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    DRUMS PREMIER Cabria CUSTOM ,Black Panther Phosphor Bronze 14x5.5 SNARE, Meinl MB10 soundwave 14" HI-HIT , 18" CRASH Masterwork blackened, 20" Crash Custom Bosphorus Gold finish raw bell with 4 holes, 20" Megabell ride MB10, DW7000 Double Drum Pedal

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  1. poate nu am vazut eu , care este pretul?
  2. Am achizitionat Rezonata de 22" toba mare, totul a decurs foarte repede produsde calitate sigilat , recomand !
  3. Ma intereseaza un pret rezonanta de toba mare 22" Evans BD22RB, ms Am trimis si PM
  4. Pret: 400 RON Localitate: Baia Mare Contact: 0744998897 Stare: Uzura normala Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Vand pedala dubla DW 7002 Stare buna de functionare
  5. Up 200 LEi transport prin posta inclus
  6. up 220 lei sau schimb cu crash 18" serie entry level B8..B8pro...ZHT..ZXT..PST5
  7. Pret : 250 LEI - Produs NOU Localitate: Baia Mare Contact: 0744998897 http://www.exoduscym...ofar/bell-8quot https://www.youtube....h?v=turKQjs0n0E

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