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  1. <a href="[https://reverb.com/shop/hammers-shop-1]"><img src="http://images.reverb.com/image/upload/shop-button-large-og_hgxmsd.png" alt="Shop My Store on Reverb"></a>
  2. Madagascar almond 1 and 2. Dunno how i feel about that bridge. Found a Gelas. Gonna try something like that at some point.
  3. Va primi un sh2 in neck dar test cu floating pickup de curiozitate. How does a hollowed out tele thing sound with a floating pickup? There you go Unexpectedly overtoney and loud
  4. Ziricote neck Bubinga top Flame maple parlor Sinker Cedar top
  5. OM no. 21 (guitar no. 29...?) Madagascar Almond back and sides Bearclaw sitka top Thermomaple neck Padauk fretboard and bridge Padauk binding 2.2 frets Tusq nut and saddle 45 mm nut 58 bridge French polish
  6. Madagascar almond 2 with bearclaw Lutz top Padauk with sap Flame maple parlor with blonde shellac
  7. Initial am zis ca e Lignum Vitae guayacum spp Acu inclin sa cred ca e guayacan Paraguariensis adica brown ebony sau o specie de katalox mi-a mai zis cineva. Anyway... It's nice, new to me, and rare in the acoustic world.
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