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  1. Madagascar almond with bearclaw sitka top 40 in OM
  2. Cateva schimbari la tele Niste saddles cu flat sole gen joe barden si un sd sh2 in neck
  3. Madagascar Almond OM 40 in guitar Terminalia Mantalis Sitka top Padauk fretboard on thermomaple Prietena mea nu prea mai are unde sa stea prin casa ca toate locurile sunt ocupate... Pacat... Era buna... Csf....
  4. L00 in 5A flame maple and sitka Another Madagascar almond... With wormholes but nicer quilt. Lutz spruce for the Madagascar
  5. Tele 3 Padauk fretboard Ziricote neck Burmese nanmu top Padauk body Jescar frets Sperzel Gfs lipstick tube neck Tonerider vintage in the bridge
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