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  1. Experimental Jazz Blues Session - 7/89 - Guitar Improvisation Regards, Marcus
  2. The four electric troubadours on the streets of London (Medieval Fusion Style) Regards, Marcus
  3. She is like a paper cup Words escape me without I can hear them they are runaway horses that gallop through my tongue carrying me astride with no reins to tame them they are storms that do not end in the cave of my mouth I am a paper cup half full of voids in the corner of a bar at the mercy of a push or a drunk hand wanting to rush more drink The hours scatter between neon lights my cat waits for me at home on the sofa in the hall I say goodbye to that bar and go to my refuge with the walls bared of childhood memories while the night breathes hidden in the corners I don't think about tomorrow and Now it slips out my hands while I take off my clothes and wash my mouth if i don't fit in this body that shrinks with the days despite being asleep in the dreams of a girl I don't think about tomorrow and Now it slips out my hands while I take off my clothes and wash my mouth
  4. Bungalow 316 - Jazz Guitar Fusion - Guitar Improvisation on Eb Regards, Marcus
  5. Ibanez AF95FM-AYS - Sound Demo - Live Jazz Playing - Ibanez Artcore Expressionist Regards, Marcus
  6. Jazz Guitar Licks/Ionian Licks/Harmonic Major Licks/Harmonic Minor Licks/Locrian Licks/ Ionian Guitar Licks https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrThtVQTdCD7MO_XU82wyQxqXdrNhzUvN Harmonic Major Guitar Licks https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrThtVQTdCD7FcnEs9sFIsF2XbZCc_1Bo Harmonic Minor Guitar Licks https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrThtVQTdCD5Y2gEixkMK6kLtnTNVQpiI Locrian Guitar Licks https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrThtVQTdCD6QPvE6eR1kk5W4fa3_85mf
  7. Jazz Guitar Licks/Aeolian Licks/Blues Licks/Diminished Licks/Dorian Licks/Fusion Licks/ Aeolian Guitar Licks https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrThtVQTdCD6etnXssZGzLF0lq_pq6Pjp Blues Guitar Licks https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrThtVQTdCD4vuvfR2efW4EhjWbj8S1hV Diminished Guitar Licks https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrThtVQTdCD6mST7yoa80UFCXwDvw_yng Dorian Guitar Licks https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrThtVQTdCD6g7IM-sZ_IHVVbCRhft8vJ Fusion Guitar Licks https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrThtVQTdCD7-ikklJPUGbMk03_xq_Xli Regards, Marcus
  8. Time Drops - Emotional Guitar Ballad Regards, Marcus
  9. Guitar Sound Test of Ibanez AF95FM-AYS Artcore Expressionist Series - Live Playing - No Talking Regards, Marcus
  10. Original Green Music - Best Video Clip - I feel like a tree Today I feel like an old tree at the top of the landscape of my head I can no longer bear the weight of broken dreams in my branches nor the hand of time looking for my last leaves to tear them off. Today I feel like an old tree as I watch the fire advance sea of flames that ripples and roars while closing the distance Today I feel like an old tree no feet to save me from what I look forward to
  11. Rockinnete Regards, Marcus
  12. Those beautiful stories that your eyes always describe me - Romantic Guitar Ballad Regards, Marcus
  13. Funky Live Session - Guitar Duo Regards, Marcus
  14. The ways of the Moon - Electric Guitars Trio Regards, Marcus
  15. Like glass bottles on a truck with no brakes They were 30 on the small boat like glass bottles on a truck with broken brakes All of them seemed ghosts trapped in a tunnel far from where they were born far from were they were going going going The sea roared leaving them lost and in the midst of so much fear a woman's voice sung to her son It's a couple fight soon their brawl will end and the sun will come and with its light you will see the promised path towards a chosen destination my little boy dream
  16. The tears of the statue - Emotional Guitar Ballad - Marcus Nalgaber Regards, Marcus
  17. Sunset Tavern - Jazz Rock Fusion - Guitar Solo Improvisation Regards, Marcus
  18. Funky Red Guitar Regards, Marcus
  19. Guitar Atelier - I am practicing melodic resources to improvise on a backing track in G To be continued... Regards, Marcus
  20. Le carrousel des rêves du Dr. Languedoc - Marcus Nalgaber Regards, Marcus
  21. That other world - Melodic Vintage Guitar Regards, Marcus
  22. Each morning she does the same When the morning comes I see your emptiness in the bed and with that image in my gaze I surrender to fantasy that you are you still in my life every day, every day I leave the TV on and put on the little table the sketchbooks that so much entertained you To fill the room with heat of voice and color and walk that space without feeling so much cold every day, every day
  23. When your presence is everything Regards, Marcus
  24. When Notes Float - Deep Ambient Guitar Music Regards, Marcus
  25. C’est la vie, a French song When the night is dark there are lots of ghosts in the halls of my today and while you talk I am rambling I'm afraid of time I'm afraid of its wind which erases the memory of people's lives This is life, this is life they say It's Time, It's Time I say. X2 I'm scared to get the debris of a tree or the ship sunk in the sea of oblivion x2 And while you talk I ramble I ramble This is life, this is life they say It's Time, It's Time I say
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