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  1. LivCarlo

    Easy like a Sunday Morning

    Thanks very much Brother
  2. LivCarlo

    my stuff

    Very Nice.
  3. LivCarlo

    Easy like a Sunday Morning

    Hello Guys Good Day,Just Want To Share My Video playing Easy by the just so Happy every Sunday Morning No Traffic,No Stress From Work and co workers.hehe. hope you like it Thanks very Much
  4. LivCarlo

    Cruise Ship Orchestra

    Hello Bro,I Think i have seen half of the World Doing This.And the Best Part is i'm getting Paid Doing what i love most.Thats Why we Musicians are being Envied on the Ship because they dont consider us Working.hehe.
  5. LivCarlo

    Cruise Ship Orchestra

    Hello Guys,Just Want To Share My Video playing with a guest entertainer on board RCCL vision of the Seas.I've been Working in the orchestra on the ship for more than 10 Years Now.Just want to share this Video.if anyone of you are interested in how is the job there,Cruise Ship life as a musician you Can Ask Me.Etc,Etc if i know it i will be glad to answer your question.
  6. Hello Guy's Good Day.Please Check My Video.this is a jazz Standard I hope you All Like It.Life is to short not to enjoy Life. Thanks Very Much
  7. Hello Brothers,This is my Cover from one of my Guitar Heros Jeff Beck.i hope you like it.
  8. Thanks Very Much Brother
  9. hello Brothers,I Always want to play with an Orchestra but i have no when i heard strymon timeline it gave me an idea.hope you like my version.Thanks Very Much.
  10. LivCarlo

    Jazz And Fusion Jam

    Thanks Very Much Brother.this one is Really Nice. All The best to you.
  11. LivCarlo

    Teen Town Guitar Cover

    hello Brothers.Good Day. This is my guitar Cover of jaco's Teen Town.Maybe Anybody Interested in Jamming With Me.or maybe you know some place to jam.Right Now Im Still In Manila,But Ill Be Coming to Bucharest Maybe June Or July And Stay There.Hope to jam With You Soon.Thanks Very Much.
  12. Hello Everyone Just Want To Share A Simple Way To Add Color To Your Solos. Thanks Very much
  13. LivCarlo

    Jazz And Fusion Jam

    Hello Im Carlo,Planning To Visit Romania this Year.Just Wondering If There Are Some Musicians here Also Who Wants to Jam Or Is there any jazz club that you Know.Thanks very much I play Mostly Fusion,Jazz Standards and Rock.this are some of my videos