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  1. Blank Paper - Video Clip - Nu Fusion Music It's always hard to face a blank paper x2 Will I know how to weave with what is not there x2 How to fill that void so pure with what words or thoughts to navigate its surface Will I know how to weave with what is not there x2 Will my hand be the medium that writes a story that I don't know x2 My mind the architect that builds something that substains by itself My soul that appears in my eyes to discovwe invisible ink Will I know how to weave with what is not there x2
  2. 1º) Bohemian Guitar Café - Smooth Jazz Fusion - 100% Guitar Improvisations Best Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  3. Two windows on the Bosphorus - World Fusion Music Best Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  4. 507 Traveller Room - Smooth Jazz Guitar Best Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  5. Tribal Guitar Dance - Pearls of Madagascar - D’Angelico Excel Mini DC Best Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  6. Game of Fire I look at you you look at me there are no words only our eyes and our hands talking to each other seeking seeking the sensations of the game of fire Maybe love is there who knows But in the meantime I look for you you look for me we find each other my mouth in your mouth one breath my love today maybe tomorrow too who knows who knows I know nothing about you you know nothing about me we like each other that's all voilà anyway we look for each other we find us and smile Maybe love is there who knows my love today maybe tomorrow too who knows who knows
  7. Boss GT-1000 - 50 minutes to playing and listening my favourite 250 presets (NO TALKING) - Gibson L4 Best Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  8. Marcus Nalgaber - Guitar implosion - Minarik Goddess - GK3 - SY-1000 - Logic Pro - Alchemy Synthesis Best Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  9. Boss SY-1000 - Playing all Presets - NO TALKING - 29 minutes to hear all the sounds of the SY-1000 Best Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  10. Delirium - Among the waves of Time I look at today with the light of yesterday in my eyes gas light that numbs my soul and makes me float in this sea that everything it swallows I am a landscape that lives between the air and the water separated by the glass of a bottle that comes and goes among the waves of time trying not to crash against the rocks of what could not be I am my delirium and my blindness and my words I am everything that crystal protects and captures I am my lost universe
  11. Marcus Nalgaber/Road Music/Strolling around Seattle/Smooth Jazz/Gibson L4/Boss SY-1000/Boss GT-1000/ Best Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  12. Classical Guitar in the Nature - Meditation and Relaxation Music Collection
  13. A very special way I would like t to look at you as if it were not me as if it were not me See you from far with thast distance that it gives the strange that fog that takes away what there was and puts what there was not I would like to look at you from innocence innocence but I can`t erase what I was and what I am How to retrace a forgotten path How to change my gaze how to change my gaze
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