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    - Fender Tele Highway One
    - Fender Classic Player '60 Strat
    - Fender Deluxe American Strat
    - Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Stratocaster 2008
    - Ibanez JS100 1996
    - Gibson Nighthawk Std 1993
    - Gibson Les Paul Classic 2015
    - Epiphone LesPaul Std. Plus Top
    - Ibanez Blazer
    - Cort ST
    - Line6 JTV69
    - Ovation 1577 Ultra
    - Fender CD220
    - ibanez AN parlor
    - Line6 HELIX Lt
    - Digitech GNX4
    - LINE6 Firehawk
    - Roland Cube60
    - Marshall AVT50x
    - Fender Champ 600

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  1. Cumpar Focusrite iTrack Dock.
  2. 2011 dupa serie. Pare a fi classic ‘50.
  3. Daca este vechi are un condensator “copt”, sau receptioneaza spikeul de la echipamente vecine.
  4. Gibson Les Paul Classic 2015 HCS (herritage cherry sunburst) 1500 Euro.
  5. I have one, but it is the sunburst color, and I changed the pickups with a Fender SCN set.
  6. Vand looper Boss RC-50 folosit, dar in stare perfecta. http://looperpedalreviews.com/boss-rc-50-loop-station/ 3 piste 48 minute de inregistrare tobe / ritmuri multiple posibilitati de conectare Solutia ideala pentru one man songwriter, atat pentru dezvoltarea ideilor personale cat si pentru performanta live. Mici imperfectiuni estetice (evidentiate in poze). Sunati - poate mai negociem ca ma grabesc sa il dau. Alimentator la 110V cu adaptor (transformator) 110/220V inclus
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