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  1. cumpăr zoom ms-50g

    Buna ziua. Sunt interesat de un zoom ms-50g, daca are cineva unul disponibil. rog oferte in pm. multumesc.
  2. vând Tech 21 Sansamp Classic

    250 lei.
  3. vând Jackson dk2m custom

    Vând Jackson dk2m, doze Dean ml . Detaliile complete se regăsesc în anunțul inițial : Din momentul achiziției a fost folosită destul de puțin si nu a fost schimbat/modificat nimic. Fără schimburi , cu probă si predare personală în București. Mulțumesc.
  4. vând Tech 21 Sansamp Classic

    300 lei
  5. Alimentatorul este conectat in interior la cablul de baterie.
  6. Guitar Mono Synthesizer Electro Harmonix has always been an experimental company and so it is not surprising that once thomann again a very special pedal has been offered in the "Microsynth". A typical analog filter which can be adjusted easily via the 10 sliders, enabling wild and modern creations typical of the fat Moog sounds. Simply experiment and look forward to discovering ever more new sounds. Only your thomann keyboardist might end up a bit jel .... Vintage analog sounds (Moog-like) Octave Up, Sub Octave, Square Wave Resonant filter section 10 Sliders for setting the sound From percussive up to soft bowed effects Dimensions (WxDxH): 120 x 145 x 64 mm
  7. vând Electro Harmonix 45000 Multi-Track + Foot Controller

    Multi-track Looping Recorder Looper Uncompressed recording 44.1 Khz / 16-bit Adjustable loop speed Reverse recording Playback Built-in metronome Monitor output Headphone output Import WAVE files, aux in, overdub thomann or punch in/out recording MIDI Clock sync as master or slave Many parameters are controllable via midi USB output
  8. Pret: 500 RON Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: PM Link producator: Stare: Uzura normala Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Prefer predare personala in Bucuresti. OVERVIEW The sound of Steve Vai! The Ibanez Jemini unleashes Steve Vai's first Signature Distortion pedal. The unique, multicolored Jemini stompbox combines overdrive and distortion in one rigid aluminum case. Indicator LED lights surround the knobs, and a unique multicolor case with Vai logo rubber foot pedals dress this awesome pedal. The Jemini is meant to be seen as well as it is heard. Each side includes drive, tone and level controls with LED indicators around each control. The LED bright/save control switch works well for daytime use or for saving the battery. Steve's trademark logo is imprinted on the padded foot switches, and the housing is finished off with his infamous trademark swirl paint job. FEATURES Steve Vai Signature pedal Overdrive and distortion in one package Rigid aluminum die-cast case LED lights around knobs Unique multicolor case with Vai logo
  9. Pret: 2000 RON Vand Electro-Harmonix 45000 Multi-Track impreuna cu foot-switch-ul fiindca nu le folosesc. Vine fara power supply. Propuneri de schimburi ,daca exista, in P.M. (cu chitari in principiu desi as vrea sa-l vand in primul rand) Revin si cu poze.
  10. vând Ibanez Tk999Ht Tube King

    Reducere de sărbători la 330 lei.
  11. vând Boss Rc3 Looper

    S-a vandut !
  12. Pret: 200 RON Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: 0751152376 Stare: Uzura normala Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Vand un Zoom PD-01 Power Drive, made in japan, in stare perfecta estetic si functional. Vine cu cutie si manual. Review: Video:
  13. vând Boss Rc3 Looper

    Rezervata pana marti 15.11
  14. Pret: 380 RON Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: 0751152376 / pm Link producator: Stare: Uzura normala Accept schimburi: Accept schimburi Vand pedala Ibanez TK999HT in stare buna de functionare impreuna cu alimentator. Prefer predarea in Bucuresti. Prezentare : Add tube dynamics to your solid state amp! A regal name in distortion pedals, the Tube King returns to the Ibanez lineup. While the name and purpose of the Ibanez distortion pedal is the same as the original '90s models, this version of Tube King, the TK999HT, differs from its two predecessors in that it features internal high voltage DC circuitry instead of previous "starved plate" low voltage circuitry. Ibanez says that makes a significant difference. With the TK999HT the 12AX7 gets normal DC high voltage, allowing total linear operation of the tube. It works just like a tube preamp because it effectively isone! The result is that the TK999HT distortion pedal makes any solid-state amp sound like a tube amp. The distortion is massive yet tight. FEATURES Genuine High Voltage Tube Distortion Pedal 12AX7 Tube 3-Band Active EQ plus Presence Switch for Exacting Tone Control VOID Control for Sharp Rhythmic Dynamics Rigid Zinc Die-cast Case 12-Volt AC Adaptor Included Controls: Drive Level Three Bands of Active EQ (LO/MID/HI) Presence Switch