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  1. NicolausPrimus

    vând [EXPIRAT] Jim Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95 Wah-Pedal

    S-a vandut. Anuntul nu mai este de actualitate.
  2. Rare Marshall JCM 5305 keyboard combo amp from 1984 in nice condition and good working order . It is a 50 watt solid state amp with a horn tweeter and reverb. It has a vintage 12" Celestion 4 ohm G12K - 85 speaker which sounds great.
  3. Boss RCL-10, Compressor Limiter Expander Gate, Vintage Unit Made in Japan
  4. Combo bass vintage ,in stare impecabila avand in vedere varsta. Anii 80 . Suna si arata impecabil.
  5. Because practice amps need tone, too. Your practice amp is just as important a part of your musical development as the instrument you pick up for the first time. This amp will serve you well with 20W RMS, DDT compression, an 8" speaker, gain control, and a 3-band EQ. Also has a headphone jack so you can practice silently. FEATURES 20W DDT compression 8" speaker Gain control 3-band EQ Headphone jack SPECIFICATIONS 19 lbs. 13"W x 14-1/2"H x 9"D
  6. NicolausPrimus

    vând Mixer Fostex VF-16

    MAIN FEATURES •16 track digital multitrack •Digital mixing with FX •Balanced & unbalanced inputs •Channel & master compressors •Upgradable hard drive •ADAT optical I/O OVERVIEW Fostex’s new VF-16 digital multitracker doesn’t just re-write the book on all-in-one digital multitrack solutions, it rips it up and starts again. Here is a machine which combines state-of-the-art hard disc based 16-track digital recording with supreme quality digital mixing and houses it in a rugged, easy to use, package. But that’s just the start of it. As usual with Fostex, this little baby is not only packed with stellar features it’s simplicity itself to operate. Digital Recording The VF-16 features no less than 24 tracks with simultaneous 8 track recording, (16 when using ADAT interface) to an internal (user upgradable) E-IDE hard disc. And having those extra ‘ghost’ tracks gives you real flexibility. For example; you’ve recorded a great guitar solo, but want to try another to see if you can improve the performance - no problem, just use another track for the new version. With this type of power you can record different versions of vocals, different drum grooves, different guitar parts, then choose which of the 16 tracks you wish to reproduce and mix. Once you’ve experienced this kind of flexibility it becomes a necessity. Two assignable recording modes are available; •Direct Mode - If you want to record 8 inputs simultaneously to 8 recording tracks, this mode routes the inputs directly to the digital recorder via trim pot, bypassing the mixer. •Buss Mode - Alternatively you can record multiple inputs to 2 recording tracks using the digital mixer to set levels, EQ, effects, etc. This high specification machine records true CD-quality uncompressed digital audio. Naturally, as the VF-16 uses a digital non-linear recording system, full Copy, Paste, Move & Erase editing with Undo & Redo is achievable. Ease of editing is aided by the ability to display scrubbed audio graphically, making ’on-the-fly’, intricate edit points simple and intuitive to designate. Plus, with clipboard data available to be pasted to the same, another, or multiple tracks and automatically repeated up to 99 times, you can become a re-mix wizard in a matter of minutes. And if you thought that was cool, wait ’till you hear that the VF-16 can export and import audio (all tracks, one track or any part of a track) as standard ‘.WAV’ files via SCSI, meaning that editing, processing and sound file conversion can be accomplished using popular PC music software. Digital Mixing The amazing audio quality delivered by the VF-16 is due only in part to the stellar recording engine. The digital mixer also has a role in making the VF-16 the most usable, best sounding multitracker out there. Firstly you get some real 60mm faders to play with on all 16 input channels and master. The ‘distortion and hiss-free’ input stages (including 2 with XLR, inserts and +48v phantom power), feature trim pots and have been designed to handle almost anything you can throw at them from the lowest of low level mic signals to the hottest instrument signal. There’s a great 3-band EQ with parametric mid & high on all 16 channels to enable you crisp up, add punch, cut hiss or increase the depth of your sound. There’s also a separate EQ for the master, assignable channel compressors (ch 13 + 14 or ch 15 + 16 with EQ off), & master compressor, 2 AUX sends per channel for adding external effects, a monitor out with level control and handy insert points on inputs G & H for adding compressors, limiters, etc. Plus, a stereo mixed source can be digitally transferred to an external digital recorder thru S/P DIF. With the 100 mix scene memory, you’re not tied into one mix either. Entire mix scenes (include effect parameters), can be saved and recalled - you’ll never loose that perfect EQ setting again. And, as the scene sequence mode allows for the automatic recall of mixes programmed into a scene event map, you’re not even tied to one mix per song! DETAILS Digital Recording •16 recording tracks plus 8 additional ghost tracks for multiple takes. 24 recording tracks in total •8 track simultaneous recording using analogue inputs. 16-track simultaneous recording available using ADAT interface in addition to analog inputs •No compression recording to internal 3.5" E-IDE hard drive (eg. 962 track minutes available on a 5.1 GB hard drive) •+/- 6% Pitch Control •99 programs (songs) with program names •Align Point selectable when pasting a clipboard data •7 Mark Point on the fly, 7 Edit Memory & 99 Event Memory •SCSI interface (for back-up) •WAV file export and import via external SCSI media •Full MTC/MMC compliance Digital Mixing •16 input faders (8 x analog/track input + 8 x track input) and 1 x Master fader (stereo buss) - all 60mm •MIC/LINE trim pot on all analogue inputs. Input G & H feature balanced XLR connectors, phantom power and insert points. Peak LED is provided on each input. •Assignable channel compressors (ch 13 + 14 or ch 15 + 16 with effect off) & Master compressor •Two effect sends and two AUX sends (pre/post switchable) •3-band EQ on all 16 channels (HI parametric, shelving, LPF, MID parametric, LO shelving). Separate 3-band Master EQ •100 mix scenes per program •64 x 128 dot-matrix LCD display •Two built-in Fostex A.S.P. digital effects Change Hard Drives The removable plate on the underside of a VF-16 allows you to change the internal E-IDE hard drive. A larger hard drive means more recording time. A.S.P. (Advanced Signal Processing) A.S.P. is a unique digital effects processing technology newly developed by Fostex. By combining a special Harmonics Feedback Algorithm with Hi-Density Logarithmic Processing, A.S.P. effects offer higher gain in the early reflection characteristic and are free from the ‘grittiness’ associated with lesser technologies.
  7. NicolausPrimus

    vând [EXPIRAT] Gigbag (Husa) Rockbag RB 20620B Plus (Explorer)

  8. Wah-Wah Classics This is the original Wah pedal to create the vintage sounds of rock and roll. Stars like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and many others have already used it The Cry Baby GCB95 has the highest frequency range of all Dunlop pedals. This makes it particularly suitable for clean and distorted sounds, such as those legendary rhythmic stories as the Shaft soundtrack or the title melody of "The Streets of San Francisco" Whaka, whaka; if you can coordinate your hands and feet (which requires a bit of practice at the beginning), you can really kick butt with this pedal! Equipped with the legendary red Fasel coil 100 kOhm Hot Potz potentiometer ensures fast response of the Wah effect Hardwire bypass Sturdy metal housing Battery compartment below the pedal Power supply: 9 V battery or 9 V DC power supply unit with 2.1 mm power connector - polarity: (-) inside (not included) Made in USA
  9. Gig Bag For Xtreme guitars and Rhandy Rhoads models Solid, water-repellent RokTex surface material with artificial leather applications Colour: Black Lining: black velvet 30 mm thick padding Equipped with the guitar-saving system and neck-saving-system for ultimate protection Extra protective pad for lower strap button, RokTex protection for machine heads and bridge 10 mm wide double zipper with "W" metal tag Two 50 mm detachable backpack straps with shoulder-saving system (padded shoulder protector with robust, non-slip surface), metal carabiners and eyelets 1 Backpack strap with mobile phone pocket 1 Padded handle on the side and one on the front 1 Large outer pocket with zipper 1 Additional pocket with zipper and additional integrated zippered pocket on the front side 2 Vertical compartments on the back with a 6 mm wide zipper for storing the backpack straps Transparent compartment for business cards PVC-reinforced bottom with metal feet Metal hook for hanging the bag (sewn and riveted with nylon material) Embossed RockBag logo
  10. NicolausPrimus

    vând Chitara Ovation Celebrity Cc 24S

    Mai este de actualitate anuntul?
  11. NicolausPrimus

    vând Cort Larry Coryell Lcs-1 Jazz Guitar

    3000 LEI Chitara este noua.
  12. Anuntul nu mai este de actualitate. S-a vandut. Multumesc RGC.
  13. NicolausPrimus

    vând Cort Larry Coryell Lcs-1 Jazz Guitar

  14. NicolausPrimus

    vând Cort Larry Coryell Lcs-1 Jazz Guitar


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