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  1. Cel putin interesant As fi tare curios sa am un set. Daca ar implementa si tratament de anti rust cum au Elixir la plain steel + coatingul pe cele cu wound, ar fi pure win! https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/news/archive/2017/title,1614331,en.php
  2. Ma bucur ca pot reposta aici. Am cumparat 2 seturi (s-au facut doar 100 initiale, semnate), si urmeaza sa fac some reviews. sunt super curios! (gauge-ul este de 9-42, asa au fost facute toate 100) Poze jos si mai multe detalii aici: http://www.kempacoustics.com. Dr. Jonathan A. Kemp is a physicist and musician working at the University of St Andrews. His recent work involves the pitch sensitivity of guitar strings to player control and has resulted in a sets of guitar strings that bend in tune on four strings with tremolo arm use and is the subject of a PLOS One journal paper (articolul postat mai sus de Ciocanel) and an international patent application through the University of St Andrews, UK (International Patent Application No: PCT/GB2018/050296).
  3. * Repaired a C.Giant classical guitar. The neck wasn't glued on anymore, I polished the fretwire and also adjusted the string height at a nut. * Orange AD140TC repair/retube/rebias
  4. Am decis sa postez direct linkurile catre blog de acum inainte: * Repaired a Solton A.P. bass amp. * An Epiphone AJ220 came in with a severe E kinked neck in the 12th to the 16th+ fret region. * A Vision by MSA strat came in for a general setup. * Yamaha BB234 setup, fretwire polished, and totally rewired with new SD pickups + foil shielding.
  5. Razvan S.

    [EXPIRAT] DOD FX 55C Supradistortion

    Recomand cu multa caldura pedala asta. M-a impresionat foarte tare! https://hgecontraptions.blogspot.com/2016/03/fixed-dod-fx-55c-and-also-modded-it.html
  6. Pentru a reasculta: Seru SKU Kibis44
  7. -> Din cauza participarii slabe am decis din nou sa inchid duelul/nu mai postez backtrackuri. Daca simte nevoia altcineva sa il deschida iar si sa inceapa sa posteze, please do it Bafta tuturor! Inca o drama. Aveti pana in 17.06 seara la 23.59 (destul timp, voi fi plecat si eu o perioada asa ca las timp) Spor! Dramatic Rock Ballad Guitar Backing Track Jam in E Minor.mp3
  8. * Yamaha John Patitucci signature setup and fretwire shined. I also changed the input jack socket A very cool bass * Repaired a Mackie Big Knob Studio audio interface The USB connector was completely busted and broken. I also added some missing screws from the XLR sockets.
  9. Razvan S.

    Duel 124 - Inscrieri

    Buenos! Extindem putin perioada (sarbatori, etc.) Aveti pana in 20.05.2019 ora 13:00 Ar fi frumos sa traga mai multe lume. Multumesc pentru sugestie @Shreder_DT Dark Atmospheric Ballad Guitar Backing Track Jam in D Minor.mp3
  10. * HGE Contraptions Wampler Triple Wreck Clone without the Cream part (I never cared for it). The enclosure was done like that by the owner. 3rd Triple Wreck built, and the 128th pedal built. This and the BE-OD are my fav Od/Distortion in a box pedals. I'll try and make a video later this week. @octakhan * Fixed an Apex 430 Microphone. It had intermittence issues, and I found numerous cracked solder joints and redid them. Did not get to test this, so it will probably come back if there are additional issues. * Started a more ambitious pedal project for someone who already has 4 of my pedals ( @Mr Vintage ) HGE Contraptions Custom 6in1 Pedal: Cornish Buffer -> Keeley 4 Knob Comp -> Maxon OD820 -> Mxr Phase 90 -> Madbean Leviathan Delay -> Cornish Buffer
  11. * Checked and also changed the jack on a pair of AKG K240 headphones * A Stagg G300 came in for a setup. I also polished the fretwire, and checked the electro part, and changed all the tuners because the old ones were busted and poorer quality. A very nice and playable guitar now
  12. Multumesc pentru participare Ar fi fain data viitoare sa participe mai multi... Pentru a reasculta: Shreder_DT YUKU
  13. * Setup on an Ibanez S520EX + fretwire made shiny and slippery again, tarnished screws were cleaned and some were repainted * Squier Stratocaster Pro Tone Series setup * One coil from the bridge humbucker on this Epiphone LP Standard Pro was faulty. I tried to repair it but the coil was broken in two places(because it had a manufacturing error with some slack on the winding,it got caught in the upper rim in the wax, and when someone removed the cover, the coil broke). So happens that I had an Ibanez premium humbucker with just one coil working also, and I used this good coil with the other LP coil and made one humbucker!It sounds great and it's even better now,because this new coil has much more output than the old one, and gives a nice bite to the guitar now. Very cool!Glad I could fix it in such a short time without ordering another humbucker which would of meant additional cost After: Before:
  14. Razvan S.

    Duel 123 - Inscrieri

    Am revenit Aveti pana in 22.04 la ora 12:00. Enjoy Soulful Shred Backing Track in A minor SZBT 195.mp3
  15. * Changed a FSW in a Diamond Quantum Leap pedal. Old one was busted @crispaul.tdc * Epiphone LP Special II Setup
  16. Razvan S.

    vând EVH 5150III 1x12 Combo Black

    Ce vrea colegul sa spuna prin aceasta postare, este ca esti obligat prin regulament sa ai un pret mai mic al produsului vandut, decat in magazin.
  17. * Mad. Prof. Autowah clone (2nd one done) - 126th pedal built * Pete Cornish G2 HGE Contraptions clone (2nd one built) - 127th pedal built
  18. * Did some repairs in a Marshall 6100 LM Anniversary Series @crispaul.tdc * Fixed some Pioneer SE-MJ722T-W headphones Had some trouble finding a flat wire, but after a long wait, it finally came in and I could replace it. The old one was literally eaten by a dog haha * Fixed some AKG K727HD Austrian Headphones
  19. Multumesc pentru participare! Luni (08.04) la ora 12:00 se va inchide Poll-ul. Pentru a reasculta: iulian Seru Kibis44
  20. Buna, il iau eu (e un tape echo)
  21. Razvan S.

    Duel 122 - Inscrieri

    Am revenit! Aveti pana pe 1 Aprilie (nu e gluma ) la ora 10:00 dimineata. Emotional Shred Backing Track in C minor SZBT 250.mp3
  22. * Repaired a Ferrite EQ * A Carl Martin Octaswitch came in with some issues on the DC Jack. I replaced it with a new one, and also tightened all the switches/jacks + electro cleaned. The buffer part is not working when it is on (no sound), but the owner needs it and it will come back at a later point to investigate. This would also take up a lot of time for finding the fault as the PCB is quite big * Fixed a Bugera V22 Infinium A tube failed (I measured it with my Sencore TC136 Tube Tester and it had 2 shorts, and everything was out of spec), and had completely desoldered one of the screen grid resistors right off the PCB, leaving it rattling around in the amp! I replaced both, and to be easier for future service if it is needed, I mounted them on the other side, so that these are easily desoldered (not needing to take out the whole PCB) * Squier Strat - fixed the solder joints on the input jack and also tightened it heavily

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