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  1. new price - 3750 Ron!
  2. 10% discount is back until end of february 2021
  3. goes without saying, classic delay for classic sounds:
  4. Flint, Deco and El capistan are sold. remains only the favorite switch
  5. it has also been upgraded with celestion blues for the ultimate vox tone.
  6. Real Vintage Silver screw Japanese Ph-1R in excellent state (I`ve never seen another silver screw in such great state)
  7. Anadime chorus (The Guthrie Govan chorus of choice for a reason I tell ya!) - 800Ron Octafuzz - 500ron SubnUP - 280ron
  8. Deco- 1250Ron Flint-1250Ron ElCapistan- 1250Ron Favorite switch - 200Ron (I have two, each is 200ron)
  9. family reunited, pozele din 2020
  10. inca este valabil? daca da, care este pretul?
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