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  1. Pentru intrebari si propuneri de schimburi va rog sa folositi mesageria privata. Multumesc
  2. Adaugare Neck Fender To Charvel Body

    Restul fotografiilor aici: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmaPqcVT
  3. vând Jackson RR5 cu doze Gibson si case - Convenabil

    Salutare, anunț valabil.
  4. Chitara este practic noua, vine insotita de toate accesoriile din fabrica si husa originala. A simple yet extremely effective take on the Explorer, combining both the WOW factor of the radical body shape and a Vintage Trans Amber finish for sultry yet hard-rocking looks. Designed for all-out playing, its pair of Dirty Fingers+ humbuckers combined with simple controls will have you rocking the house in no time.
  5. vând ESP DV8-R Dave Mustaine

    Chitara este in stare foarte buna, vine insotita de o husa foarte calitativa ESP. Dozele au fost inlocuite cu o versiune mai buna, Seymour Duncan Dave Mustaine signature Livewire Pickup Set . Tastele sunt ca noi, fara pic de uzura, griful super confortabil, actiunea corzilor poate fi setata foarte jos fara buzz. ESP LTD DV8-R (Dave Mustaine signature) Made for metal. The ESP LTD Dave Mustaine Signature DV8-R Electric Guitar is one bad boy. Its 25-1/2" scale, neck-thru-body mahogany construction, a TonePros string-thru tune-o-matic-style bridge, and a pair of Seymour Duncan pickups (JB in the bridge, Jazz in the neck), and Sperzel locking tuners make this a perfectly metal-equipped axe. Loads of sustain, super stable tuning, plenty of crunch, and searing lead sounds. Cosmetics include an 8-ball inlay on the first fret plus neck and headstock binding. FEATURES 25-1/2" scale Neck-thru-body construction Mahogany body and neck Rosewood fretboard 24 jumbo frets TonePros string-thru tune-o-matic-style bridge UPGRADED Seymour Duncan Dave Mustaine signature Livewire Pickup Set 2 volumes, 3-way switch, and tone controls Sperzel locking tuners 8-ball inlay on the 1st fret plus dots Neck and headstock binding
  6. Chitara este in stare foarte foarte buna, optional pot vinde si un case original ESP pentru ea. Din magazin nu vine insotita de case. The LTD Iron Cross is a Signature Series model of James Hetfield, the frontman of Metallica and one of the world's most highly respected rhtyhm guitar players in any genre. The Iron Cross is based on James' personal custom instrument design, and features set-neck construction of a mahogany body with maple cap, and a three-piece mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and 22 extra-jumbo frets with an Iron Cross inlay at the 12th fret. The LTD Iron Cross is powered by James' own EMG JH SET active pickups, and includes a TonePros locking TOM bridge and tailpiece. Available in Snow White finish with black stripe graphic and iron cross fixture.
  7. Actualizare de pret: 600 euro
  8. Actualizare de preturi: v 1.7 cutie - 480 lei v 1.7 fara cutie - 450 lei v 2.0 cutie - 550 lei
  9. Foarte Multe Doze Calitative La Preturi Avantajoase

    Actualizare doze: 2 seturi: Gibson 500T / 496R - 550 lei setul 1 set: Gibson 490R/490T - 580 lei 1 bucata: Gibson BB#3 - 300 lei 1 bucata: Gibson 500T zebra splitabil: 300 lei 1 bucata: Seymour Duncan SH 4 - 300 lei 1 bucata: Seymour Duncan JB - 300 lei 1 bucata:1980's Seymour Duncan 59B-M - 400 lei 1 bucata: Gibson BurstBucker Pro Neck - 400 lei 1 bucata: Lindy Fralin Pure Paf - 600 lei 1 bucata: vintage Ibanez MMK 45 neck - 400 lei Toate au arculete si suruburi, asigur montaj gratuit (exclus Hollow Body )
  10. Am pedalele ce se vad in fotografii, 2 bucati v 1.7 cealalta este 2.0. Se afla in stare perfecta de functionare. v 1.7 cutie - 500 lei v 1.7 fara cutie - 470 lei v 2.0 cutie - 570 lei Nu doresc schimburi
  11. Pedala este noua, nefolosita. JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal JOYO JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive This is a great live pedal,the simple controls make it really easy to use when you're up against it at a gig and don't have the time to tweak your sound. And once again a great sound, from subtle to 'in your face', possibly the quietest distortion pedal I've ever used, with no discernable background noise. Like the California, no fizzing, just a great natural tube sound. Product Information The JOYO Vintage Overdrive pedal introduces warm overtones when used as a clean volume boost and when cranked to 11 the thing has the searing tone and warmth of a classic overdriven tube amp. The pedal features three control functions: volume (output), drive (gain) and tone (treble boost or cut, focused around the 2-5k range). The circuit features true-bypass wiring, and the world-renowned jrc4588 chip provides a full sound. From gobs of thick midrange to a modest top-end boost, this pedal is versatile, yet consistent between guitars. The vintage overdrive pedal is one of JOYO's most popular pedals. The smooth tones and rich harmonics it creates have made it a favourite among blues, rock and fusion guitar players. Without sacrificing anything in terms of quality, this modern construction pedal accurately reproduces the original soul, bite and growl of the classic 'screamer overdrive series, but at a fraction of the price. Wether you play classic rock, modern or hard rock, country, blues or rock-a-billy then this pedal will rapidly become a must have on your board. A representation of the classic Tubescreamer, with JRC4588 chip. The overdrive effect is mellow, mild, smooth and exquisite. True bypass design to minimize the tone loss. Material: Aluminium alloy with stoving vanish. Dimension:11.80L*6.40W.3.80H(cm) Powered by 9v power supply adapter or battery
  12. Chitara este in stare excelenta, cu un caracter unic, sustain de zile mari. Pot lua in considerare schimburi, va rog sa folositi mesageria privata sau nr de tel afisat. Multumesc Guitar Info: 114329 Made In U.S.A Description: body - magonany / maple top neck - mahogany fingerboard - ebony inlays - mother of pearl nut - TUSQ XL bridge - TonePros stop bar - Gibson tuners - Schaller locking pickups - Gibson Paf finish - nitrocellulose
  13. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2015/USA/SG-Standard.aspx Acest model este unul aniversar, nu se mai fabrica. Chitara este in stare impecabila, vine insotita de toate accesoriile din fabrica. Optional pot inlocui dozele cu altele, detalii la telefon sau privat.
  14. Probleme Cu Noul Rgc 3.0

    Salutare, in permanenta am probleme cu autentificarea. Daca ma conectez prin Facebook totul este ok, daca incerc sa ma conectez normal, mi se solicita mereu sa resetez parola. Este destul de deranjant. Multumesc