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  1. No bracing. Toata bucata unde e bridgeul e lasata acolo. La fel si un perete unde e doza de neck (for looks si ca sa fie mai mult lemn la neck joint). Restu e facut copaie cu bench drill. Am lasat lasat 'spatele' la un cm ca are contur pe spate. Are bridge normal nu activeaza topul si topul nu are nicio tensiune, deci nu are nimic cu acustica asa ca nu e nevoie de bracing. Daca ii pui bridge floating sau pinless atunci e nevoie de un bracing, un X fara extra bracing pus si la nimereala e de ajuns.
  2. Parallel bracing vs X bracing on 2 archtop alsp one has thomastik flats one bronze strings
  3. Madagascar almond (Terminalia mantaly) for an OM acoustic 18 inch Carpathian top and back archtop waiting to cure epoxy in dovetail Spalted Beech OM acoustic ready to cut binding channels
  4. The top on the OM is by far the thinnest i've gone. Although it is thick at the upper bout. Also braces are thinner than the usual.
  5. Nanmu tele (phoebe wood) Spalted beech from Maderas Barber. Box built between 40-55 Same as the archtop. De săptămâna asta incepe sa se încălzească si sa crească umiditatea afara... De obicei vara cu ac si dezumidicator o tin la 50-55.
  6. Emperor style archtop body finished after more than 2 months. Tele vandut Pisco sour production is good
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