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    Suhr Modern GG, Washburn N4, Music Man JP6, Music Man Luke II, Vigier Excalibur, Ibanez JEM 777 VBK, Ibanez At100, Ovation ADII, Diezel Herbert, Mesa Triaxis, Mesa Roadking 2x12, AXE FX Standard, Matrix GTX, ENGL Fireball. Eventide pedals.

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  1. https://www.thomann.de/ro/blackstar_fly_3_mini_amp_bk.htm https://www.thomann.de/ro/blackstar_fly3_power_supply.htm
  2. https://www.thomann.de/ro/tchelicon_voicelive_play.htm Mici urme de uzura, stare perfecta de functionare.
  3. Au ramas: Ditto looper / Cry Baby (customized: cu led si potentiometru) / Visual Sound Drive / EHX Double Muff
  4. Ibanez RG370B-BK Serial Number: CP03125203 Built: December 2003, South Korea factory Modelul s-a fabricat doar intre 2003-2004, in exclusivitate pentru piata Asia/South-America, si a fost cumparata in 2004 in representanta Ibanez din Israel. Chitara este in stare noua (mint) aproape necantata, folosit ocazional acasa. Inca are toate foliile protectoare pe ea. Calitate, comfort si sound extraordinar, in aceasi liga cu oricare prestige MIJ de azi. Specs: Body: basswood; Neck joint: AANJ; Bridge: Edge Pro II; Neck: Wizzard II, 1-piece maple, rosewood fretboard, jumbo frets; Electronics: HSH, 5-way switch, doze: PSND2, PSNDS, PSND1. Vine cu husa. Nu sunt interesat de schimburi!
  5. Low/High gain overdrive with outstanding touch-sensitivity. Made in USA.
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