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    Tg.Mures, Romania

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    Gibson LP Traditional LH
    Reverend Double Agent FM LH
    Reverend Volcano LH
    Yamaha AES 620L
    Ibanez RG 470L w/ OFR & Seymour Duncans
    Ovation CC24SL
    Radial Dragster
    Shure UT-14 The Guitarist
    FMR Audio RNC 1773
    Pedaltrain 2 HC
    Cioks DC-10
    Ibanez TS-9 Keeley Mod Plus
    ZVex Fuzz Factory
    Suhr Riot
    Fulltone Fat-Boost
    Bad Cat 2-Tone
    iSP Decimator
    Ernie Ball VPJR 6181
    Boss TU-12H
    Boss DD-7
    Eventide TimeFactor w/ T1M E3 switch
    dbx 215
    Fryette 2902
    Mesa/Boogie Standard Rectifier 4x12"
    2 x Sennheiser e906

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