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    #Squier Stratocaster Affinity w/ Dimarzio YJM & HS3
    #Shine MusicMan Axxis Lookalike w/ Seymour Duncan JB & Jazz
    #Steiner Strat Lookalike w/ Grover-Jackson JC90 & Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro2 Staggerd Lefthand
    #Ada MP1 Tube Preamp
    #Ada Microcab Cabsim
    #Ibanez SDR1000 Stereo Reverb Unit
    #Tone Load Box
    #Boss DS1, DOD 250, Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster, Rocktron Midi-X-Change
    #Ampeg VT22 Tube Combo w/ 2x Celestion G12K-85
    #Marshall JCM 800 2210 Tube Head
    #Marshall JCM 900 1960A Speaker Cabinet w/ 4x Celestion G12-75
    #Behringer TRUTH B2031A

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