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  1. salutare cumpar set doze humbucker DiMarzio/IBZ (doar cele 2 duble) sau Ibanez V7/V8.
  2. Pret: 3500 RON Localitate: Cluj-Napoca Contact: traresnic@gmail.com Link producator: www.fender.com Stare: Foarte buna/Ca nou Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Se vinde Fender Stratocaster Surf Green, USA 2009, pret 3500 ron.
  3. Pret: 1300 RON Localitate: Cluj-Napoca Contact: traresnic@gmail.com Link producator: http://line6.com/legacy/podpro/ Stare: Uzura normala Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Procesor chitara rack Line6 Pod Pro: Amp Models: 32, customizable Digital Effects: 16 Factory/User Presets: 36 Headphone out: Yes Digital Out: 24-Bit AES/EBU and S/PDIF Direct Out: Dual-Mode XLR Configuration: Rack - Mountable Award winning Line 6 Amp Models that emulate an all-star collection of legendary amplifiers. 36 user memory locations so that you can create your own customized collection of killer sounds. Organize them to match your set list, your session needs, or any doggone thing you want. After all, it's YOUR POD! Separate Headphone output to keep your neighbors (or your spouse, for that matter) from staging a counterattack when you're writing that first big hit in your apartment at 3am. Chromatic Tuner Cabinet Tuning Mode. The Amp/Direct switch allows POD to be optimized for different applications. Select Direct when running POD directly into a mixer or recorder. Select Amp when using POD as a tone-shaping front end for another amp. POD delivers several tuning modes for the Amp position, selectable at power-up. For example, by default, POD products for guitar expect to be plugged into the guitar input of an open-backed combo. Other tuning modes allow POD to be optimized for connection to the power amp input of a closed-back system, or into closed-back cabinets. Floorboard Line6: Remote channel switching Wah Stomp box-style Effects On/Off Volume Pedal Tap Tempo Tuner
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