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    Urma, Amalia Gaiță, Trupa FM.
  • Gear

    -Fender Custom Shop Nocaster '51
    -Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s Tobacco Burst
    -Duesenberg Starplayer TV
    -Fender Jaguar CIJ w/ Mastery bridge
    -Fender Telecaster "gretschcaster" project in the making
    -Tacoma Stratocaster 70's
    -Cort X11 modded
    -Aria Acoustic

    Carried around in:

    -Mono M80 Dual Case w/ Mono The Tick 2.0
    -Mono Vertigo

    Amps (Stereo setup):

    -Vox Ac15cc1 (w/ bright cap mod)
    -Fender Blues Deluxe (w/ Eminence Cannabis Rex Speaker)

    -Carried around in custom Flight Cases
    -Pedaltrain Classic Pro TC
    -2x Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
    -Z-Vex Fuzz Factory clone
    -Boss TU-3
    -Vox v847 Moded Wah
    -Propaganda boost (Dexter's workshop)
    -JHS Morning Glory Clone
    -Joyo Vintage Overdrive (TS808 clone)
    -Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret mk1
    -Marshall ED-1
    -Tc Electronic Spark Mini Booster
    -ISP Decimator
    -Electro Harmonix Micro POG (w/ true bypass mod)
    -Line6 HX Effects + Line6 Ex1 + custom momentary exp pedal
    -Digitech Timebender + custom controler
    -Strymon Big Sky + Disaster Area MIDI Baby + M-audio Expression pedal
    -Lehle P Split

    -Line6 Helix LT w/ Thon flightcase
    -Alto TS310

    -LD Systems MEI 100 G2 Wireless Monitoring
    -KZ ZST Armature Dual Driver In Ear Monitors

    -Custom Spectraflex Cables

    -Elixir Nanoweb & Optiweb Strings

    Janicek Picks Jazz C 1.40mm


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About Me

Playing guitar in a few bands including URMA, Amalia Gaita.

Guitar Tech & tutor

●  Attic Stringworks

●  Spectraflex Cables Endorsee



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