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  1. 2500 EURO TOT !!!! URGENT !!!
  2. 48 channels and 16 returns for 64 total inputs 24 busses 12 Aux Sends 24 mic/line inputs with analog inserts plus phantom power for condenser mics 24 channels of TDIF and 8 channels of ADAT built in 4 expansion card slots support optional FireWire, ADAT, AES/EBU, Analog, TDIF and Surround Monitoring cards Dedicated cascade port supports cascade of two DM-4800s Channel Strip section for EQ, Dynamics and Aux control of selected channel Per channel LED ring encoders for pan, aux sends and EQ Built-in DAW control layer compatible with Pro Tools®, Logic Pro™, SONAR™, Cubase™, Nuendo™, and Digital Performer™ Transport buttons control DAW software, RS-422 devices or MMC devices Powerful automation with touch-sensitive motorized faders 4-band EQ, compression and gating on each channel Compression for each aux, buss and main output Two built-in effects processors, each able to run TC Reverb programs Flexible routing allows any input to be routed to any channel or output Offload data to convenient Compact Flash media using built-in CF slot Optional MU-1000 meter bridge (as shown) Maximum overall dimensions (w x d x h) including rest: 36.75" x 32.4" x 9.1" (933mm x 824mm x 230mm) Weight: 71lbs (35kg)
  3. Toba si tot ce tine de ea , vandute ! raman restul la 4500 Euro !
  4. Se vinde la 5000 Euro tot ce se vede bonus multiple cablaturi.
  5. AKG C2000B - 700 lei si Shure BETA 87A 700 lei !
  6. nu mai am... Am doar Shure BETA 87A si AKG C2000B !
  7. inca un Shure BETA 87A (ca nou) - 900 lei
  8. T-Rex Bloody Mary Distors - 300 lei
  9. tatal

    vând Chitara Bas Stagg

    400 lei

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