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  1. Mai e un reverb+delay H-Benton. Surprinzător de Ok. 300 lei
  2. True Tube Tone The AC108 features one hand-selected 12AX7 tube in the preamp, giving it the rich, beautiful tone guitarists have cherished for decades. Tubes “warm up” a signal, gracing it with depth, character and harmonic overtones. When you crank the AC108’s gain and strum aggressively, you will be rewarded with musical classic-rock overdrive. Back off the gain and you’ll hear cleans that chime with heavenly clarity. That glowing 12AX7 under the hood makes it all happen! Classic Control This 15-Watt guitar amp handles just like a relic of rock’s early days, but with a few modern additions for increased tonal options. Plug into the 1⁄4" instrument input, and adjust the Gain dial to push the tube into overdrive, press the Gain button for a more aggressive overdriven tone, then fine-tune your sound with the 2-band EQ (Bass, Treble) and Shift for mids with a more modern sound, and the Master dial to govern overall volume. A 1⁄4" CD input allows you to play along with your favorite songs, and a 1⁄4" headphone jack enables private practicing. A 20-Watt 8" vintage-tuned guitar speaker puts your best sound forward. Prețul nu conține transportul.
  3. Parametri Putere: 3 W Repro: 1x 5 " Număr de canale: 1 Număr de intrări: 1 Control: Master, Volume, Gain, Tone, Amp Type, EFX, Delay/Reverb Tip difuzor: N/A Numărul de simulări: 7 Număr de efecte: 8 Tuner integrat: Da Ieșire la boxa externă: Nu Intrare la microfon: Nu Ieșire pentru căști: Da Intrare de linie/MP3: Da Funcționare pe baterii: Da Prețul nu conține transportul.
  4. The M13 boasts over 75 modeled stompboxes, four of which can be used simultaneously. There's even a built-in 28-second looper. Dedicated knobs control each parameter of the loaded effect(s), and you can create up to 12 individual scenes that can be recalled at any time. A built-in tuner rounds out the basic feature set. Tons of effects Boasting over 75 immortal stompbox effects including distortions, reverbs, delays, and so much more, reach into Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler for access to many of history's most celebrated sounds. Use up to four different sounds-or four of the same-simultaneously. Each stompbox model features dedicated knobs for instant tweaking. Looper The 28-second looper is always at the ready with dedicated footswitches for Play/Stop, Half-Speed, Reverse, Undo and more. Prețul nu include transportul.
  5. A mai fost o clonă de Purple Plexi, care a plecat la Tg. Mureș.
  6. Mișto rău cutia. Spor la firălit!
  7. Se mai adaugă un Eagletone - Cuba Libre Delay - 250 lei BB preamp nu mai este
  8. Head hibrid, lampă în preamp, 60W. Transportul nu este inclus.
  9. Un combo simplu, dar cu sunet fain. Transportul nu este inclus.
  10. Un combo excelent. Are si pedala (3 switch-uri). Transportul nu este inclus.
  11. Stare ok. Transportul nu este inclus.
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