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  1. Diminished Scale Over Dominant 7b9 Chord.There's A Hip Way To Add Spice To Your Lines.Here's One Of My video for My Back to Jazz School Series.This is About The Diminished Scale.It Took Me a Lot Of Practice and practice and many more practice to at least Incorporate this in my improvisation.I Still Have A Lot To learn.But I Just Want To share This to my Fellow Music Lover's Whose Tired Of Playing Diatonic Scales all there life. The Chord Progression here is Dm7-G7b9-CM7. This Is The Concept In Any Dominant 7b9,7#9,7#11 etc Chord.Play the Whole Half Diminished scale half step above the dominant Chord.[G7b9 Play Ab Dim Scale Whole Half}. ..This is not a rule of thumb.Let Your Ear Always Decide.And that's the reason why we need to woodshed.we practice,Learn and experiment in our room.But on the Stage Were no longer Practicing,were supposed to be telling Stories.Thanks Very Much.
  2. LivCarlo

    Game Of Thrones Guitar

    Hello Red man,I’m not posting my videos for competition or anything. I’m posting my videos because some students wants to learn a particular song.thats it.and since some of them requested this so I did this. I just want to have students so that’s why I promote my videos it’s my job.i just want to provide food for my family.thats the only job I know.dont worry I will study harder and learn more things so I can be a Better teacher.Thanks
  3. LivCarlo

    Game Of Thrones Guitar

    To All The Thrones That Was Stolen,Replaced Or Whatever This Shred Version Is For You All.Hehe.Hope You Like It.Thanks Very Much.
  4. LivCarlo

    Dont Dream Its Over

    hello Guys.Just want to share my instrumental version of this song.Its very relaxing for me to listen to this.hope you all like it too.Thanks very much.https://youtu.be/GhoihYjtpao
  5. LivCarlo

    Avengers Theme Shred

    Hello Guys,Good Day Just Want To Share my Version Of Avengers Theme.The First Time I Heard This It Reminded Me Of An Yngwie Malmsteen Composition.hehe.somebody Requested Me To Do My Own Version Of This.So I Decided To Cover This Theme. It Has A Lot Of Sweeping On It And Alternate Picking.hope You All Like it.Thanks Very Much.:) https://youtu.be/Ewyf0nODLn4
  6. LivCarlo

    Dragostea Mea Instrumental

    Hello Guys,A Friend Requested Me To Play This.So I did a Cover Of This Song.Im Not A Good Singer Hehe So Ill Let My Guitar Do The Singing.Hope You Like It.Thanks Very Much
  7. LivCarlo

    Sleepwalk Guitar

    Hello Guys,Good Day Just Want To share my Video of me playing Sleepwalk.This is a relaxing tune for me i hope you find it relaxing as well.I Hope You Like It.Thanks Very Much.
  8. Hello GUYS,Good Day Just Want to share my video Jamming With Chromatic Scale and Triad Pairs.a Good Addition To Our Old and Tired Friend 'Pentatonic Scale.
  9. LivCarlo

    Fernando Carulli Goes Jazz

    Hello Guys Good Day,Just Want To Share My Video about this Classical Guitar Piece.I studied Classical Guitar First Then Jazz.While i was checking My Charts i saw this Piece Andante Grazioso By Carulli and thought about what would it sound like if carulli was a jazz composer.hehe. hope you like it Thanks very Much
  10. LivCarlo

    Exercise #5 By Pat Metheny

    Hello Bro And Sister,Just Want To Share My Take on Pat metheny's Exercise #5.This Only Took Me More Than a minute to play.but it took me months to Practice this.hehe.hope you like it Thanks.
  11. this is an excerpt from pat metheny's Guitar etude.its only a guitar exercise but i arranged it and add some chords and backing tracks.hope you like it. thanks very much.
  12. LivCarlo

    Samba With Silent Guitar

    Hello Everyone Just Want To Share My Version Of Samba De Orfeu.Im Doing This Because one of my students requested this one.Hope You Like It. Thanks Very much
  13. I’m ready for Your Love By Earl Klugh.Hope you Like It.Thanks.
  14. LivCarlo

    Easy like a Sunday Morning

    Thanks very much Brother
  15. LivCarlo

    my stuff

    Very Nice.

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