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  1. Razvan S.

    Duel 122 - Inscrieri

    Am revenit! Aveti pana pe 1 Aprilie (nu e gluma ) la ora 10:00 dimineata. Emotional Shred Backing Track in C minor SZBT 250.mp3
  2. * Repaired a Ferrite EQ * A Carl Martin Octaswitch came in with some issues on the DC Jack. I replaced it with a new one, and also tightened all the switches/jacks + electro cleaned. The buffer part is not working when it is on (no sound), but the owner needs it and it will come back at a later point to investigate. This would also take up a lot of time for finding the fault as the PCB is quite big * Fixed a Bugera V22 Infinium A tube failed (I measured it with my Sencore TC136 Tube Tester and it had 2 shorts, and everything was out of spec), and had completely desoldered one of the screen grid resistors right off the PCB, leaving it rattling around in the amp! I replaced both, and to be easier for future service if it is needed, I mounted them on the other side, so that these are easily desoldered (not needing to take out the whole PCB) * Squier Strat - fixed the solder joints on the input jack and also tightened it heavily
  3. Epiphone LP Standard came in for some work: -general setup + nut slots filed -tuners had to be tightened -fretwire made smoother to the touch and shined -electro parts cleaned (stock wiring was decent enough)
  4. Multumesc pentru participare! Miercuri (20.03) la ora 12:00 se va inchide Poll-ul. Pentru a reasculta: Brici_nw Seru CiocanelBloodyCIocanel SKU iulian Pataque
  5. Razvan S.

    Duel 121 - Inscrieri

    Dirteh bluez Aveti pana pe 13 Martie dimineata ( sunt plecat si revin mai tarziu) Filthy Blues Rock Guitar Backing Track Jam in D Minor.mp3
  6. * Did some work on a Squier Classic Vibe 50's Strat: -guitar is a leftie but the owner is right handed, and he wanted to use it right handed, so I swapped the nut for a right handed one, and adjusted everything accordingly; -the usual setup with the trem made floating; -gave the fretwire some shine; -electronics were good stock; * Some work on a beat up Fender 70's US Musicmaster Bass: -had the neck refretted/cleaned/lacquered at a local luthier in my country, because it had extended fretwire damage (thank you very much Mr. @EugenRo2001 ); -did a full setup/derusted/replaced all screws/cleaned everything (this was a very very messy and unplayable instrument prior to everything); -had to buy a tuner key to match the other ones (very hard to find, but I had some luck in the US) -the wiring was a mess, so I redid it with appropriate pots and also redid the aluminum foil on the pickguard back, and also repalced the pickup wires with cloth ones; Sounds great now and plays very good for such an old forgotten bass. I quite enjoyed it Some after and before pics, and also a video of me testing it: Before:
  7. * Swapped 2 faulty pots in a Rocktron Gainiac 1 * Retubed/biased/resoldered all the tube sockets on a Brunetti Pirata 141. A very cool amp with a unique Valve Mix option. You can combine EL34 and 6L6, or choose between the two.
  8. Razvan S.

    Problema Fretboard

    Asa e fibra acolo. Da, e normal.
  9. Multumesc pentru participare! Luni (25.02) la ora 12:00 se va inchide Poll-ul Pentru a reasculta: Alberto Mantoiu tibimosby SKU Shreder_DT iulian Kibis44 Brici_nw Pataque AddRien
  10. Razvan S.

    Duel 120 - Votare si Comentarii

    Ia vezi acum, ar trebui sa mearga, exemplu:
  11. * HGE Contraptions Boss CE-2 Analog Chorus Clone (2nd version) Built this for bass, but it's just slightly different from the guitar one. The owner didn't want the original blend, so I built it in the regular version. I used shielded wires this time for all the INs and OUTs. 125th pedal built Video sample and pictures:
  12. Razvan S.

    Duel 120 - Inscrieri

    Buenos, Aveti pana in 17.02 ora 23:59 Postati pe acest topic interpretarea voastra! Wild Majestic Metal Guitar Backing Track Jam in E Minor.mp3
  13. * Got a chance to swap some capacitors and the tube, in my old 60's Sencore Tube Tester Great tool to have around * Another HGE Contraptions JHS Morning Glory clone (123rd pedal built!) * HGE Contraptions Catalinbread SFT II clone, with the stoner switch. Very cool QOTSA sounds from this mean od/fuzz thing. I used Motorola MPF4393 transistors as per the original. (124th pedal built) Vid sample Important later edit: In the meantime I discovered a general error that existed for this schematic on the web, and corrected it for the owner. Now the Gate from the Q1 position FET is seeing a stable voltage. This is totally wrong online and I will do my best to alert anyone who does this to correct this. Basically moved one leg of the 470K resistor at the input 2 rows down(at the other side of the 100nF resistor).
  14. * A Gibson US Explorer came in for a setup with some nut issues fixed & fretwire polished Cool guitar! *An Ibanez MIJ Prestige RG2560Z Team J. Craft came in for a setup + pickups were swapped + fretwire polished and screws cleaned/repainted Rad guitar!
  15. Razvan S.

    Fraude OLX

  16. Atasez o lista cu ce se poate teoretic clona ca si efecte (sunt hyperlinks in fisier) Sunt peste 1000 verified, asa ca aveti de unde alege Contact me first (trebuie sa fie marcate ca verified) effects.pdf
  17. Ma bucur sa vad ca s-a participat. Aveti toata saptamana pentru vot (in 04.02 la ora 10:00 se va inchide automat) Pentru a reasculta: CiocanelBloodyCiocanel - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1024205 Razvan S. - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1024299 Shreder_DT - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1024340 tibimosby - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1024355 baltazar181 - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1024383 Kibis44 - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1024385 alexm97 - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1024386 SKU - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1024410 Roberto2001 - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1024522 spike2 - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1024523 Dirty_Joe - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1025007 *Alberto* - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1025102 Pataque - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1025123 Brici_nw - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1025172 SpiriFlaviu - https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/130848-duel-119-inscrieri/?do=findComment&comment=1025181
  18. Razvan S.

    Duel 119 - Inscrieri

    Va multumesc pentru participare Revin cu topicul de votare! CLOSED
  19. Razvan S.

    Duel 119 - Inscrieri

    Am revenit Una pentru... romantici Aveti pana in 28.01 Romantic Groove Backing Track in D minor SZBT 215.mp3 Se poate posta acum aici direct!(nu se putea inainte,de aceea am postat eu takeurile fiecaruia)
  20. * An LTD EC-500 LP came in for some general stuff: - setup which included nut filing to be ideal(some strings were actually snagging at the nut); - cleaned the electro parts and also painted the screws, along with some general cleaning, loose tuners were tightened; - degrinded and polished the frets; * An Ibanez GRG121DX came in for some work: - setup which included some nut work; - cleaned the electro parts and also painted the screws, along with some general cleaning, loose tuners were tightened also; - degrinded and polished the frets; * A Cort KX5-CQ came in for some work: - setup which included some nut work; - cleaned the electro parts and also painted some screws, along with some general cleaning, loose tuners were tightened also; - degrinded and polished the frets;
  21. Razvan S.

    Duel 119 - Inscrieri

    One week left, cmon!
  22. Razvan S.

    Duel 119 - Inscrieri

    Cmon people bagati-va (De acum, se poate posta direct de voi!) Invit la duel, daca doresc: @TB_TM @Radu Burcea @Metal Head In
  23. Razvan S.

    Duel 119 - Inscrieri

    Mister @spike2
  24. Razvan S.

    Duel 119 - Inscrieri

    Mister @Roberto2001

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