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  1. Original Pickup SetThere is probably no guitar in our world that has been played by as many guitarists as the Fender Stratocaster. There is hardly a guitar so much to craft as this, so it is no wonder that Fender offers a whole range of different pickups. The Custom 69 Strat PU (here in a set of 3) produces the sound of the legendary Strats of the late 60s: clear, airy highs, but also enough centres to penetrate even rough roughness. Strat pure sound! This set was taken from a classic player 60 strat.
  2. 15% price reduction until the 15 of march.
  3. I`m buying. If you`re selling, shoot at me!
  4. Renan

    vând [EXPIRAT] Xotic SP Comp

    I have to say that I sadly bought a new one 2 weeks ago... I love the pedal but I`d much rather have bought it used... Fully recommend this little one, sounds just as good as the MXR I was using before but no noise and less high end cut (mostly due to the blend). Great pedal!!!
  5. There was a time when JHS pedals had a custom job that you could order basically anything you wanted. at the time I was using clean amps and pedals to emulate the drives I wanted. Hence I built with them a charlie brown and a superbolt in one pedals enclosure, saving me board space and power supplys outs. the color and art were of my choosing. There is also a toogle switch if you wanna stack them in whatever order. Now I'm not using pedals as my main drive sound anymore and the pedal lost its purpose, but for those who like to do it that way. a JTM45 and an early Supro sound makes 2 very distincit drive sounds. Im accepting trades only on a namesis delay or phasers in general (pedals). Just to leave it very clear: this is not a clone, this original custom shop. thanks!
  6. I'm accepting trades now on: nemesis delay or phasers (guitar pedal phasers, it is ) The price is still 3000ron!
  7. I'm accepting trades now on: nemesis delay or phasers (guitar pedal phasers, it is )
  8. I'm accepting trades now on: nemesis delay or phasers (guitar pedal phasers, it is )
  9. This is a "Deluxe" version of the Scarab with more control over "feel" and adjustments in bias.This version adds in a couple knobs over the 3 knob version.Read the Scarab description below for the main attributes.BIAS:Tonebender type circuits vary depending on the bias of the 3rd transistor. Gritty gated tones on one end of the dial, sustaining lead tones in the middle and sweet lower gain tones at the other end of the rotation. Bias affects tone and gain.FAT:The low end at the input of the circuit affects fuzz amount and saturation. The feel of the pedal can be adjusted from a saturated slower responding "fat fuzz" to a snappy, fast responding, slightly less gain fuzz that has the feel of a distortion or overdrive. This helps dial in a single coil to be fat or a humbucker to clear up a bit and be more sensitive to dynamic picking. Hand made in the US. The only trades I'm accepting are: nemesis delay or phasers (guitar pedal phasers, it is )
  10. CH Programmable True Bypass Guitar Effects Switcher Looper With Master Bypass - Five (5) Loops Remember that if you buy it new, you will have to pay a decent amount to ship it to Romania and also crazy VAT taxes over final price, don’t lose this opportunity! IMPORTANT NOTE: THE ONE IM SELLING IS IN THE COLOR BLACK! Notes from the builders: Don't trust your tone to production made loopers, we make our loopers one by one, 100% hand wired in the USA. This Looper features a micro-controller based True Bypass switching system that uses a combination of a SPST switches, micro latching relays, and other components to silently switch audio signal. There is absolutely no delay when switching your pedals or going from preset to preset. It will also remember all settings and presets even when power is turned off. This greatly increases the players' experience in a live or studio situation. The Looper requires power to switch the pedal, but it is a 100% true-bypass. In brief you would find that this Looper has: Less "pop" noise, faster switching, better tone, and virtually a Looper that would last you a life time. Features: - Click Less Soft Touch Switches - Programmable with 5 Presets - Live Mode, which allows you to add a pedal to a preset on the fly - Looper will remember settings in both modes (Normal and Programmable) when turned off. - No need for additional power supplies, works With any Boss type 9V connectors with less than 50ma of current draw - Add true bypass to any 5+ effects - Master Bypass switch - Clean up and improve your tone easy! - Genuine Neutrik Nickel Plated jacks are strategically positioned to diminish cable tangling and ensure max conductivity - 9v 2.1mm Boss type connector (no special power supplies needed) - 100% true bypass Components: - Heavy Duty Click Less Soft Touch Switches - Military Spec Wiring - Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure - Chrome LED Bezels - Powder coated paint for great looks and max durability Dimensions: 9.75 x 2.6 x 2 (Inch) 24.7 X 6.6 X 5.1 (cm)
  11. The ultimate boutique vintage style Wah. Its extremely smooth and the 3 controls give you a pletora of possibilities. It is important to notice that this is the Vintage Version, it is sweet and clear, its not a screaming Wah for metal and more aggressive styles. Again, its sweet and musical. Notice that the circuitry is of a much higher quality than normal wahs. Some sound videos to give an idea of what it sounds like: For trades I am only looking for a Nemesis delay. I welcome you to offer me other stuff but its more likely I wont need it. Thank you so much! kind regards, Renan
  12. after further inspection on the prices here in europe. The price of the guitar is now 3000ron!
  13. I'm selling my trusty Gibson SG special. The guitar has been gigged quite a lot in Brazil (where I'm from) and sometimes here in Bucarest. It also has been my main axe for quite a while, so expect it to be almost reliced. The guitar is upgraded with 59 PAFs from Mojotone and an Emerson Custom wiring kit, quite valuable upgrades, reason why the price is a little higher than one would expect. As a bonus I will also include a pickguard, trusrodcover and backplate in cream, if you desire so. Below you can find some pictures of the axe (also some pictures with the cream pickguard, I have both, right now its with the black one).