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Diy Acoustic - Tamplarie

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1. Failed laminate.
2. Padauk bc (nb)
3. Zebrawood en (ca)
4. Okoume st failed
5. Figured okoume (burnt in SA)
6. Rosewood st (semifailed)
7. Koa st (nb)
8. Pao ferro
9. Padauk bc (Ro)
10. Madagascar i (Chinese desert)
11. Madagascar ii (somewhere in china?)
12. Padauk red cedar i (France?)
13. Fan fret zebrawood (i still have it, too stiff)
14. Wenge en (ro)
15. Marblewood st (china)
16. Archtop i (?)
17. Mini OM
18. Macassar ebony back padauk sides bc (us, featured in the book)
19. All ziricote OM (china)
20. Electric 1 padauk top
21. Electric 2 blackwoodtek
22. Archtop 2 (Spain)
23. Classical 1 mahogany (nb,/Thailand?)
24. Classical 2 granadillo, (different) red cedar (nb)
25. Spalted beech (us)
26. Arch Tropical emperor i 2021 (us)
27. Flame maple parlor (Vietnam/UK)
28. Madagascar almond i (Lanzhou)
29. Madagascar almond ii (us)
30. Tele 1 ziri
31. Tele 2 nanmu top (china)
32. Tele 3 spalted nanmu (Suzhou?
33.  Tele 4 spalted nanmu bark side 
34. Tele 5 bubinga mojo cc (Shanghai) 
35. Tele 6 cc solid
36. Arch Tropical emperor 2022 Padauk Cedar (us, c)
37. Padauk cedar short scale OM
38. Padauk Carpathian OM (us, c)
39. Brown ebony (us) 
40. Okoume sp flamenco
41. Tibetan cedar, red cedar (Urumqi)
42. Ovangkol tibetan spruce
43. Padauk sp mini OM (Shenzhen)
44. Archtop V padauk cedar thinline (us, c)
45.  Archtop VI roasted spruce, flat katalox (Hangzhou)
46. Archtop VII padauk over solid
47. Parlor archtop viii
48. Padauk Carpathian Dreadnought (us c)
49. Katalox roasted spruce

50. Ziricote archtop 2023 tropical Emperor




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