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  1. Chord guitar turnarounds for beginner guitarists https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeoWAgn4aYCaPVwLnOpXM63Taitqp4pef Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  2. Marcus Nalgaber

    Serenade for the Dreams

  3. Marcus Nalgaber

    The Night of Time - Nu Music

    The Night of Time - Nu MusicMaking this song I was thinking of those couples that over the years become their only universe ... and whose future is a border that will separate them. (Don't worry, it is only a song.)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp3CzyfPoNkThe night of Timechanges the color that surrounds usMaking magicwith all the deep momentsrunning through usrunning through usbeing still togetherbeing still togehtertogetherI take your handyou understandand smile at meI take refugein your brown eyesand I keep them, there,and I keep themThere where I dream. x2I am afraidyou are afraidwhich one will be the firstwhich one will stay hereboth of uswithout each otherboth of uswithout each other
  4. Marcus Nalgaber

    Guitar serenade for the Clouds


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