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  1. Acelasi individ. Cititorul/Ctitorul. Ban Dragut sa iti tot faci cont pe RGC bagand anunturi, dupa ce spui ca e un c*cat si ca nu ai nevoie sa bagi anunturi pe el
  2. Razvan S.

    Legatura jack nou - no tone - no sound

    Vad ca exista shield paint in cavitate. Vezi sa nu fie shield paint si IN cavitatea de jack, posibil sa se atinga hot cu ground (am mai vazut asta, de aia zic) Sau, bornele de la pots sa atinga shieldul.
  3. * A Hagstrom Super Swede came in for some overall tweaking: - some nut adjustments - fretwire polishing - fretboard cleaning - rewiring (cleaned the old pots, good quality CTS ones, usually just need a thorough clean!) - removed some rust and lacquered some original screws black (those for which I did not have replacements) - installed a set of Lace Dissonant Aggressors (also had to solder some stock wires on them that came loose from their solder points -> no biggie, it happens if the surface on which the solder should adhere to is not correctly sanded) - usual setup: restring, intonation, neck - the bridge inserts were completely coming out of the body with almost no resistance, and the ground wire was almost broken in the hole, so I fixed those as well * Fixed an Ibanez Mostortion pedal: - it had some dead caps - improper soldering on some parts - the protection diode was fully destroyed - unfortunately the IC was also destroyed, so I ordered one(this particular pedal has an obsolete/discontinued IC), but for the time being, a 4558 will do
  4. Razvan S.

    vând Corp Squier Jaguar

    Da, tie iti ''par''. Mie,in schimb, imi ''par'' total rupte bucati de lemn...E clar ca ziua. Ffs man really? E rezolvabil frumos chiar dar totusi... Inserturile alea se scot exercitand fortat DOAR de tragere ...Bag mana in foc ca you ''wiggled it'' ca sa iasa, de unde si minunea. Hai , bafta, ia-o ca de up, e bun la pretul asta si rezolvabil.
  5. Se vede dupa knobs ca e MK1
  6. * The same Ibanez S model from 2 years ago, came in for a setup again, but with a different tuning and gauge; I also adjusted the nut, cleaned the fretwire a bit, cleaned the fretboard, waxed the neck, made the springs noiseless and did rust removal + coating with lacquer on the previously rusted screws for which I had no replacement(the inserts/the neck screws for example). I also added some new screws and a new neck pickup ring. Looks a lot better now
  7. Sterling Musicman JP70 setup / nut adjusted / electro cleaning / fretwire smoothing / fretboard cleaning / waxed the neck / springs made noiseless. You can see how unfinished and scratchy the original fretwire was and a comparison with 4 ones that were initially done as an example.
  8. Razvan S.

    Autowah ???

    Snow White Auto Wah de la mad professor e chiar amazing. Vorbeste cu userul @Mr Vintage sa iti spuna cum e(i-am facut o clona). Raspunde cumva la picking, in functie de atac si tot face amplitudinea aia de wah diferita. Desi, poate nu e pt tine. Mie mi-a placut enorm, nu afecteaza tonul, nu da noise, etc.
  9. A Fender Jazzmaster Reissue came in for a setup / nut adjustment / fretboard cleaning / wiring check + pot cleaning
  10. Fixed another JCM2000 DSL401 + rebiased and cleaned a scratchy pot
  11. Ibanez JEM Jr. (Indonesia) setup + neck polished/waxed on the back. The neck previously looked very dry and unfinished, making it hard to play
  12. Razvan S.

    Saddle-uri noi

    La tremurile Kahler top mount spre exemplu, cumva suna chitara cu roller-urile din brass, cumva suna cu alea din teflon, si altfel suna cu alea de steel. Nu e mit, nu e psihologic, nu bla bla ''nu stiu daca conteaza nu lua''. Brass-ul e deosebit de cald fata de restul, si e cat se poate de clar efectul in sunet. Chiar e diferenta si sugerez fiecaruia sa testeze asta maxim. E valabil evident la toate tipurile de chitare cu ''X'' saddles, la care puteti gasi replacements.
  13. Razvan S.

    Soviet Champ 5C1

  14. Razvan S.

    Poze Cu Amplificatoarele Si Efectele Noastre

    Not enough tube heads LE: Ah am uitat sa precizez, desi folosesc in general Rocktron Replifex in Loop, am luat si niste pedale analogice, Maxon AD900 Japan varianta cu MN3005, Boss HF-2 Flanger Japan, Boss CE-3 Japan, Boss GE-10 EQ Japan, si un reverb pe arcuri de rack, Vermona VSR3 Germany.
  15. Warwick Corvette setup, fretwire + nut polishing, neck and fretboard cleaning
  16. Setup on a 40th Anniversary US Strat (11-52 Curt Mangan strings) 
  17. * HGE Contraptions clone of the BOSS CE-2 vintage Japan chorus. I am thrilled that I got the chance to do this. First ever chorus built, and full analog using MN3101 and MN3007 ICs. 119th pedal built! Posting some youtube samples as well, in comparison with my very own Boss CE-3 1982 Japan version * Ibanez Paul Stanley PSM10 Setup (+ nut filing, rehammered some fretwires that were sticking out, and cleaned the fretboard). Decent guitar for a Chinese model.
  18. * Had a Godin come in to give the neck a satin finish + setup after. VERY nice feel, just like my Fender Deluxe US neck It was pretty worn and dirty before. The customer requested that I remove the previous finish from ALL the portions at the back of the neck, and sides , only the headstock front would be left unchanged. The stages can be seen below (initial rough sanding, final sanding, and final finish). I used Tru Oil. * A pedalboard came in for some diagnostics, but unfortunately, the wireless in the end had issues, I'm thinking the digital part, and I couldn't do anything; While at it, i noticed that the battery contacts were broken, thinking that was a part of the problem, and it was, but not fully. This system simply cuts out, from time to time, and then works perfectly again. Oh well , you win some you lose some * Had in an Ibanez JS100 that needed a setup. The owner bought an OFR, but the nut had a 15'' radius in the set (R10), which was totally not usable for this guitar's radius. Bought another OFR R2 nut, which fit the bill. *Had a Yamaha Hundred B212 Combo come in, which needed the speakers swapped (former ones were blown). Luckily the owner managed to find exact replacements on eBay. Electronically, everything was ok, but I did clean the pots and others. This is one very cool sounding amp, for a solid state. *A Jackson V RR came in for a setup. Cleaned the floyd (it had a ''lock'' poorly done on it), I did it floating, cleaned the neck, polished the fretwire a little, etc. Also had to shim the nut with a Schaller shim. * Changed the faulty switch in a Legend Strat * Rewired a Tenson Bass, and also put some autoadhesive 3M sponges to make the pickups respond better to height adjustments and to not wobble around and be more rigid (it had...a piece of cardboard installed before..LOL )
  19. Razvan S.

    vând Ibanez SDGR

    Pfff iti doresc multa bafta,fara nici un misto; eu pana la urma am luat asa ceva cu 1200 ron + costul unei pedale, in care a fost inclus la bass si un case US made G&G(pentru ca a tot scazut pretul ca nu se dadea) , si cand l-am vandut la randul meu, l-am dat pe mai nimic, tot pentru ca nu se dadea... Ia-o ca de up E chiar trist , ca sunt basuri foarte ok, eq-ul ce il are e super, si suna foarte divers la combinatiile de doze... Mie mi-a placut mult
  20. Razvan S.

    Dezacordare chitara electroacustica

    Recomand sa verifice trussrod-ul , pentru ca am vazut cazuri in care, sa spunem ca setupul parea OK, trussrod-ul era destrans, sau nu sufficient de strans, si astfel gatul se ''juca'' intre marja aia ce o permitea trussrodul neajustat, facand fix ce spune el, se ducea ''totul'' mai sus sau mai jos, ca general tuning. Pe langa asta: 90% din oamenii ce au venit la mine, nu aveau corzile puse correct, sau exista problema de ''snag'' la nut slots; desi, daca foloseste gauge mic, imi e greu sa cred ca asta e problema, dar sa aiba in vedere oricum.
  21. Razvan S.

    Gibson Bankruptcy

    Eu vreau un Gibson facut de Fender (si unul old dar cu Kahler) N-as zice nu la astea:
  22. Razvan S.

    polish taste

    Da, toata lumea o face diferit. (no offense, dar eu consider ca daca esti platit pt asemenea operatiuni de catre alti oameni, esti indreptatit sa tii metodele specifice descoperite de tine, doar pentru tine; dar asta e doar opinia mea, si mi-o tin) Regula generala e, aproape sa se oglindeasca totul in fretwire / sau la o poza cu blitz facuta din lateral, reflexia sa se vada cat mai aproape de ''o gaura neagra'' , pe cat posibil fara urme vizibile de orice mini scraping/zigzag stuff (inclusiv in ''laterale'') -> Buttery smooth feel achieved Spor la frecat Exemple partiale de la mine pe chitara cuiva: Red -> No Blue-> Yes Sau indepartare de tarnish extrem pe fretwire ce nu a fost vreodata intretinut(bass Warwick cu fretwire de alama) , cu substante chimice (nu ce se gaseste guitar related):
  23. Razvan S.

    Optima 24k Gold Strings

    Am fost si eu tentat cand aveam Steinberger. Probabil merita incercat, why not

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