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  1. Stare perfecta de functionare, mici urme estetice inevitabile de trecere a timpului, tolex perfect. Sunet enorm, combo folosit exclusiv in studio. Heavy as hell, ridicare personala din Bucuresti. 0722353935 VDVmusic Studio O puteti auzi aici, trasa cu un EV ND86, canal clean (1) 50W, blana
  2. Stare impecabila, acustica fantastica a cabinetului (are un design supra dimensionat pentru un combo de 1/5W), 2 canale, reverb digital SPLENDID!, 3 x ECC83, 1 EL34!, Celestion Vintage 30. Perfect pentru studio/acasa/club. Nu se mai fabrica, apare rar si dispare imediat. Nu e jucarie, e the real deal! VDVmusic Studio 0722353935
  3. - case tweed - neck soft V extrem de comod - doze van zandt - tuner n-tune montat pe potul de volum/neck - corzi noi elixir 11-49 - back plate, suruburi si tremolo bar in case E o chitara cantata, are cateva semne pe corp (think MOJO!), e setata impecabil si suna remarcabil. De departe cea mai misto doza de bridge auzita pe un strat! Bucuresti 0722353935
  4. A true legend. Pret fix, stare impecabila. Bucuresti 0722353935 David Gilmour’s lead guitar tone throughout the years has consistently been as varied as it is sought after. Numerous different fuzzes, overdrives, and boosters coupled with various amps and guitars have created some of the most gloriously rich and vibrant tones in the history of rock. It’s clear that no sole effect can duplicate the “Gilmour sound," but when it comes to fuzz his go to unit for the majority of his career has been the legendary Big Muff. However, with so many different incarnations and variants being employed at different time periods, his tone has remained extremely difficult and elusive to pin down. The Iron Bell isn’t based on any particular Muff circuit. Instead, we’ve tweaked it to be a platform that is wide, yet focused. Unlike the Colossus Fuzz which is based on the Sovtek/Civil War era Muff, the Iron Bell is voiced to be very open and rich, with an almost 3D-like harmonic quality. Alongside the standard Gain and Volume controls, the Tone and Colour knobs allow you to sculpt the overall spectrum of the EQ. That Iron Bell is tweakable enough that combining it with various set ups and effect combinations will allow an ample array of colors and shades. The Iron Bell’s main focus isn’t meant to be “David Gilmour in a box." It’s more of a tonal tool that can be used in countless ways to get the epic, soaring, yet manageable quality of sound that has become the signature calling card of one of music’s most legendary players. The Iron Bell can be much more, and can serve as a tool to take your tone as far as your imagination will allow.
  5. E chiar el, celebrul V2 stereo, customizabil via usb. Stare impecabila, sunet divin, pret fix. Nu se mai fabrica iar valoarea e in constanta crestere. Bucuresti 0722353935
  6. Ca noi, calitate si randament ireprosabile. Sunt concepute pentru chitara acustica but, you never know.. Pret fix, livrare in tara sau ridicare din Bucuresti thx
  7. Gibson Chet Atkins SST, stare perfecta de functionare. E cantata si ultra cantata, de la - 26 grade la + 38, se comporta impecabil la drum si variatii de temperatura, e setata perfect, proaspat fret leveling, vine cu case original Gibson. Este chitara cu care canta live Dave Matthews si are electronica schimbata cu Fishman Acoustic Matrix Natural 1, exact ca a lui - asta e motivul pentru care mi-am luat-o acum 16 ani, timp in care am iubit-o si cantat-o extrem, dupa cum se poate observa si in poze (arata mai bine in realitate) Este de departe cea mai reusita chitara de live pe care am pus mana si pe care am auzit-o vreodata, suna mai tare de 2x decat orice alta acustica, nu are probleme cu feedbackul, e plug and play si este construita pe o alta planeta. E chitara pe care sigur ati vazut-o la orice concert Vita de Vie in ultimii 16 ani, a fost nelipsita Se poate vedea si proba in Bucuresti VdVmusic Studio 0722353935
  8. Am listat-o si pe Reverb, am luat descrierea de acolo: This is an AMAZING instrument! Made in 1979 according to the serial no., gorgeous sound and looks, the spruce top has aged beutifully, rosewood back and sides, no cracks or structural damage, truss rod, frets and tuning pegs - all perfectly functional, thick V shape neck that fills your palm like no other, bone nut and saddle, upgraded bridge pins, Fishman Matrix Natural pickup installed and fresh setup from one of the best guitar techs inhere. Plug and play instrument! I read somewhere this is a Martin lawsuit guitar and I wouldn't be surprised, it's got a HUGE balanced sound and is built like a tank. Rounded superb highs that never get harsh no matter how hard you strum it, clean high mids and throuty low mids, with an extended low register that never gets flabby. It has been my main live acoustic guitar for the past 15 years and it also reigns in the studio. Got some marks on, mainly one small bump on headstock and spot scratches on the back but nothing to worry about. Don't miss out, this is the real deal! Predare personala in Bucuresti VdVmusic Studio 0722353935
  9. Martin D-28 superb, 1998, perfect functional si setat impecabil la Flo. A venit cu o doza Shadow instalata, piezo + mic, blend and so on, doza inlocuita tot de Flo cu un L.R. Baggs VTC. Doza Shadow e inclusa in pachet. Vine cu case original si certificat. Stare impecabila, cu exceptia unei zgarieturi pe spatele grifului si mici urme de panatie. Nimic serios. Lemnul a imbatranit frumos, estetic si sonor. Sunetul este enorm, balansat in toata plaja de frecvente si cu o carne fantastica in zona de medii joase. Pretul este fix, se poate proba in Bucuresti si se transporta pe cheltuiala cumparatorului. Nu accept schimburi. VDVmusic Studio 0722353935
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