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  1. Vand Bare Knuckle Bridge Pickup - Holy Diver (Doza este pentru Bridge - cablu scurt). Stare noua, testata doar si pusa in cutia originala. Pret 400 Ron (transport inclus) Detalii aici: https://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/pickup/humbucker/holydiver
  2. Un plug & play pedalboard simplu dar foarte eficient. Fotografiile spun totul despre el.De la dreapta spre stanga: INPUT to: BSM RM Metal Treble Booster Laney Black Country Customs Tony Iommi Signature Boost Pedal Atomic Ampli-Firebox pedal Tech 21 Boos DLA delay OUT to: Custom Modded TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger ( SCF) Others: Custom Aclaim black aluminium pedalboard Custom patchcables and connectors Truetone 1 Spot Pro Power Supply Custom moded. Pret 5000 Lei
  3. Vand chitara LP Custom (not Gibson). Stare noua. Pret 1.500 Euro ( 7.300 lei) * Mahogany Body,Alder top,Binding in white * Mahogany neck and Black Ebony Fingerboard. * Fingerboard with 22 frets , 24,75" scale,12 " Radius, Finished in satin * Custom BWB Fingerboard Binding, Trapezoids, Schaller Tuners. * Floyd Rose Pro Tremolo Bridge Low Profile * 1x Volume , 1xTone. * Bare Knuckle Miracle Man Pickup in Bridge * Guitar Finished in high gloss transparent. Crafted by REK Custom Electric Guitars The guitar looks and sounds phenomenal.
  4. Vand Pedala AMT C2. Stare noua in cutia originala. Pret. 400 ron, transport inclus This preamp is able to emulate the unique sound of Engl's third cousin Cornford characterized by clear tone, diversity and minimalism. One C-2 drive channel provides wide overdrive range from slight crunch to biting high gain. direct connection to guitar system power amp; connection to "clean" channel of a guitar combo or amp; direct connection to a mixer. All three of these outputs can be used simultaneously! Use the different outputs for recording direct and micing at the same time, run different effects through different outputs, or record three DAW tracks all at once. The routing and recording options are endless. The Legend II series of pedals are a studios engineers dream come true.
  5. Vand alimentator Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC. Stare noua. Pedal Power AC este conceput pentru alimentarea cu tensiune alternativă şi curent mare a efectelor construite să funcţioneze astfel. În sfârşit o soluţie profesională pentru alimentarea multor efecte şi pedale des folosite în instalaţiile chitariştilor! PP AC are 2 prize de 9V AC şi două prize selectabile între 9 şi 12V AC. Un transformator toroidal, cu ieşirile complet izolate. Se vinde fara cabluri. Pret 400 Ron,transport inclus.
  6. Vand pedala Tech 21 SansAmp GT-2. Unul dintre cele mai bune emulatoare de amplificator pe lampa analogic. Stare noua in cutia originala Este din primele serii Sans Amp,nu din cele actuale.... Pret 500 Ron,transport inclus.
  7. Salut Adrian Nu mai folosesc pre uri de rack. Am dor un Atomic AA12 care suficient pentru mine. Multumesc Bafta Nicu
  8. Vand Voodoo Lab ISO5 Pedal Power. Stare noua. Nu mai am cablurile de la el. Dar se gasesc oriunde. A compact solution for smaller pedal boards, rack drawers, or as an additional power supply for larger boards with five isolated, filtered and regulated outputs. Outputs 1 - 3: 9V DC @ 100 mA (individually isolated) Output 4: 9/12 V DC @ 400 mA (individually isolated) Output 5: 18V DC @ 100 mA (individually isolated) Dimensions (W x D x H): 124 x 86 x 44 mm Weight: 560 g Made in the USA Pret400 Ron,transport inclus. Best Nicu 0722941520
  9. Vand Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC. Nou,nefolosit. Nu mai am cablurile la el. Dar se gasesc oriunde. Professional solution to operate 9 V AC or 12 V AC devices Replaces many other inferior quality power supplies Suitable for tube overdrives, modelling pedals or devices such as Whammy POD, Rotosphere Has two 9 V AC and two selectable 9 V AC or 12 V AC outputs Includes high-quality toroidal transformer with individually isolated outputs Made in USA Pret 500 Ron,transport inclus Best Nicu 0722941520
  10. Vand Neunaber Chroma Chorus Expanse V2 Stare noua,testat si pastrat pentru un nou proiect Care din pacate nu s-a mai materializat Pret 750 Ron ,transport inclus. Detalii aici: https://www.thomann.de/gb/neunaber_expanse_chroma.htm Best Nicu Barbieru 0722941520
  11. Vand BSM RM-Metal Treble Booster. Nou. Detalii aici: http://www.treblebooster.net/products/high-gain-booster/rm-metal-treble-booster Pret 750 Ron Best Nicu Barbieru 0722 941520
  12. Vand pedala AMT C2 - 2 channels guitar preamp/distortion pedal (Cornford) Stare noua,in cutia originala. Detalii aici: https://amtelectronics.com/new/amt-c2/ Pret 500 Ron Best Nicu Barbieru 0722 941520
  13. Vand pedala Tech 21 SansAmpGT-2. Stare perfecta Pret 700 Ron Detalii: http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/sansamp/gt2.html Best Nicu 0722941520
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