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Diy Acoustic - Tamplarie

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Neck plate si bridge de abanos pt mini OM. Tre sa ii fac dovetailul dar astept o zi mai buna...

Intre timp

telecaster cu estetica uratului. O campanie impotriva celor care isi aseaza ciorapii in functie de culoare si care se fau mari ca au OCD.

Bridge de bronz. Tonerider pickups. Estetica uratului primeaza. 

Okoume chambered body 

Ziricote top (sides for acoustic that cracked. Which is better cause sides are perfectly QS) with patches  

Neck is out. Gonna have to make another. 


Archtop 2 gata

Dearmond pickup 

Carved spruce top x braced

blackwoodtek flat back

Ebony fingerboard and finger rest

Avea si un tailpiece de ebony+zitan dar a cedat. 


Also i am hoarding a lot of wood....


















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On 17/11/2020 at 18:13, CiocanelBloodyCIocanel said:

Cedar Granadillo classical no. 3


Improvised experimental build

first, the sides and neck joint created an off center center line. also a huge crack in the sides at the upper bout. after putting it aside in the trash area i changed my mind, I remedied it.. as much as i could and continued.

the top has an experimental bracing, with long radial like braces but that go into a single point like bouchet braces.

I thought the bracing was too weak so after further consideration i rebraced the center brace - a thick tall brace.

the top radius had to be different than the traditional classical radius, because there is no mid ladder brace. the radius is all the way to the upper structure brace. because of the technique the top radius created a weird neck angle. the top is --/ compared to the neck. i decided to leave it like that and try the tom bills style harp angled top.

somehow i got lucky and without this being planned out the neck angle is ok and action is fine. 

many mistakes - left visible for easy problem solving. Huge hole in the sides for easy fixes.  i gotta redrill the tuner holes once i buy a classical tuner jig. dunno how i managed to drill first two classicals straight...



Alaskan Cedar top. German spruce braces.

Granadillo bns

Ebony mahogany laminated neck

Macassar ebony fretboard

Ebony bridge w carbon fiber tie blocks.

Labella strings onthe recording









...Din ciclul „oriunde dar numai pe mijloc să nu fie gaura” :), îți propun să arunci un ochi (și, cine știe, poate și încerci) la un Contreras model Carlevaro (pe unul dintre exemplare l-am și încercat cu ani în urmă), care are practic o fantă de jur împrejurul feței, sau chitarele Gottschall (un lutier german, s-a dus acum niște ani, super-simpatic omul), acum preluate de Berrick, care sună de înțepenești și care practic nu au eclisă de-o parte și de alta a gâtului... iarăși wow. Spor!

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Amboyna burl

Acum 1 minut, vektor a spus:

Man that's a nice looking tele.


Fuck is this though ? https://d3aly50mnaj52q.cloudfront.net/monthly_2020_11/PXL_20201121_062416613.jpg.c2b2f98ee8822e905dc75872a2e7011c.jpg

Arata ca o bucata rupta din ceva mult mai mare. Really pretty wood.


Amboyna burl


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Acum 1 oră, vektor a spus:

Tailpiece si celelalte finger rest. Nush daca o sa tina. Am laminat-o dar dupa intamplarea cu cea de abanos zitan cred ca o sa incerc un altfel de tailpiece... Sau o mai laminez odata... Nush inca...

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Aveam niste furnir sa fac sideuri din el belea imi iesea. Dar nu e de ajuns. Tre mai lungi... hahahahaha. Nici hartia nu e de ajuns.

Nici spatele ca are crapatura aia which is why it was cheaper, but i will build the insides so that part is redundant and then put an inlay on the outside.

When in doubt - inlay.


Omfg and that gauge- muaaaa. Beleeaa







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The maderas barber spalted beech was the hardest wood to bend i've ever tried... And i can bend snakewood and padauk and granadillo... 

I started at 2.7 cause the wood seemed too flabby already and beach should work at this thickness. Nope! Snap! A little thinner? Snap. Hotter? Snap. Wetter? SsssSnap. Dry? Snap snap. No warning. 

1.7 and hot and wet. I didn't measure right on the second side and it started to brake. It was at 2 mm. I immediately started to bend it back straight, made it 1.7 and continued... Already weak so it continued to want to break in that spot. 

Too difficult to change the shoulder bend position at this point so i thinned it down to something ridiculous like 1 mm and bent behind the wannabe crack. 

Crisis averted. The sides were gonna get laminated/doubled anyway so it's all ok. The mahogany i will use for lamination is 1.2-1.4 mm. With wide solid linings and more reinforcing they will never break.

Heart attack avoided


The archtop is a lot of work but it's the most awesome thing ever. Nothing cooler than carving and tap tuning and bracing...

























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Spot the crack. 

A side cracked when handling the mold. I was gluing the linings (wide to make them stronger ha!!!) And a clamp got stuck andcrrr.

You can't see the crack anymore basically and it's stronger than before... i glued the side offcuts to cover the crack under and will fill that spot with more reinforcements.













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La 05.02.2021 la 16:25, vektor a spus:

'my builds'

Cand te apuci de electrice ?

Acu de anu nou tai din nanmu pt un tele si vad tai pe jumate niste okoume ca sa fie nanmu asa ca lemn tradițional de anu nou, sarbatoare, alea alea, pac pac


Dar e pe planu... 5 electrica. Si electricele in general. Pe astea de le am nu le finisez decat daca e cineva interesat sa le cumpere. A venit unu care avea un prs SE de xaxa si i-am schimbat ceva la saddle ca muta coarda... Cica vrea si el o chitara noua. A incercat din ale mele.. tot prs se si-a luat. Suna ca o... chitara. Ma intreba daca sa isi ia epi ES. Plm. 


Intre timp mi-am luat un bass acustic fretless. Always wanted one. Just for the sound. It's nice. And huge. 


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