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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for suitable musicians for a Rock & Roll band in BUCHAREST. Need a GUITARIST, DRUMMER and BASSIST. Main influences would be : Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Warrant, The Struts, Poison, Bon Jovi and so on, you get the point. Few things to remember: 1. I'm lead singer but I can do rhythm guitar on some parts and piano on others. 2. I need people with a good sense of melody and harmony ( There will be lots of backing vocals so I assume you would be ready to learn vocals too) 3. A good physique, charisma, a strong personality and willingness to travel most of the time. Word of advice If you're here for the jokes, fuck off, don't waste my time. If you read the above, and somehow don't agree with them, fuck off, don't waste my time. If you think I'm arrogant or annoying and you like it because you're the same, then come join me, if not, fuck off, don't waste my time. PM me here, I check the mail 2 times a day. Cheers
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