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  1. Marcus Nalgaber - Flowers on the eternal sea - Jazz Rock Fusion Regards, Marcus
  2. Ionian Resources - Twelve positions for playing the Ionian major scale on the guitar fretboard C D E F G A B 0:00 Twelve positions for playing the Ionian major scale on the guitar fretboard C D E F G A B 1:04 Four dual positions for playing the two-octave Ionian major scale on the guitar fretboard C D E F G A B C D E F G A B 1:43 Ascending Ionian Major Arpeggio with Locrian Descending C E G C E G F D B G F D C Regards, Marcus
  3. Marcus Nalgaber - The secret fragrance of hope - Jazz Fusion Song with Gibson L4 Ces Crimson Regards, Marcus
  4. Frenzy It goes away and it comes to me madness and frenzy. x2 Everything is storm of water and thunder and the heat of debauchery in this love that you give me in this love that you take away Your love, your love, your love so strange that kills me every day a little more a little more because I die in your eyes in your kisses in your kisses like a flower dies in the hands of those who seek love. x2 And the days that you are sad my dreams melt like paper In the water of your sadness
  5. Tram rails are not for bicycles Regards, Marcus
  6. Too many Chivalric Books ...? Regards, Marcus
  7. The puppets of hate - Gibson L4 Ces Crimson Regards, Marcus
  8. The Gaze of the Moon - Virtual CD of New-Age Psychedelic Music from the 90s - 10 Songs Regards, Marcus
  9. Monster When I turn into a monster a monster, I observe myself from that distance that the strange it has When I turn into a monster a monster And I immerse in sensations of the dark of myself when I open the door to the perverse and the abstract of free will. x2 It's so easy to be terrible amid so much confusion it's so easy to be terrible in love stories unleashing the demons of each one in their corner even if everything is just a little song
  10. Life goes on Regards, Marcus
  11. Walking through forbidden areas Regards, Marcus
  12. One night at the Pirates' Tavern Regards, Marcus
  13. Liquid Love - Lead Guitar Poem Regards, Marcus
  14. Dream of the reason produces monsters - El sueño de la razón produce monstruos Regards, Marcus
  15. Jazz Guitar Fusion - Collection of guitar solos American Hot https://dai.ly/x82j5o2 Aghaloon in Blue https://dai.ly/x82j5o0 Amalgama https://dai.ly/x82j5o1 Aereal Final https://dai.ly/x82j5nz A woodpecker flying over the city https://dai.ly/x82j5nx A ballad to erase the shit https://dai.ly/x82j5nw 507 Traveller Room https://dai.ly/x82j5nv Regards, Marcus
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