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    Gretsch Streamliner 2622T
    Fender Jaguar blacktop w/ Gibson P94
    Epiphone "1966" Century Reissue
    Sigma 000M-15E

    Fender Blues Junior IV
    Vox AC15C1
    Ampeg BA108

    Earthquaker Devices Palisades
    EHX Pitch Fork
    Source Audio Nemesis
    Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master
    Earthquaker Devices Levitation
    TC electronic Polytune2 mini
    EHX Small stone
    Digitech Supernatural
    Boss BD-2
    TC Electronic Sub n Up
    Behringer UV300 Vibe
    Digitech Jamman Solo XT
    Radial Bigshot ABY
    Ehx Switchblade plus

    Catalinbread SFT
    Digitech Obscura Altered Delay
    TC electronic HOF mini
    Harley Benton Ultimate Drive

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  1. Electro Harmonix Small Stone - 250 Electro Harmonix Switchblade+ - 200 Radial BigShot ABY - 300 Mooer Blues Mood (copie Blues Driver) - 270 Fender Tuner PT-100 - 100 Behringer Super Fuzz SF300 - 100 Behringer Ultra Vibrato UV300 - 100 Behringer Ultra Tremolo UT300 - 100 Harley Benton/Joyo Ultimate Drive (Copie OCD) - 100 Harley Benton/Joyo American TrueTone - 100
  2. Caut varianta XD de la Minilogue. Astept ofertele prin PM. Pot oferi la schimb diferite pedale pentru chitara sau un amplificator Vox AC15 (le puteti gasi pe profilul meu).
  3. Pedala are un defect la rotita pentru "Voice", pasii nemaifiind exacti. Cred ca poate fi rezolvat de cineva care se pricepe sa deschida/modifice o pedala. De aici si pretul. Versiunea actuala, V2 (cu soft switch), la Thomann este 1724 lei, iar eu cer 1000. "The Palisades is something we said we would never do… an overdrive based on the legendary TS808! After loads of requests, we finally buckled. We ran tests with every popular clone on the market as well as several vintage originals, compared, contrasted and took loads of notes. It was exhausting but informative. In the end, we threw it all away, used our ears and came up with what we feel is the most versatile relative of the 808 available today. With 6 different clipping voices, 5 bandwidth settings and 2 gain channels, you will be hard-pressed to not find a setting that will wipe every mid-boosting overdrive off your board. The Palisades is a versatile dude that will give you years of loving companionship."
  4. Up and down Octaver Polyphonic Octaver plus classic monophonic & TonePrint modes Controls: Dry, Up, Sub & Sub 2 True bypass Power consumption: 100 mA Power supply with 9 V battery or via 9 V DC power supply (coaxial connection - negative terminal inside, not included La Thomann este 530 + transport. Eu cer 400
  5. Holy grail-ul pentru ambient. Unul dintre cele mai cunoscute combo-uri delay si reverb. Pedala este V1. The Dispatch Master is a digital delay and reverb unit with an all analog direct signal path and true bypass switching. It is capable of producing nearly 2 seconds of delay time with near-infinite repeats and a cavernous reverb. Both effects can be run separately or in unison. Even though it is a DSP based effect, the sound is warm and full. No sterile lifeless tones here! The delay signal is clear and strong with no after effects or signal degradation and the repeats decay into a nice ambient swell with no oscillation. The reverb is MASSIVE and is sure to please those who love the Ghost Echo but want more depth and less artifacts. The perfect "Black Hole Ambience Generator"! Controls: Time: Controls the delay time, from 0ms to nearly 2000ms Repeats: Controls the regeneration of the delayed signal. Also acts as a enhancer for the reverb. In reverb mode this will control the thickness, decay, depth and overall nature of the reverb. Reverb: Controls the reverb mix Mix: Controls the over all level of the effected signal To use as a reverb only, turn the time control all the way down and adjust the reverb and mix controls to taste. In this mode, the repeats control can be used to enhance the thickness, decay, depth and overall nature of the reverb. With the reverb control at it's maximum setting, the repeats control will gradually overload the effect at higher settings. True bypass
  6. Vintage Spring and Plate Reverb Operates digitally True Bypass Controls: Decay, Atmosphere, Mix, Tone Toggle switch for selecting between long and short reverb lengths Bypass footswitch Status LED Metal housing 6.3 mm Mono jack in-/output mounted on the front Powered via 9 V DC power supply (2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel connector, negative polarity inside, not included) Battery operation is not possible Dimensions (L x W x H): 117 x 64 x 57 mm Power consumption: 50 mA Handmade in the USA
  7. https://www.thomann.de/ro/source_audio_one_series_nemesis_delay.htm Un super delay de dimensiuni reduse, frecvent comparat cu delay-ul de la Strymon. Se pot edita parametrii prin aplicatia de mobil si PC. Pedala vine in cutie si cu alimentator. 24 Delay engines 56-Bit signal path and 24-bit delay line processing 8 Presets accessible via the onboard controls 128 Presets available via MIDI Housing made of brushed anodised aluminium Universal Bypass Controls for: Time, Feedback, Mod, Rate, Intensity, Mix and Delay Engine Selection Status LED Tap Tempo LED Toggle switch for switching between beat divisions, which include quarter notes, dotted eighth and triplets Hold control for continuous looping Bypass foot switch Tap Tempo foot switch Preset bank select button 6.3 mm Stereo jack in-/ output MIDI IN and MIDI THRU connections Mini USB port for PC connection (Windows and Mac compatible) 6.3 mm TRS jack footswitch- or expression pedal input Switch for selecting external control units (expression pedal or footswitch) 3.5 mm Source Audio control input to connect with compatible Source Audio devices Compatible with Source Audio Hot Hand Compatible with the Neuro Mobile App (incl. a 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm TRS cable for connecting the mobile device) Power consumption: 200 mA Dimensions (L x W x H): 114 x 114 x 51 mm Weight: 450 g Incl. 9 V DC power supply (300 mA polarity (-) inside) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRnCh4fLsoI
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