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Diy Acoustic - Tamplarie

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La 13.11.2019 la 3:06, Mr_Doc a spus:

Felicitari pentru meticulozitate! Totusi o intrebare ce fel de shellac folositi decerat sau cel cu ceara? multumesc si spor la treaba!:1st:

What is this meticulozitate thing?

Depinde ce nivel de finish vrei. Daca vrei sa arate glossy ca cele moderne atunci trebuie decerat si combinat cu ulei de nuc in etapele finale si aplicat french polish.

Eu am finisat si cu cerat (doar) si chitara facuta acu 2 ani e acum in deșertu chinezesc bine merci.

Cel din imagine e decerat (e mai transparent)

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Acum 7 ore, vektor a spus:

Ce-ai facut cu spalted ala ? It was so hot ...

Nothing yet. 12 percent humidity.

Are 2.5 cm grosime. Si vreun metru lungime. Partea de crotch cu verde ar merge de fapt de un top de electrica, daca o fac carved dispare simetria. De restu vreau neaparat sa fac un archtop acustic, in functie de cum suna fie spate fie top.

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Cedar Granadillo classical no. 3


Improvised experimental build

first, the sides and neck joint created an off center center line. also a huge crack in the sides at the upper bout. after putting it aside in the trash area i changed my mind, I remedied it.. as much as i could and continued.

the top has an experimental bracing, with long radial like braces but that go into a single point like bouchet braces.

I thought the bracing was too weak so after further consideration i rebraced the center brace - a thick tall brace.

the top radius had to be different than the traditional classical radius, because there is no mid ladder brace. the radius is all the way to the upper structure brace. because of the technique the top radius created a weird neck angle. the top is --/ compared to the neck. i decided to leave it like that and try the tom bills style harp angled top.

somehow i got lucky and without this being planned out the neck angle is ok and action is fine. 

many mistakes - left visible for easy problem solving. Huge hole in the sides for easy fixes.  i gotta redrill the tuner holes once i buy a classical tuner jig. dunno how i managed to drill first two classicals straight...



Alaskan Cedar top. German spruce braces.

Granadillo bns

Ebony mahogany laminated neck

Macassar ebony fretboard

Ebony bridge w carbon fiber tie blocks.

Labella strings onthe recording








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