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  1. Vand Kemper Stage ca nou ( are folia pe display ) + Pedalboard Guitto GPB-03B + 2 pedale expresie ( SoundStation si DOD mini ) + o tona de profiluri/performance packs dintre care majoritatea sunt cumparate ( voi trimite libraria pe email ) Pretul nu este negociabil si nu accept schimburi O sa postez mai tarziu si poze.
  2. Piesele din lemn arata foarte bine. Un model cu Gotoh 510, Hum + single, taste stainless, super strat si sa fie in jur de 3kg. Daca ar iesi asa ceva cu lemnele astea exotice ar fi minunat.
  3. Alta forma ... Si inlayurile alea lame
  4. SKU

    Gibson + Mesa Boogie

    Noroc ca am Norton Antivirus pe calculator.
  5. How can pickups be real if our eyes aren’t real? In plus daca in timpul experimentului are loc o explozie solara care afecteaza campul electromagnetic al pamantului si al dozei?
  6. Acordurile sunt C#5, rifful ala, A5, E5, si a doua oara C#5, A5, B5. Doar ca C# e cu o octava mai jos daca ai chitara in C#
  7. Asa vine cu o chitara in standard tuning. Piesa originala e dropped C# cred.
  8. Seria Fender Player Series nu cred ca era lansata in 2018 si cu siguranta nu era in 2015.
  9. Versatile MIDI controller to you with your Helix, AxeFX, Kemper, amps etc .. Like new!
  10. Versatile and tube like sounding amp for guitars (Made in USA). Works as a standalone single channel amp, as a pedal platform or as a 200W power amp for Helix, AxeFX, Kemper etc. Like new!
  11. Selling my 2018 Gibson SG Standard HP-II. First owner. The guitar comes with an upgraded and expensive Babicz bridge, adjustable titanium nut, solid maple flamed top, locking tuners, Gibson Classic57 / 57 + pickups, plecked frets. There are a with a few small dings (which I tried to capture in the pictures but hard to see in real life) in the finish and it is in perfect state otherwise. No fretwear and low action. It comes with an original (and built like a tank) Gibson hardcase, strap locks and an expensive real leather strap.
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