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  1. Hello brothers and sisters good day.i just want to share my arragement of flight of the bumblebee.i really enjoyed playing this.eventhough it took me a while to play.hehe.hope you like it.thanks very much.
  2. Good day my fellow musicians.i just want to share my video of Me playing Pat Metheny's exercise 10.this is just a 2 minute video but this took me months to practice.hehe.Thanks for watching.
  3. https://youtu.be/hVy93su0JhU Bebop Dominant Scale (Jazz Calisthenics). This is Based on David Baker's Book BEBOP for all instrument.This is an exercise based on the C Dominant Bebop Scale.( C-D-E-F-G-A-Bb-B-C ).This my contribution to help people from going out and instead pickup there instrument and start practicing these Dominant Bebop exercise.hehe.Stay Home be safe and Study. #Bebop,#BebopDominantScale ,#DavidBaker,#JazzCalisthenics,#jazzexercise,#jazztheory,#quarantinelesson,#Jazzstudies
  4. https://youtu.be/AE2-nZJpGPE School is Back,Jazz School is what i mean.hehe. Im thinking of how can i contribute to this Lockdown so i decided to make a lesson about Arpeggio exercises. Music is a never ending Study. thats the reason why we should alway's look for some fresh ideas to add to our bag of tricks.Pat Metheny is one of My Heroes.i always Study he's Book of etudes.here's My Take on he's etude #10 which in my opinion is one of the hardest In the book.i hope you like it as i worked really hard to play this.Thanks Very Much. #PATMETHENY,#JAZZTHEORY,#JAZZSCHOOL,#ARPEGGIOEXERCISE,#GUITARETUDE,#LOCKDOWN,#GUITARTEACHER,#QUARANTINELICKS,
  5. ETUDE 2 By Heitor Villa Lobos Sweeping,Alternate Picking and Tapping.This Classical Etude By Villa lobos Is A Very good study specially for Guitar Players who wants to learn some different Arpeggio Patterns for the electric guitar.I arranged this and put some John Bonham Grooves to make it more interesting.Thanks very much for watching. #ETUDE2,#VILLALOBOS,#CLASSICALETUDE,#SWEEPING,#ALTERNATEPICKING,#TAPPING,#JOHNBONHAM,#GUITARLESSON,#CLASSICALSHRED,#LOCKDOWN,
  6. https://youtu.be/hoh5IKZcdp0 I Don't Have a Tiktok Account, and i don't Dance. But my Guitar Know's how to bellydance.hehe.Here's my video of me improvising over the Phrygian Scale.hope you like it.Thanks very much.
  7. Hello Brothers and sisters.Just want to share another lockdown lesson.because of the virus.hehe.heres a tritone substitution line.Hope you like it.Thanks very much for watching.
  8. MIDI Solution for Guitar player who have been waiting for a long time to play all this MIDI instruments That keyboard players have taken full advantage of.here's another video i made using MIDIGUITAR2. Here's my version of Johann Sebastian Bach's Sleepers Awake played on my Yamaha Silent Guitar.Thanks very much.
  9. WOW.Thanks Very Much Brother. I Really Appreciate it.
  10. its a DAW from MAC bro.this is a recording software.inside that theres lots of MIDI instrument like the sound in my video.string ensemble.and the MIDI GUITAR 2 App is the App that im using my guitar straight to a interface.
  11. yes bro i made i mistake.now its ok.thanks
  12. hahaha.something went wrong with the links.i apologize Bro.heres the correct link.thanks bro.
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