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  1. Vand looper in stare buna.Pret thomann 2050.Pretul meu 1200.Info pe youtube.
  2. Salut vand Empress Tremollo 2 in stare buna, tap tempo, preset, 3 wave forms, high end . Pret nou- pretul meu 300 e. - 180 Neo vent 2- leslie sim, este cel mai profi de pe piața.Cu slow/fast footswitch dedicat.Cu stop si bypass switches.Stereo. luat acum 4 luni, nu il folosesc aproape deloc. Pret nou- pretul.meu 390e. - 290 e DRYBELL vibe machine 2, univibe highend luat din croatia, supercompact,analog, cu parametri controlabili cu footswitch extern sau pedala de expresie.Mint condition Pret nou- pretul meu 335e. -250 e
  3. Nu mai are nevoie de nici o prezentare.Il vand pentru a finanta un preamp. Functioneaza perfect.
  4. Il vand pentru a finanta un amp.
  5. Il vand pentru a finanta un amp.Altmimteri e un delay exceptional
  6. mmm

    vând Empress Tremolo2

    update de pret:190 euro
  7. Vand Phaser Maxon PT999.Un one Knob very lush phase pedal.Se intelege foarte bine cu pedale de distors.Calitate bine cunoscuta de la Maxon.Nou e aprox 500 lei.
  8. noua costa 850 lei.uzura normala.functioneaza perfect. Dunlop: Now you can command the same killer wah tone as Kirk with the new Kirk Hammett Cry Baby Wah. Developed in close collaboration with the metal guitar icon himself, it has been meticulously tuned and tweaked to deliver the wah sound that revolutionized metal solos. This is the legendary tone that Kirk dials in on tour using his Cry Baby Rack Wah. Dunlop's engineers took Kirk's EQ, volume and tone settings-reflecting decades of blazing Cry Baby riffology-and reproduced them with exacting precision. This pedal is exceptionally even in response as you move from heel to toe, with a thick top end and full dynamic range. Dare to step into the footprint of a giant. Own a piece of the legend: the Kirk Hammett Signature Wah from Dunlop.
  9. Vand acest wireless in conditie impecabila pentru a finanta un amplificator
  10. Pret: 380 Localitate: bucuresti Contact: 0724674021 Link producator: https://www.thomann.de/ro/digitech_momentary_pitch_shifter.htm?ref=search_prv_6 Stare: Nou Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Whammy ul in varianta ergonomica ,are 3 luni,trebuie sa imi fac loc in pedalboard pt altceva.Multumesc Digitech Whammy Pitch Shifting in compact format Original Whammy sounds without expression pedal Pitching in a range of up to 2 octaves thomann up or down 7 Selectable intervals: 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, octave, double octave and octave with dry signal Precisely controllable shift and return time for the pitch effect Polyphonic effect in chords mode Footswitch function selectable between latching- and momentary mode Pitch status always visible on LED bar Input and output 6.3mm mono jack Metal thomann housing True Bypass (in latching mode) Dimensions (L x W x H): 121 x 73 x 45 mm Compatible mains adaptor: Art. 108096 (not included)
  11. Vand Delay/Looper Tc Alter Ego x4,cumparat in septembrie.Garantie inca 2 ani jumate.Functioneaza si arata perfect!vreu 700 de lei.nr tel 0724674021.Bucuresti
  12. Pret: 450 lei Localitate: Bucuesti Contact: 0724674021 Link producator: https://www.thomann.de/ro/trex_mudhoney_ii.htm?ref=search_prv_3 Stare: Foarte buna/Ca nou Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Vand a 2 pedal in one,pedala de drive de calitate foarte inalta,stie de la crunch uri si overdrive uri subtile, la tonuri de lead,are control de ton,foarte important pentru orice tip de doze,gain si volum si un switch de boost.Practic esti acoperit in toate stagiile de gain.Pe thomann e vreo 700 de lei. Eu vreu 450.Multumesc.Accept orice test

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