinish a fretwire (last one), because there was a nasty indentation in it that was very noticeable while playing; (it looked like a thin string was pressed against it very hard, making a knife like narrow groove) - cleaned the pots prior to redoing the wiring
  8. @Fllockas - warn si ban 30 de zile - al 3-lea warn deja de Topic Bumping
  9. Apeleaza la Augustin sa te ajute. Also, IMO:
  10. * Finished my second JHS Morning Glory clone. One of my fav pedals, and sounding good as always * Setup on a Jackson JS32 Natural Finish Sanded some fretwires+ cleaned/polished them + sanded down the trem cover because for some reason it did not originally fit haha, and one of the neck screws did not go all the way in, had to drill a little more into the neck. On this particular guitar, the neck was a little too deep into the neck pocket IMO, and the angle was a little weird, so I added a shim. Plays great now, with good action.
  11. vând [EXPIRAT] Carvin DC 127/200

    Le iau eu back So... sold. And....closed
  12. @man68 warn si ban 30 de zile - up-uri constante in aceiasi zi Please read rules. Thanks!
  13. Poze cu chitarele noastre

    Nu cred ca am blocat in viata mea un trem....sigur n-o sa fac asta pe chitara asta so...Imma go with: Yes (ma mir ca m-ai intrebat asa ceva haha)
  14. Poze cu chitarele noastre

    Am asamblat gatul sa imi fac o idee. Mai astept doar 2-3 elemente (un switch, un nut, un plate) si pot sa ma apuc de wiring. Va fi similar cu acesta