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  1. Razvan S.

    Duel 119 - Inscrieri

    Domnul @tibimosby
  2. Razvan S.

    Duel 119 - Inscrieri

    Domnul @Shreder_DT
  3. Razvan S.

    Duel 119 - Inscrieri

    Domnul eu :)) Cmon people...participate . Nu trebuie sa fie perfect sau....
  4. * Repaired a TS9 that came in with some volume loss issues * A 2018 Fender US Tele came in for a setup I also polished the fretwire, adjusted the nut slots slightly, and cleaned the electronics Before and after: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Am avut Luxor-ul din 1968, mergea fara issues fara nimic. Fenomenale ampuri...iar ECC83-urile din el sunt Telefunken legit, rezista a lifetime mai mult poate de 1/3 din pret...is doar lampile de pre ia-o ca de up!
  6. Razvan S.

    Duel 119 - Inscrieri

    Domnul CiocanelBloodyCiocanel
  7. * A Warmoth lefty strat came in at some point with a lot of wiring issues, and other stuff. - had to take some of the neck material from under the roller nut because it was slanted upward a lot on the thick strings side and gave a huge action; - two fretwires were sticking out so I rehammered them, and also removed that grindy feeling on all and polished them; - had to buy a new left handed trem arm, because the original was missing and the one it had was non original and didn't fit at all(it wobbled greatly); - one of the saddle adjustment screws was literally replaced with a crap wood screw (pff!), and had to buy that as well (the ones that I had didn't fit the US screw slot in the saddles); - had to sand down the pickguard a bit on the neck heel side because it couldn't be taken out without either taking off the neck...or the neck pickup ; - rewired the whole guitar, with new CTS pots and also cleaned the Japanese vintage switch thoroughly (opened it, sanded/polished the copper contacts in it) -> it was a HUGE mess before; Turned out to be a GREAT guitar once again after all the procedures! After: Before: * A Chevy Strat came in for a wiring touchup/partial rewire. Great sounding guitar, someone put Fender Fat 50's in it, but the wiring was not the best, and some solder points were cold also, and I redid them. I also took out the ''treble bleed''. Surprisingly, this is allegedly a Korean guitar, but it has Japan parts in it, haha. After: Before: *An Ovation 1655 Custom Balladeer 12 string USA came in with slight issues. Changed the battery, redid a solder point on the jack Hot lug, and also removed some previous textolite height adjustment things probably put by someone in, but the bridge really did not need it. It is high enough anyway, without those. Did not do a setup as the owner didn't request it, but I did polish and shine the fretwire, and it plays beautifully and feels much more alive now due to the removed tarnish from over the years. Also cleaned the fretboard, obviously. Cool guitar, loved that I could test this out. * Rewired a Fender US Precision Bass Someone for some reason tinkered with it before...and they literally forgot to tie Lug1 of the Vol pot to ground...and obviously the volume didn't close. As the wiring looked horrible, I redid everything and also cleaned the back of the pots and the interior and everything (I lik the way you can clean CTS pots down to the very last part). Put an ERO 0.022uF cap in it. I redid the intonation only. After: Before: * An Indonesian G&L Asat Deluxe Tribute Tele came in for a setup and some fretwire work(some were sticking out/had to be rehammered/sanded down/repolished). I also repainted the screws. You can see how the frewire had micro scratches and was very tarnished before. Now it shines and feels great Fretwire before:
  8. Pe viitor te rog o mai mare atentie, ai postat initial la discutii pt echipament, nu Mica Publicitate.
  9. spike2 a mai fost la mine, initial crezusem amandoi, ca problema a fost rezolvata to some extent (am dat jos coverul de la bridge, si a AJUTAT, dar nu complet). I-am mentionat si atunci ca wiringu e cam meh...si ar trebui refacut tot. Nu exista o chestie generala ce poate cauza asta, pot fi multi factori, de la lipituri ciudate, la cabluri venite cumva anume, pana la sensibilitatea dozei bla bla. Conzii iar pot fi, u can tap those and stuff. Daca spike2 se decide, facem un rewiring total, pentru ca alta solutie nu vad Tin minte ca era cam crap ce am gasit in chitara, si am spus si atunci ca ar trebui facut, dar omu avea nevoie de chitara mai repede. I-am sugerat intre timp ceva interesant, for his own testing, sa poke around cu ceva gen scobitoare pe la fire si wiring, sa vada daca squealu se modifica sau dispare, sau se intampla altceva. Either way -> Would need redoing . https://hgecontraptions.blogspot.com/2018/01/epiphone-custom-pro-lp-tinkering.html
  10. Razvan S.


    Nu-s ''fan'' , dar postez si eu aici doua, ce mi-au trecut prin mana pt setup and whatnot. As fi curios sa incerc si eu un model de gen https://www.thomann.de/ro/harley_benton_fusion_hsh_roasted_maple.htm Un LP style Classic, si un 8 string fanned fret:
  11. * Did a setup on a Harley Benton 8 string fanned fret and also cleaned the neck/polished the fretwires. Had to work on some and sand them down. I took one out and reinserted it, as it had accumulation of wood beneath it, and it stuck out. The nut also needed some work, it was in a rough shape visually before, and I also made one slot a little higher using a technique that is very good, combining CA glue and dust from a composite nut (something I rarely do, and I usually change the nut and adjust accordingly, but for such a nut and such a small rise in the action, it was a quick fix, no need to change the entire nut, as this mixture is very tough and once polished it's slippery and shiny). Some before after pics posted below. Before: After: * A Polytune Mini came in for a problematic switch. I took out the switch, and gave it a very thorough clean. Works great now with no issues. * Ibanez WH10V2 Wah repairs and mods. An Ibanez WH10V2 came in, and unfortunately it had the specific stereo pot that comes with these pedals, broken. You can see the missing piece of track from the 50K side (it is a 50K +500K pot). Luckily I found this model in the US, and bought 2 (for the future, just to be safe). I also did some mods and removed some capacitors, slightly upped some resistors, so that it does not have that much tone suck anymore.It matches the IN and OUTs of the WH10V1 now. Quite a nice decent vocal pedal. The range of the pot however is quite difficult to get right as far as adjustments, but after you achieve that, it sounds perfect for the entire range. *Epiphone LP Custom pickup switch cleaned/resoldered You can see that before it was soldered badly and the ground was actually not soldered at all. Fixed. Before and after: ________________________________________________________________ *HGE Contraptions Stutter/Killswitch Pedal 122nd pedal built * General setup and cleaning on an Ibanez Artcore AG75 Hollow Body. Polished and made the frets smooth, also adjusted the nut height in the slots. The input jack was very loose and almost fell into the body, so fixed that as well (it was missing the nut also). Electro parts cleaned. Before and after pics below. Before: After: * A Harley Benton L-400 LP (lefty) came in for a setup and some maintenance. The owner wanted it tuned down low, so for the scale of 24.75" that this particular guitar has, I chose 13-62 for a general C tuning(works dropped to A# also, with a decent light feel to it when dropping the C so low). Had to adjust the nut slots for the thicker gauge(can be seen as a comparison with the old regulat strings haha). Also had to sand down some fretwire, also removing the typical grindy feeling to them, and giving them a shine again. Cleaned the electro parts as well. Before and after: ________________________________________________________________ * A Fender Classic Series 72 Telecaster Deluxe came in for a setup and some general maintenance. Swapped and adjusted the new nut to fit (the old one was too low, and worn out), had to reglue a part of the finish back on the heel as it wanted to peel off a bit, as it cracked. Did a fretwire polish although it is pretty worn, but still good for a few years. Cleaned the electro stuff and adjusted everything. Unfortunately I could not get a very low action like I usually strive for, but that is the actual condition of the fretwire now, and I worked with that I had: the action is now 1.2 mm at the 12th fret and 2.2mm at the last one on the high E, and 1.5mm at the 12th fret for the low E and also 2.2 mm at the last fret. Some actually do this as a regular setup, but I usually prefer lower. It should be re-fretted in the future. However the sound has a nice body to it due to the medium/high action. Some before and after: ____________________________________________________________________________
  12. * A fast repair on a Marshall TSL100 footswitch. It will come back at some point because it was tampered with anyway and I want to make it all right, in all. The customer and I compromised because he needed it right away due to a concert, and I did not have a dpdt through hole switch available, just like the original, jus ta 3pdt with holes. No problem, since the switch is mechanically fixed on the actual enclosure, I just soldered some leads * I replaced the footswitches in an Akai Headrush Delay. One got destroyed, and I changed both just to be sure in the long run * I finished a Friedman BE-OD Clone for someone, and I modded it to make it a little more versatile and tamed. A group of four diodes was replaces with two ZTX951 transistors used as diodes, and the internal trimpot was taken out as an external pot. Very amp like sound, usable now from lower gain settings to more aggressive ones. Exactly like the owner requested. 121st pedal built Pics and YouTube sample:
  13. Tot poluam topicu omului si ia free up dar ma simt nevoit sa raspund iar...sa-mi fie rusine, mai ales ca am reglat un Kotzen tele pff. Yeap.
  14. FFS wtf??? Ai ceva de munca (daca il faci tu)
  15. Hai sa mai continuam(tot de prin reparatii); JCM2000 DSL401 combo: Yamaha Hundred B212 solid state combo, misto very vintage : Peavey Valveking: JCM900: Hughes and Kettner Coreblade Full Tube (with decent cool digital stuff in it):
  16. Razvan S.

    vând [EXPIRAT] Chitara Gibson Les Paul Custom USA

    Are ban de la mine.
  17. Razvan S.

    Concet "UniverS" la Reflektor Venue 26.10.2018

    haha, Arpi, compressoru ala verde rocktron e unul modat de mine il recunosc dupa knobul ala (am si uitat ce facusem haha) parca fusese a meu candva
  18. Razvan S.

    vând [EXPIRAT] Chitara Gibson Les Paul Custom USA

    Cum bo$$, nu vezi ce nut castam are?
  19. Se poate face orice proiect atata timp cat e verified, pe https://tagboardeffects.blogspot.com/ Linkuri mai jos Type Acoustic (2) Amp (7) Amp Emulation (41) Autowah (9) Bass (47) Blend (7) Booster (143) Buffer (20) Charge pump (22) Chorus (11) Components (3) Compressor (30) Delay (22) Distortion (247) EQ (17) Filter (36) Fuzz (361) Gate (4) Guide (7) Looper (1) Misc (5) Mixer (7) Modification (1) Modulation (8) Noise (27) Notification (11) Octave (40) Other (4) Overdrive (374) Phaser (18) Pitch (4) Pre-amp (26) Reverb (11) Robot (1) Splitter (6) Swell (2) Tremolo (25) Utility (24) Vibe (8) Vibrato (6) Wah (28) Popular Brands Ampeg (2) Arion (2) Barber (7) BBE (6) BJF/MP (28) Black Arts (11) Blackout Effectors (3) Boss (15) Buzztone (2) BYOC (6) Carl Martin (4) Catalinbread (18) Colorsound (13) Cornish (3) DAM (22) Dan Armstrong (6) Danelectro (7) Death By Audio (12) Demeter (4) Devi Ever (12) DOD (19) Dunlop (10) Durham (2) EarthQuaker Devices (19) Electro Harmonix (40) Emma (2) Fender (3) Frantone (4) Fulltone (10) Fuzzhugger (5) Gretsch (2) Guild (1) Guyatone (2) HAO (5) HBE (2) Ibanez (32) Idiotbox (1) Jen (5) JHS (6) Keeley (8) Kent (1) Klon (8) Landgraff (5) Lovepedal (22) Madbean (32) Maestro (7) Marshall (13) Maxon (8) Menatone (7) MI Audio (6) Mid-Fi Electronics (4) Morley (2) Mosrite (1) Musitronics (3) MXR (21) Nobels (2) OKKO (2) Palmer (1) Peavey (1) PJP (6) ProCo (3) Red Witch (1) Rocktek (1) Roger Mayer (10) Rothwell (2) Runoffgroove (25) Schaller (3) Selmer (1) Skreddy (11) SubDecay (2) Tech21 (1) Univox (5) Voodoo Lab (3) Vox (11) Walco (1) Wampler (12) Way Huge (9) Xotic (5) Yerasov (3) ZVex (22)
  20. * Some repairs in a Trace Elliot AH250 (had some capacitors way out of spec on the preamp side and I also checked other stuff). Also reapplied thermal paste on the power section. Will see if it comes back at some point or not * A Crown XLS 5000 came in because one channel was not working. At the end it just required some dust removal and contact cleaner. Solid built stuff ( I think it was featured at the NAMM 2008 show) * A Fender M-80 combo came in for a checkup and cleanup. Surprisingly decent distortion on this SS amp. * An Ibanez RG450 came in for some general maintenance (belongs to @apocapsile) -painted some screws -rewired with different DiMarzios and a Superswitch -setup -removed that fretwire grindy feel + polished them -refitted the inserts (came out easily) + new studs -resharpened the trem knives and painted them * Another EP Booster Modded clone (120th pedal built) This time I used a custom finish on the enclosure(had it for myself but the customer liked it and I used it on his project). Volume Boost, Tone Cut, 3 way bass switch, 9V->18V internal * An Ibanez RG721 came in for some tinkering (belongs to @Crisan Darius_28146) -made a general rewiring, cleaning all the parts prior to this -the bridge humbucker had one dead coil unfortunately -> mounted a Seymour Duncan TB-6 Distortion -setup + fretboard and fretwire cleaning * An Epiphone SG Special came if for some general work: -swapped the bridge humbucker (which I had to modify with longer wires as they were previously cut short and also custom fabricate some new ears, because the screw holes were stripped) -also mounted a new input jack because the old one was faulty -setup with some nut adjustments -fretwire made shiny and the grindy feeling is now gone * A Hughes & Kettner Coreblade head came in for a problem regarding the fact that the filaments weren't lighting up on the tubes. (belongs to @LumpY) I explored everything and found some cold/cracked solder points. Works great now * A Romanian Madrigal strat came back for a rewiring. (belongs to @bogdan) I also mounted a split switch for both the DiMarzio DP151 Paf Pro in the bridge and the neck DiMarzio DP217 HS4 (Malmsteen model one). I actually like the HS4 in the true single coil mode much more. * A Squier Bass came in for a setup + some fretwire cleaning and I also fixed a strap button which was coming out. This Bass was in my hands before but it only required a very fast intonation, setup was ok. In the meantime the customer installed much thicker strings without a proper setup, and went back to another set, so it had to be redone.
  21. Razvan S.

    Probleme la doza din bridge

    A fost dead un coil din bridge. Bagat SD TB-6, si curatat/rewired/completat si cu foil ce aveam, desi avea paint si puteam sa iau shield-ul existent jos, in zona poturilor era luat jos din paint, asa ca am preferat sa las shield-ul si sa completez mai mult ; am facut si setup si altele, fretwire clean etc) Chitara e chiar acum inapoi spre el. O chitara very cool (Ibanez Premium series Indonezia), chiar am fost surprins de model . E light, iar fretwire end-urile sunt dementiale <<note to self...must buy tons of copper shielding >>
  22. Razvan S.

    Probleme cu un amp pe lampi

    Desfacut, cautat/masurat -> retarded solder joints Works great

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