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    Chitara Gibson Les Paul Signature T Gt;
    Chitara Vintage V100 Iced Tea;
    Chitara Takamine electro-acustica;
    Chitara Hohner acustica;

    Bugera V22 tube amp;

    Vox Bulldog distorsion;
    Line 6 Echopark delay;
    Boss Cs3 compressor;
    Artec eq;
    TC Electronic M300 processor;

    Cordial cables;

    Yamaha MG166CX mixer;
    Shure Sm58 mic;
    Sennheiser E825 Mic;
    AKG P4 mic;
    The t.amp TA1050 power amp;
    The t.box PA302 speakers;
    The t.box monitor;
    Shure Se350 in-ear monitors;
    Thon rack and cases;

    Starvile lights;

    Focusrite Saffire Pro 24;

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