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  1. Vand difuzor Vox Wharfedale, 16 ohm, 12", 30 Watt, provenit din Vox AC15 cc1. Stare tehnica si estetica 10/10.
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  2. The flower of my thought will blossom, sometime, when the sadness has gone away and this is how I will remember you, my sweet dove, without the pain that I felt upon losing you and upon not touching your alive, gray and iridescent feather so warm, little dove that came to me hurt and that left alive in me the trace of your innocence and of your calm gaze, tiny heart that already beat in my soul, great affection that you sowed in me, little friend that followed my steps looking for the comfort of my company, love that grew day by day and that joined both of us together, divine gift that I no longer have, memory that I am covering with your timid and simple image, courageous messenger that finally flew again taking with it my smile and my dreams.
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