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  1. Salut. Mai este de vanzare pedala? As vrea sa o cumpar!
  2. De vanzare Electrix Repeater 4 tracks Loop Based Recorder in stare perfecta de functionare, foarte putin folosit. Bonus: Behringer FCB1010 MIDI foot controller si 2 CF card de 256 MB. Pret pachet: 1500 RON Specificatii: tapped loop record tapped tempo "Loop Point Assist" function automatically trims loop to match BPM overdub function for overlaying sound on a track pitch shifting - +1 octave, -2 octave time stretching - 1.5x faster, 4x slower "Slip" function to independently shift each track position Resample function - bounce 4 tracks to 1 or 2 and re-record effects into the loop Feedback control (only while in overdub) Single layer Undo Reverse play and record "Multiply loop" multiplies the recorded loop Loop copy front panel trim controls to edit the start/end points of the loop Control the level, pan, pitch and position of individual tracks with front panel faders up to 999 loops per CF card, 16 loops in internal memory 4 mono tracks per loop 8 MB internal memory (1.5 "track" minutes) 8-minute (40 MB) loop limit Compact Flash Cards for storing loops (up to 50 minutes of record time via CompactFlash media) comes with16 MB Compact Flash card (internal memory plus 16MB card gives 4.5 "track" minutes) file format: uncompressed WAV 16 bit, 44.1KHz Audio Beat Detection automatically syncs recording and playback to any rhythmic audio source MIDI clock sync in LED display shows current loop number, current bar, time signature, and BPM rear panel pedal input for TRS style 3-button foot controller (like a Digitech FS-300) Pedal input controls play/stop, record and tap tempo. Full MIDI control of all functions midi note-on control over pitch midi channel set with rotary knob on rear panel Inputs: Rear Stereo RCA with Phono Preamp or stereo 1/4" line inputs (selectable with rear button), front panel mono instrument input Outputs: stereo digital audio out (SPDIF), two/four line outputs (configurable as stereo outs or per-track outs if fx insert is not used), front panel headphone output stereo effects send/return - 1/4" jacks MIDI in/out/thru Input level control knob, with LED level indicator Headphone level control Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz Sampling Rate: 24 bit / 44.1kHz Dynamic Range: >94dB SNR THD: <0.014% Max input/output level: +16dBu Instrument Inpedance: 500K Ohms Unit size: 19W x 3.5H x 3.5D aluminum chassis external "line lump" power supply, works worldwide
  3. vand Kemper nonpowered si kemper remote, ambele cu case. Formatul Kemper ului e de rack .Pe langa multe alte profile uri , ofer si 3 pachete de la Michael Britt,considerat unul din cei mai buni in domeniu la ora asta. Am platit cel putin 200 de euro ptr achizitionarea tuturor pachetelor cu profile uri. In caz ca cumparatorul doreste am toate ambalajele originale! Pretul ptr echipament este de 1700 euro . Pentru amanunte va rog contact pm. Mersi
  4. vand aceste pedale , care nu sunt ale mele, la rugamintea unui prieten boss ac3 55eu seymour duncan dirtydeed 55 eu boss od 1 55 eu behringer cs100 40eu ibanez bigmini tuner 35 eu dunlop cry baby 60eu pedalboard (cu alimentator ) behringer pb600 70eu discut detalii in pm Mersi
  5. Modificare de pret ...1600 euro kemper head ( in case de 3u) si foot controller (fara case-ul foot controller-ului)
  6. Vand kemper de rack nonpowered si foot controller- ul aferent , ambele cu case -uri. Pentru cei interesati trimit poze pe pm. Pretul este de 1700 euro fix.
  7. Cumpar lampi vintage pentru combo bassman 59 . Mersi
  8. Pedala este in perfecta stare de functionare. Ptr cei interesati va rog contactati pm Mersi
  9. Pentru ca e evident ca nu se decide nimeni la un deal concret, chitara va mai ramane la acest pret relativ mic doar pana la sfarsitul anului . Mersi
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