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    *Fender American 1979 Stratocaster (modded, scalloped)
    *Fender American Stratocaster (Professional Body, Deluxe compound radius neck,modded)
    *Charvel Model 4 1986, SS fretwire, Kahler 2300
    *Squier 2000 Stratocaster (modded)

    *Ceriatone Chupacabra 50 Superlead Plexi Style (HGE Contraptions handbuilt)

    *Palmer Cab 2 x 12 Celestion G12-K100

    *Handmade KEN style resistive attenuator

    *Rocktron Replifex Processor
    *Sommer LLX Low pF cable + Neutrik and Hicon connectors

    *Yamaha HS8 Monitors
    *Focusrite 2i2 Gen 3
    *M-Audio Keystation 88 MKII controller
    *Audio Technica AT-2035 mic

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  1. Nu am apucat sa pun poze:
  2. Selling a Westone Spectrum II SP1012ST-SW 1987 Japan. Has a nice sound, jangly , sparkly and crisp, with a nice attack and output on the bridge humbucker. The neck is a stacked single coil, trem saddles are the original bent steel ones. I can make samples if needed. I compared this 1:1 with another guitar that has a Duncan SH-6 and it sounds almost identical. (I can provide the comparisons, just ask). No issues with the guitar, other than the hairline paint cracks that appear on most guitars at the body heel on both sides, fretwire is like new,no flattened areas and feels good, with a very low action. Nut is a quality Graphtech TUSQ XL. More pics here.
  3. Pics cu interiorul chiar de la acest amp, mai jos. Este fenomenal https://hgecontraptions.blogspot.com/2020/02/music-man-hd212-130-1978-combo-repaired.html Si un sample: Bafta la vanzare
  4. Cred ca am reusit sa pun mana pe chitara asta inainte sa ajunga la tine, pentru cateva minute (a fost parca in magazinul Muzikia in Timisoara daca nu ma insel, tin minte ca spuneau ca era pentru cineva dar m-au lasat totusi sa o testez sorry haha; nu pot sa uit acea singura doza EMG si rosul ala). Poate e alta, dar poti confirma tu Dar si daca nu e fix aia, e mega super misto, pentru ca o tin minte si acum la mana si era awesome as hell! Bafta la vanzare, ia-o ca de UP
  5. Am terminat si eu de construit kitul de la Ceriatone Chupacabra 50 Hot Rodded Plexi (l-am cumparat ca un lego mare, direct de la Ceriatone vorbind cu ownerul Nik; nimic nu a fost asamblat/lipit, eu am facut tot, fiind primul amp facut de mine ) A fost o experienta faina, si suna killer , mergand din prima tot, fara nici o problema. Am incercat sa lucrez cat am putut de estetic (ca si la clonele mele de pedale).. Next stop, probabil SLO100. Pot sa vand lejer Peaveyul 6534+ Poze, it goes to 11 ! Poze cu kitul primit:
  6. Am reusit si eu sa termin 2 ale mele: 1. Fender US Deluxe 9.5-14" radius satin neck, abalone inserts, Fender US professional body ,Schaller 2000 trem, Duncan TB-16(59 Custom Hybrid), Little 59, SH2- Jazz, Graphtech nut & trees, custom wiring with 10 modes , S1 Switch + Superswitch & a 12 cap rotary simple varitone 2. Fender American Vintage Reissue 70s scalloped neck by some French luthier and the fretboard was relacquered, Fender US original 1979 heavy Northern ash body, DiMarzio HS-3 bridge, Fender Custom Shop 69 middle, DiMarzio HS-4 neck, Callaham Bridge Vintage narrow, Graphtech nut and trees. The wiring is 1 vol push push split for the two DiMarzios, and a push pull for the tone pot to be taken out completely. 4.6 kg total weight
  7. Bag si eu ceva Epiphone Thunderbird Pro V -> good bridge, brass nut, cool
  8. Razvan S.

    Caut trupa

    Ai gresit topicul Posteaza aici te rog: https://forums.rgc.ro/forum/38-caut-trupã/
  9. SKU - Atentionari repetate recente pe chat. Chat ban o perioada mai lunga, si 30 de zile ban pe forum, fiind al 3-lea warn. @SKU Chat ban now lifted, 16.06.2020
  10. Salut, din pacate eu nu ma mai ocup cu dinastea. Spor cu chitara
  11. Se poate bate inapoi, nu are nimic. Iei o bucata de lemn si bati usor mutand de-a lungul acelui cerc pana face iar contact, peste tot. Aia e pusa ca sa distanteze corect ''shaft-ul'' cheitei si sa nu se miste tare in laterale. O poti lasa chiar si asa...ca nu afecteaza nimic, nefiind iesita mult. Bafta
  12. da, acum 5 ani My guess is as good as anyone's. Habar n-am.
  13. Tentativa de frauda/facut cont clona -> Micul chitarist: si-a facut alt cont ( Andrei2345) ca sa profite de un obiect oferit ca donatie/gratis,mintind. Ip-urile identice, dar si mailul contine si aceleasi nume similare. Busted. Ban permanent pe ambele conturi...really low. Se poate vedea aici topicul:
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