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  1. Classical Guitar in the Nature - Original music and classical guitar playing by Marcus Nalgaber Regards, Marcus
  2. Bossa Nova Jazz - Naked on the Beach - Marcus Nalgaber playing guitar improvisation with Tokai 335 Regards, Marcus
  3. Smooth Jazz Music - Love Weekend - Smooth Jazz Guitar Improvisation by Marcus Nalgaber Regards, Marcus
  4. The dark in which I hide The phone vibrates on the table its silent mode does not prevent the incomng call I see the screen that lights up in the dark in which I hide I know it`s him him hi but I I I I am no longer me I am a parenthesis of myself a space between before and now empty and alien to cause and effect The phone vibrates on thte table its silent mode does not prevent the incoming call but I am far eventhough I am close out of reach of his voice and his kisses in my nest of dreaming at the mercy of a gentle wind
  5. DV Mark Little Jazz - Gibson Jazz Guitars Comparison - Gibson L4 vs Gibson 335 - Lullaby of Birland by George Shearing Regards, Marcus
  6. Sound Review with Gibson ES-335 Custom + Strymon Bluesky + Boss RC-505 + DV Mark Little Jazz + Rode Video Mic Pro Regards, Marcus
  7. Guitar Grace Notes Regards, Marcus
  8. Ibanez AF95FM-AYS vs Gibson L4 Ces - Jazz Guitars Comparison Regards, Marcus
  9. Luxor Valley - Red Earth Jam Guitar Regards, Marcus
  10. Sleepwalking Generation - Original music from the 90s Regards, Marcus
  11. Ibanez AF95FM-AYS - Beyond Midnight - Jazz Guitar Ballad - Music and guitar by Marcus Nalgaber Regards, Marcus
  12. Chasing Ghosts and other Friends I wape up in the night and I listen to the silence while the darknesss softens as the hours pass and life dawns My cats play in the hallway chasing ghosts and other friends Everything is contrast between black and white Fading shadows in the reality of your memory oh mummy oh mummy I caress the pillow to shelter me in its so warm heat and tears finally they release the pain that these days give me oh mummy oh mumyy
  13. Ibanez GB10SE-BS - Neo Classical Sound Demo Test by Marcus Nalgaber Regards, Marcus
  14. 2022 A gentle light at the end of a long tunnel Regards, Marcus
  15. Funky Music - FounKation - Marcus Nalgaber - Guitar Solo Improvisation with D'angelico Excel Mini DC Regards, Marcus
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