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    Schecter Demon 7
    Ed Edd n Eddy Strat project coming soon

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  1. langt

    Vocalist, caut trupa

    Nu mai caut trupa dar mai atasez chestii pe aici Man in the box refren.mp3
  2. langt

    Vocalist, caut trupa

    Cand o sa mai prind ceva timp o sa inregistrez si o piesa de la ei
  3. langt


    Skeeeeeetch Skeeeeetch.mp3
  4. langt

    Vocalist, caut trupa

    Sigur! Ai aici https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QfYUcX-Pm_SEYQe7EiJXw7bVnI7rxdAU
  5. langt

    Vocalist, caut trupa

    Vocalist, 20 de ani. Caut in special trupe alternative/grunge/nu. Am ca influente principale Deftones, Tool, Korn, Alter Bridge

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