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  1. Heya Got this little boy for sale, too many analogue delays in the house. A little scratch on the top, as can be seen, but I dont think it ever left home actually. Dont have the box What else to say. I ran out of green tea Oh yeah, I dont speak much Romanian, just the very basics.
  2. Headphone repairs in Bucuresti

    hey guys I have a couple of IEMs that want new cable, Etymotic HF5 (technically non-servicable, but there are ways )and Apple`s armature iem they used to make years ago. Contacted that Sennheiser service in Pipera, they said they only do Sennheiser :/ Would appreciate any other ideas
  3. Pret: 0 RON Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Hello guys and gals Looking to buy a 112 cabinet, closed or semi-closed back Either unloaded Or loaded with a Celestion Gold Alnico, Jensen Blackbird or P12N (would love this one), maybe Eminence EJ-1250, Swamp or Red Thang, or Celestion Vintage 30 or g12m