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  1. vând KORG X3

    150 EURO
  2. vând KORG X3

    180 EURO !
  3. The Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker taps into the sonic power of the legendary Big Muff Pi, but creates new tonal possibilities at the flick of a switch -- or two. Use the Wicker switch to open up three high-frequency filters for raspy, sustaining distortion with top-end bite, or flick on the Tone switch to bypass the tone control for unabated tonal slam. Want the original Big Muff sound? Just switch off the Wicker and turn on the Tone. The ability to create your own personal Big Muff sound is what truly makes this the Wicked Wicker.
  4. The Maxon VOP-9 Vintage Overdrive Pro pedal is the updated version of the Maxon OD820. The VOP-9 takes the same basic circuit as the OD820 and offers it up in Maxon’s indestructible, industry-standard 9-Series chassis. It uses the same JRC NJM4558D op-amp for low-noise operation, and features the same negative feedback loop clipping diode as the OD820 and OD-9. -Switchable 9 or 18 volt operation using internal voltage doubler -Reacts precisely to picking dynamics -True Bypass Switching -Used by Dave Weiner (Steve Vai Band, GIT Instructor) Doug Rappoport (Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, Kim Simmonds GIT Instructor)
  5. vând KORG X3

    KORG X3 SYNTH Uzura normala, doar synthul, fara case, butoanele de save & confirm se apasa mai tare. Preturi Ebay : PRET : 220 euro
  6. vând Fender Deluxe Telecaster Candy Tangerine

    Vanduta ! Multumesc RGC !
  7. vând Gibson Les Paul 1957 Reissue Custom Shop

    Tin minte ca mi-a picat fata cand am auzit-o la rece, demult rau. Sad to see goldtops go, dar spor la vanzare !
  8. vând Fender Body+Pickups Discount !

    Pickguardul cu doze s-a dat, ramane doar corpul. 420 RON
  9. Made in Japan Body, Serial : ST - 562. Pickups : Seymour Duncan full shred, Seymour Duncan APS-1 Alnico II Pro Staggered, Fender lace sensor Nu se dau separat. 690 RON
  10. vând Rack 4U + Power Conditioner

    Phonic s-a dat, ramane Rockbag la 280 RON