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Bucharest based - Rock & Roll band

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Hi everyone, 


I'm looking for suitable musicians for a Rock & Roll band in BUCHAREST.


Main influences would be : Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Warrant, The Struts, Poison,  Bon Jovi and so on, you get the point.

Few things to remember:

1. I'm lead singer but I can do rhythm guitar on some parts and piano on others.

2. I need people with a good sense of melody and harmony ( There will be lots of backing vocals so I assume you would be ready to learn vocals too)

3. A good physique, charisma, a strong personality and willingness to travel most of the time.


Word of advice

  • If you're here for the jokes, fuck off, don't waste my time.
  • If you read the above, and somehow don't agree with them, fuck off, don't waste my time.
  • If you think I'm arrogant or annoying and you like it because you're the same, then come join me, if not, fuck off, don't waste my time.


PM me here, I check the mail 2 times a day.


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Nobody likes a loud-mouthed braggart with nothing to show for it. Neither do they like edgy cringe-inducing teenagers.

You aren't one of those things ? You want people to take your post seriously ? No problem. Prove you can do what you say. Show us who you are.

Recordings, videos, etc.

Don't have any ? Fuck off, don't waste my time.

Oh and also, easier on the fucks, aye? It would also be helpful to mention why you chose to only post in english.

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