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  1. Favorite switch is sold. El Capistan 1000ron.
  2. salut, da inca este disponibila!
  3. Salut tuturor, vand pedala the dude v2, are niste battlescars, puteti sa vediti in pozele mai jos. nou la thomann este 1093Ron.
  4. From the the guys at BKP: NANTUCKET 90 The sound of a hand-wound late '50s vintage P90 is unmistakable, as is the tone of those early LP Jr and LP Special playing blues and rock guitarists; the Nantucket 90 continues that legacy. Arguably the ultimate pickup with the best tonal elements of humbuckers and single coils, the P90 single coil has a distinct and gutsy tone all of its own. Scatter-wound by hand with 42AWG plain enamel wire and using sand cast, vintage cut Alnico V magnets, the tone is raw and in-your-face. The wide, squat coil creates a fatter tone compared to a Strat or Tele coil, while the twin magnet design lends all the power of a humbucker. Low notes are solid and tight while the upper mids really grind, but they never sound harsh; just fat and chunky. High notes can really sing and with a slightly breaking-up tube amp, wonderful harmonic feedback is possible. A touch sensitive dynamic and the ability to clean up well as the volume is backed off, the Nantucket 90 really does lend itself to a huge range of playing styles. My Personal notes: The pick ups are incredibly clear and very detailed on the high end, bottom end is not its main focus. Note definition and separation are the strongest points so if you are looking to have your playing clearly heard by the audience and yourself, without too much interference from too much gain from the pickups themselves, those are the pickups for you.
  5. 3300Ron until June 5 2021
  6. 10% discount is back until end of february 2021
  7. goes without saying, classic delay for classic sounds:
  8. Flint, Deco and El capistan are sold. remains only the favorite switch
  9. it has also been upgraded with celestion blues for the ultimate vox tone.
  10. Real Vintage Silver screw Japanese Ph-1R in excellent state (I`ve never seen another silver screw in such great state)
  11. Anadime chorus (The Guthrie Govan chorus of choice for a reason I tell ya!) - 800Ron Octafuzz - 500ron SubnUP - 280ron
  12. Deco- 1250Ron Flint-1250Ron ElCapistan- 1250Ron Favorite switch - 200Ron (I have two, each is 200ron)
  13. family reunited, pozele din 2020
  14. inca este valabil? daca da, care este pretul?
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