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  1. is it still for sale? #necropedalpurchase
  2. EP booster - 400Ron Petty John - 900Ron
  3. Ditto is sold Delay llama not for sale anymore Booster - 950 ron.
  4. Archer Ikon with mods from professor Sorin, which basically makes it sound much better - If you compare it to a stock one, its less compressed and more clear sounding + extra headroom
  5. flint - 1250Ron Elcapistal - 1250Ron Fav Switch - 220Ron (I really recommend the fav switch... it transforms your one strymon pedal into 2, its so usefull)
  6. Llama - 735Ron EP Booster - 400Ron PettyJohn - 1000Ron (there is no better booster pedal than this one, its just ridiculously good :-p) Dittox2 - 380Ron
  7. Renan

    Poze cu chitarele noastre

    I do not, I stole the picture from my own instagram. I can take others though.
  8. Renan

    Poze cu chitarele noastre

    All the ladies
  9. Hello guys, feedback is pretty convincing, as I`ve said I only used thomann as benchmark initially - 3450Ron for whole package. Ballai Almos - Only the cab (considering it has greenbacks) 1250Ron.
  10. Selling this bad boy, its in absolute perfect shape. I accept trade only in an El capistan - strymon.
  11. A little bit of how the guitar sounds through a Victory v50.
  12. Hey mate, I dont see it that way, maybe I'm looking at the wrong place but my benchmark is thomann. https://www.thomann.de/ro/orange_or_15_h.htm - 2970lei https://www.thomann.de/ro/orange_ppc112_black.htm - 1550lei around 4500 lei new. they would be comming directly from china with no tubes checked (you might be lucky and get good ones, you might not and get shitty ones), mines are new and of higher quality. You'd also be getting a chinese v30 on the cab, its a very good speaker, but its not an english made greenback. Please correct me if I got something wrong. price is negociable still.

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