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  1. Birds and nature like to make music with us humans https://vimeo.com/317374207 To be continued... Best Regards, Marcus
  2. Marcus Nalgaber

    Finger Picking Exercises

  3. Marcus Nalgaber

    I have a mermaid at home - Guitar Solo + Backing Track in Db - 93bpm

    Many Thanks!! Many Thanks!!
  4. I have a mermaid at home - Guitar Solo Improvisation https://vimeo.com/314618795 I have a mermaid at home - Backing Track in Db - 93 bpm https://vimeo.com/314618292 Best Regards, Marcus
  5. Marcus Nalgaber

    The walls of Limbo - rare song

    Limbo, that place full of nothing in which it is easy to get losthttps://vimeo.com/313605112The train was going fastleaving the night behindand the rhythm of its soundawoke sleepy echoeson the walls of that limbothe train was going fastleaving its lament behindand I devoured timewrapping it in my eyesto look for its secretsto look for its secretsAnd the hours stretchedunder the gaze of that sunthat so many shadows erasedin the heartbeat of todayShadows and light fightingwhile my life continues runningthrough that clock that is not minethrough that clockthat is not mine

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