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  1. Vand set complet Kemper format din urmatoarele componente: - Kemper Profiling Amplifier Power Rack + Remote Control https://www.thomann.de/ro/kemper_profiling_amp_powerhead_set.htm - Original Gig Bag for Profiling Amp https://www.thomann.de/ro/kemper_bag_for_profiling_amplifier.htm - Randall Cabinet RD112-V30 Celestion http://www.randallamplifiers.com/product/rd112/ - Boss FV-500-H pedala de expresie folosita pentru Wah-Wah, sau orice alt efect aditional, in completare Remote Controller https://www.thomann.de/ro/boss_fv500h.htm?ref=search_prv_8 Produsele sunt achizitionate de la Thomann, starea este ca noua, soft actualizat cu ultima versiune. Bonus multe Rig Packs pe care am mai dat o caruta de bani
  2. dragoscalin

    vând EVH 5150III 1x12 Combo Black

    Scuze, nu am fost atent. PB100 se da bonus (gratis), atunci. Scopul principal al anuntului este EVH5150iii. Secundar putem vorbi si de setul de 'efecte" din pedala, el nereprezentand scopul principal.
  3. USB Stereo DI Box perfect pentru backing tracks rulate de pe laptop/tableta/telefon, aduce calitatea semnalului mp3 la o dimensiune optima pentru sunetele de scena, cu amplificare mare.
  4. Cea mai buna pedala delay de la boss. Solo cere asta.
  5. dragoscalin

    vând Boss Chorus CE-5

    Pedala clasica chorus boss. Nefolosita. Luata in nebunia de colectionare pedale. Am trecut cu totii prin asta
  6. Reverb mini, super facil de folosit. Ca nou, nefolosit. Necesita cablu de alimentare separat.
  7. Sistem de chitara wireless cu 2 emitatoare, facil in cazul folosirii a doua instrumente in cantare. Alimentare inclusa. Produsul este folosit de 3-4 ori. Cumparat de la Thomann.
  8. Device pentru conectare la Ipdad sau Iphone, Garage Band sau alta app muzicala.
  9. Pentru cantat la casti si pe boxe mici, repetitii acasa in dormitor. Super folositor, efecte incluse. THE WORLD'S SMALLEST PRO STUDIO Meet the ultimate palmtop guitar companion and recording studio. Only slightly larger than an iPod, the tiny-yet-powerful MICRO BR is a dream for musicians on the go. The MICRO BR offers four simultaneous playback tracks (plus 32 V-Tracks), MP3 compatibility, onboard multi-effects, built-in rhythm patterns, a tuner, USB, an SD Card slot, and more. No guitar case or gig bag should be without one!
  10. Pedala super inteligenta de armonie pentru dublare voce. Nu se mai gaseste acest model la producator. Iti indica gama si acordul in care sa canti. Este super de ajutor pentru jam sessions cand te lasi condus de lead vocal sau de alt instrumet. Pedala se conecteaza la 2 instrumente, unul care conduce si unul in umbra. Luat de pe Thomann, nefolosit. Vine cu alimentare inclusa. HarmonyMan™ is the world's first guitar pedal that generates harmonies based on your chord progression. It features four different types of pitch shifting depending on which of the undefined different voices are selected. Combine up to two distinct voices in any combination to accompany the input signal: a 3rd or 5th above or below, an octave up, two octaves below, 24 semitones and 4 detune variations. Simply play the songs you know and love, and when the spotlight cues your solo, hit the harmony footswitch to get amazing multi-part guitar harmonies!
  11. Looper nefolosit, luat de pe Thomann. Alimentare inclusa. Looper / Phrase Sampler For record rhythm loops and subsequently soloing - completely without bending and adjusting 35 Minutes loop in CD quality 99 Storable loops Slot for SD card for optional memory expansion up to 16 hours of loop time and additional 99 loop USB port Reverse Playback 4 Sturdy metal footswitches for looping and loop selection 3 Stop modes (Stop, Finish, and Fade) Adjustable speed without pitch shifting Metronome with multiple rhythm sounds and time markers Auto recording possible Aux input Microphone input: Balanced XLR Including power adapter
  12. 4 x bucati x 250 RON = 1.000 RON Luate de la Thomann, nefolosite, cu telecomanda si cablu, perfect pentru scene ad-hoc, party sau evenimente de mansarda. RGBW Flat LED PAR With 5 x 4-in-1 QCL LED Sleek design and rich colorus in pastel range Due to its compact size the Quad Par Profile can be installed almost anywhere The 8W Quad Colour LEDs produce a high output and can create any colour
  13. Combo de apartament pe tranzistori. Suficient pentru exercitiu de seara.
  14. Combo de chitara, sunet excelent, edge bun si grasime. Versatilitate foarte mare, Clean - Rock - Metal data de egalizatorul din front panel. Footswitch cu 3 canale inclus, Reverb inclus. Putere ajustabila de la 1 la 50Watt, de foarte mare ajutor pentru incaperi de diferite dimensiuni. Combo este folosit doar cateva ore. L-am luat pentru pentru repetitie cu trupa dar din lipsa de timp nu am mai reusit sa ne vedem. Statia este luata de la Thomann, primul si unicul utilizator. Daca se doreste si un boost (cu toate ca nu are nevoie) cu noise si Wah in fata, pot sa mai dau si pedalierul din foto, la pretul aditional de 300 Eur si care contine: - Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Sig. Wah JH1D - 100 Eur - Boss SD-1 Overdrive - 45 Eur - Noise Suppressor NS2 - 70 Eur - Booster - 45 Eur - Tuner Hardwire - 50 Eur
  15. TC Helicon VoiceSolo FX150: All-in-one personal active PA speaker, vocal monitor, instrument amplifier and vocal reverb unit with powerful Class-D 150 W amplifier, custom driver, on-board effects and ultra-low noise 3-channel digital mixer. It is equipped with Tannoy full-range 6.5” two-way coaxial ICT driver that provides clear, loud sound, and built-in independent 3-band Intelligent EQ on each channel for fine-tuning, as well as Level control. Monitor also features 9 styles of Reverb, Vocal Tone control for compression and de-essing, Full Range Flat Response system for use with instruments, Master Volume control and phantom power switch. Input section provides XLR/TRS combo jacks for channel 1 and 2, 1/8” stereo aux input, XLR true stage monitor pass thru for channel 2, XLR processed mix output, and USB connection for software updates. Monitor features special design that allows for accurate wedge angling, stand-alone or desktop placement, and one-click Easy Grip mounting system that makes it very simple to use monitor with microphone stand. Its enclosure is made of rigid, very low resonance high-impact polystyrene. Dimensions: 210 x 286 x 184 mm. Weight: 3 kg.

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