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  1. The maderas barber spalted beech was the hardest wood to bend i've ever tried... And i can bend snakewood and padauk and granadillo... I started at 2.7 cause the wood seemed too flabby already and beach should work at this thickness. Nope! Snap! A little thinner? Snap. Hotter? Snap. Wetter? SsssSnap. Dry? Snap snap. No warning. 1.7 and hot and wet. I didn't measure right on the second side and it started to brake. It was at 2 mm. I immediately started to bend it back straight, made it 1.7 and continued... Already weak so it continued to want to break in that spot. Too difficult to change the shoulder bend position at this point so i thinned it down to something ridiculous like 1 mm and bent behind the wannabe crack. Crisis averted. The sides were gonna get laminated/doubled anyway so it's all ok. The mahogany i will use for lamination is 1.2-1.4 mm. With wide solid linings and more reinforcing they will never break. Heart attack avoided The archtop is a lot of work but it's the most awesome thing ever. Nothing cooler than carving and tap tuning and bracing...
  2. Gonna fail no matter what. Replace bridge.
  3. Bababibam Aveam niste furnir sa fac sideuri din el belea imi iesea. Dar nu e de ajuns. Tre mai lungi... hahahahaha. Nici hartia nu e de ajuns. Nici spatele ca are crapatura aia which is why it was cheaper, but i will build the insides so that part is redundant and then put an inlay on the outside. When in doubt - inlay. Omfg and that gauge- muaaaa. Beleeaa
  4. Starting the year right Maderas Barber Giveaway Lucky Spalted Beech OM Carpathian Spruce top 18 inch emperor style archtop (mould on the way)
  5. O sa ii pun padauk. Purpleheartu pierde culoarea rapid si nu e asa de stabil si dur. Pickguardu ar strica simetria
  6. Momentan un neck de proba pana il termin pe ala de mahon Greseli la tot pasul
  7. Tailpiece si celelalte finger rest. Nush daca o sa tina. Am laminat-o dar dupa intamplarea cu cea de abanos zitan cred ca o sa incerc un altfel de tailpiece... Sau o mai laminez odata... Nush inca...
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