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Alex Gibson

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    Satu Mare

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    Chitare : - Ibanez Prestige RG2620Z Candy Apple
    - Jackson DKMG
    - Yamaha RGX 421DM (Doza bridge DiMarzio EVO
    Doza neck DiMarzio Fred)
    - Acoustic Tenson Guitar
    - Yamaha Classical Guitar
    - Fender Standard Stratocaster made in USA

    Amplificator: Randall RM100KH Kirk Hammet
    Cabinet : Randall RS412CV

    Pedale : Boss RV-2
    Boss DD-3
    Boss GT-100

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  1. OFERTA CRACIUN! Schimb cu Chitari in valoarea asta. Si le dau si separat! HEAD: 5000 LEI CABINET : 1200 LEI
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