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  1. Cateva schimbari la tele Niste saddles cu flat sole gen joe barden si un sd sh2 in neck
  2. Madagascar Almond OM 40 in guitar Terminalia Mantalis Sitka top Padauk fretboard on thermomaple Prietena mea nu prea mai are unde sa stea prin casa ca toate locurile sunt ocupate... Pacat... Era buna... Csf....
  3. L00 in 5A flame maple and sitka Another Madagascar almond... With wormholes but nicer quilt. Lutz spruce for the Madagascar
  4. Tele 3 Padauk fretboard Ziricote neck Burmese nanmu top Padauk body Jescar frets Sperzel Gfs lipstick tube neck Tonerider vintage in the bridge
  5. Anti-OCD cluttercore maximalist guitars Ziricote neck for the nanmu top guitar Padauk binding for the Madagascar almond guitar
  6. Nanmu padauk tele somebody better buy something quickly... I ain't got room anymore.
  7. Done, beech. Sample in white. No finish, strings not running at correct break angle yet. Spalted Beech back and sides from a Maderas Barber giveaway Carpathian spruce top w handsplit Carpathian spruce braces Thermomaple neck Ebony fretboard Padauk bridge Tusq nut and saddle
  8. Aia mica e pe stanga, mane, dar o cant eu momentan sa vad daca rezista neckul.... Apoi ii pun bridgeul ei. Are o eroare enorma - cand am sculptat neckul l-am facut prea subtire sub prima tasta.
  9. I've decided i'm gonna take a werner herzog approach to building... Plans and drawings are the instruments of cowards. Nothing i build stays according to initial plan and nothing is according to any drawing. People ask me if I can build 'this' - nope. I can build, that's it. The padauk fretboard got glued on wrong so i had to replace it with this ebony one with not that appealing inlays... it was the only 25.5 i had left. Thermomaple neck is 🙂 nice
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